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Hot Seat Reactions

Posted: Monday March 18, 2002 11:19 AM

OK, you've read who SI's Don Banks thinks could be on the hot seat in 2002. Now, read what users think:

I think that despite being a first year coach, Jon Gruden will be on a very hot seat in Tampa. The Bucs are an old team in a bad cap situation, holes created by free agency and age. They gave up critical first round picks to get Gruden. They wont break .500 this year. They aren't one or two players away from the Super Bowl. I see these guys as overachievers maximized by good coaching. Gruden will face unrealistic expectations not matched by the talent level. It will be very hard on him.
-- Russell, Royal Palm Beach, Fla.

I'd put Mike Tice higher on your list. If the Vikes start to loose, Randy Moss will go into a funk, the locker room will go to hell and Tice -- who was hired, I think, because he has been able to handle Moss in the past -- will be a goner. If it comes down to Moss and Tice, I don't see the coach winning.
-- Brian, Madison, Wis.

Brian Billick will not be in Baltimore long if he does not settle down with one quarterback! We had not had a quarterback to start for the Ravens for two consecutive seasons since the Ravens came to Baltimore. We all can point the finger at one person, and that's Brian Billick. We should of have kept Trent Dilfer all along.
-- Jerrell, Baltimore

I would have to say that Steve Spurrier is also on the on seat. I know what you are thinking: He just got here. Well, so did Marty Schottenheimer. Any time you have an owner that has had three coaches in two years, you have to think that there is the chance that Spurrier will get canned.
-- Rob, Blacksburg, Va.

With the Ricky Williams signing, Dave Wannstedt probably just hopped into the Tony Dungy seat: He filled his most pressing need, so now its the Super Bowl or bust.
-- Tim, Albuquerque, N.M.

What about Dick Vermeil? The Chiefs' offense doesn't use Tony Gonzalez well and we have given up our draft picks for an unproven coach. If the Chiefs play like the Chefs and Trent Green is Tr-int again, I look for major changes. It must be nice to be that good of a friend with the general manager.
-- Kirk, Kansas City

He's not on the list this year, but if the Broncos don't make some noise in the playoffs this year, you better add Mike Shanahan to next year's list. They have one of the NFL's highest payrolls and a very talented team. Shanahan is the one who has let go of several locker room leaders the past few years (Atwater, Sharpe, Romo), so it falls on him to get this team back to the top.
-- Gary, Niceville, Fla.

I believe that Mike Martz is in danger of losing his job as the Rams' head coach. This may seem like a stretch, but as I see it, he was given the most dangerous offense in NFL history for the past two years and failed to bring home a Super Bowl trophy. This is even more evident when you consider that the offense has two different MVPS, and four other Pro Bowlers. Plus, their defense has turned good with rising stars. What is the problem? He is too arrogant, too cocky, and unable to use his super stars effectively (Faulk in the Super Bowl). I understand that Martz is a so-called genius, but I would rather have an average guy at coach, who is in touch with reality, than a "Mad-man" who is obsessed with "Max-Q."
-- Erik, State College, Pa.

Jim Fassel, of the New York Giants, is a car wreck waiting to happen. Just two seasons away from a soft-schedule Super Bowl drubbing, the Giants have entered reality land and are headed toward oblivion. On a personal level, Fassel is a credit to the NFL and to good citizenship in general. However, that means nothing to the fans, press and the parking lot vendors in the Meadowlands. The talentless Giants are on a downhill slide with the salary cap acting as a pair of roller skates. Where is Allie Sherman, Mr. Mara?
-- Joe, New York

This might sound crazy, but I think the Steelers need to look long and hard at Bill Cowher if they don't reach the Super Bowl this year. Last year was at least the fourth time in Cowher's tenure that the Steelers had the best team in the AFC, and they have one Super Bowl appearance to show for it. The Steelers will probably have the most talented roster in the league, top-to-bottom, in 2002. Cowher is great in Weeks 1-17, but his teams fail when it really counts.
-- Constantin, Charlottesville, Va.