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Reaction: Spurrier resigns

Here are your responses to Friday's surprising news

Posted: Friday January 04, 2002 6:04 PM
  Steve Spurrier Many users believe Steve Spurrier will coach an NFL team in a city with warm weather. AP

Visors are flying at half mast all over the Sunshine State. After 12 years as the Florida Gators head coach, Steve Spurrier has resigned. Apparently he'll be taking an NFL job soon.

We asked for your reaction to the news, and here is a sample of you what you said:

My bet is that Spurrier will coach the Atlanta Falcons. Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank can win on the gridiron like he's won in the home improvement marketplace by hiring a coach like Steve Spurrier. Blank has the money to make it worth Spurrier's time and Blank doesn't carry any baggage with him regarding how an NFL team is "supposed to do things.”
Lee Whitfield, Atlanta

I think that is bound for Tampa. There are some goods and bads to this, but hey, it has merit. He likes Florida and almost signed with them before Dungy did. He might have been contacted by them on a “hush, hush” basis about an opening. If Dungy doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl, then it may be curtains for him.
Richard D., Tampa, Fla.

He is heading for the Bucs. He loves Florida and Tampa. He played for the Bucs and coached the Bandits in the USFL. Tampa Bay is the one NFL team he really wants to coach. Dungy has done all he can with the talent in Tampa, and he would leave a great defense. I think the new owners now want to bring in an offensive genius to install a high-scoring attack and finally have a complete team that can win the Super Bowl.
Alan Wilcox, Atlanta

As an Ole Miss and SEC fan, I hate to see him leave. He ran a clean program and was the class of the SEC. When you beat Steve, you know you've beaten the best.
Dave, Atlanta

With regard to the timing of Coach Spurrier's announcement, couldn't he have waited even one day out of respect to the University of Miami's national championship victory? Today, the 'Canes' deserve the headlines, not Steve Spurrier. If he thinks players in the NFL will subjugate their egos in deference to his, Mr. Spurrier better think again.
Ron Kanter, Durham, N.C.

My heart skipped a beat when the Spurrier announced he was leaving Florida. I was saddened because I can't see a better coach at Florida. I think that Spurrier will do wonders in the NFL, probably at Tampa Bay, but hopefully in Indy where the Colts would be an instant success with his offensive genius at the helm. As far as Florida without him, the Swamp will never be the same, but I hope that we get someone who can try to carry the torch. Someone like Mike Bellotti or hopefully Bob Stoops. Good luck in the NFL, we will miss you at the Swamp.
Brian Perry, Fort Wayne, Ind.

The way I see it is as follows: Dennis Green will go to San Diego, Tony Dungy will lose his job in Tampa (I will still be a fan if this occurs and I have a lot of respect for the man) and Minnesota will hire Dungy. The vacancy in Tampa will be filled by Spurrier. The Bucs were very interested in Spurrier in 1995 and wanted to hire him before they chose Dungy.
Beven Jacob, Tampa, Fla.

Spurrier resigned to take the soon to be vacant head coaching job at Duke. He left that fine institution previously without achieving the lofty goals he has achieved at Florida. He needs -- and wants -- a challenge, and for him to take the Duke program (one with which he is already familiar) and raise it to the level of its basketball program would be the supreme challenge.
Lewis Fisher, Monroe, N.C.

Sorry Ted Cotrell, but Steve Spurrier is the next head coach of the Chargers, a proven winner with head coach experience!
Kevin Horn, Waterloo, Ontario

How about a coach-swap. Denny Green just got fired by the Vikings and I believe that the terms of his buyout indicate that he gets his $5-plus million next year if he coaches college, but not if he coaches in the NFL. Florida may be a good choice for Green: He gets to go to a winner instead of building/rebuilding a program, he gets to pocket McCombs' cash plus a good Florida salary, and he is the kind of high-profile figure that could replace a Spurrier. On the other hand, unless the Tampa Bay job opens up, the Vikings might be the best option available to Mr. Fun 'n Gun. It would sure be exciting to see what Spurrier could do with a weapon like Randy Moss in his arsenal. Plus McCombs doesn't seem like the type of guy who will go after some unproven guy to coach his team, which means that Spurrier might be on the short list just due to name recognition.
Bryon Allen, Alexandria, Va.

Spurrier will be a great NFL coach and the Gators will survive. Tennessee Volunteer fans are rejoicing around the country! It's time for Fulmer to go after Florida's commitments.
Mike Steelhead, Knoxville, Tenn.

As a Volunteer fan, I should miss him the most. We finally have the talent and coaching to beat him in the "Swamp" and he went and resigned on us. He is something.
Gerald Woods, Springfield, Va.


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