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4th & 4 on the MIN 26

Quarter Summary
Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings
OT1 Quarter
MV wins toss, elects to receive, and AF elects to defend the North goal.
M.Andersen kicks 71 from AF30 to MV-1, D.Palmer ret. to MV29 for 30 (K.Brooking,

Minnesota Vikings at 15:00
1-10-MV29 R.Cunningham pass to L.Hoard to MV40 for 11 yards (C.Bennett). P25
1-10-MV40 R.Cunningham sacked at MV35 for -5 (L.Archambeau). R.Cunningham
FUMBLES, recovered by MV-D.Dixon at MV35.
D.Dixon to MV44 for 9 yards (R.Fuller).
2-6-MV44 L.Hoard up middle to MV42 for -2 yards (S.Dronett).
3-8-MV42 R.Cunningham pass incomplete to R.Moss (L.Archambeau).
4-8-MV42 M.Berger punts 51 yards to AF7, Center-M.Morris. T.Dwight ret. to
AF15 for 8 yards (G.DeLong, C.Walsh).

Atlanta Falcons at 12:34
1-10-AF15 C.Chandler pass to B.Kozlowski to AF19 for 4 yards (R.Griffith).
2-6-AF19 J.Anderson up middle to AF30 for 11 (R.Griffith, J.Hitchcock). R20
1-10-AF30 J.Anderson left guard to AF30 for no gain (D.Alexander).
2-10-AF30 C.Chandler pass to J.Anderson to AF41 for 11 yards (B.Houston). P21
1-10-AF41 C.Chandler pass incomplete to J.Anderson (J.Ball).
2-10-AF41 C.Chandler pass incomplete to T.Mathis.
3-10-AF41 C.Chandler (shotgun) pass incomplete to J.Anderson.
4-10-AF41 D.Stryzinski punts 41 to MV18, Center-A.Schreiber. D.Palmer ret. to
MV0 for -18.
AF-TEAM PENALIZED 5 yards for Illegal Formation. No Play
4-15-AF36 D.Stryzinski punts 37 to MV27, Center-A.Schreiber. Fair catch

Minnesota Vikings at 9:40
1-10-MV27 R.Cunningham pass incomplete to M.Hatchette.
2-10-MV27 R.Cunningham pass to C.Carter to MV39 for 12 yards (K.Brooking). P26
1-10-MV39 R.Cunningham pass incomplete to G.DeLong (C.Bennett).
2-10-MV39 R.Cunningham pass incomplete to L.Hoard.
3-10-MV39 R.Cunningham pass incomplete to R.Moss (E.Robinson).
4-10-MV39 M.Berger punts 52 to AF9, Center-M.Morris. Downed by Minnesota

Atlanta Falcons at 8:28
1-10-AF9 C.Chandler pass to O.Santiago to AF24 for 15 yards (P.Bercich). P22
1-10-AF24 J.Anderson up middle to AF26 for 2 yards (S.Colinet).
2-8-AF26 C.Chandler pass to O.Santiago to MV48 for 26 yards (B.Houston,
O.Thomas). MV #55 injured on play. P23
1-10-MV48 J.Anderson right end to MV43 for 5 yards (R.Griffith).
2-5-MV43 C.Chandler pass to T.Mathis to MV37 for 6 yards (C.Fuller). P24
1-10-MV37 C.Chandler left tackle to MV31 for 6 yards (D.Rudd).
2-4-MV31 J.Anderson left guard to MV22 for 9 yards (D.Rudd). R25
1-10-MV22 J.Anderson up middle to MV23 for -1 yard (R.Griffith, D.Rudd).
2-11-MV23 J.Anderson up middle to MV21 for 2 yards (D.Alexander, P.Bercich).
Minnesota Vikings time out at 3:11. First time out.
*3-9-MV21 M.Andersen 38 field goal is GOOD. Center-D.Stryzinski.
======== AF 30 MV 27, 10 plays, 70 yards, 5:20 drive, 11:52 elapsed =======

======== AF 30 MV 27, 10 plays, 70 yards, 5:20 drive, 11:52 elapsed =======

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