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SI's College Football Preview 2003

David Bergman
When Jim Tressel took over the Ohio State program, the team supposedly was poised to return to glory in 2003. Instead, the Buckeyes reached the promised land a year ahead of schedule. Now Ohio State is our pick to defend its national championship, led by a stout defense and quarterback/cover boy Craig Krenzel, one of the NCAA's smartest players. Read scouting reports on the rest of our Top 25 below, find out where we rank your favorite Division I-A school, and check out our top 10 in Divisions I-AA, II and III -- all in this online edition of Sports Illustrated's College Football Preview 2003.

THE TOP 25  
1 Ohio State 14 Washington
2 Oklahoma 15 Virginia
3 Miami 16 Tennessee
4 Texas 17 Notre Dame
5 Georgia 18 Maryland
6 Virginia Tech 19 Wisconsin
7 Kansas State 20 LSU
8 N.C. State 21 Texas A&M
9 Auburn 22 Arizona State
10 USC 23 Oregon
11 Florida State 24 Penn State
12 Pittsburgh 25 Oklahoma State
13 Michigan