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Miles apart

NFL rule prohibits Brown RB from drills at URI

Posted: Wednesday March 20, 2002 1:53 PM

Mike Malan will work out for the Redskins on Friday at Brown University. This is the fourth in a series as follows his quest for a chance to play in the NFL.

By B. Duane Cross,

Making the jump from the Ivy League to the NFL is a task in itself. But when the league ties one hand behind your back ... well, that really complicates things.

But Brown University running back Mike Malan isn't getting bogged down with the NFL's rule prohibiting him from attending workouts Saturday at the University of Rhode Island. Malan cannot attend the session because Kingston, R.I., site of the workouts, is not within the "metropolitan area" of Providence, R.I., where Brown is located; the cities are about 30 miles apart.

Malan, who most recently worked out for the Indianapolis Colts last Friday, will show his skills Friday for the Washington Redskins, his agent, Mark Heligman, said Wednesday. Heligman noted that another team, not yet confirmed, also could take part in the scouting drills Friday.

Heligman said the NFL rule governing workouts has been misconstrued by a lot of people, including some college coaches. "The NFL rule states a player cannot workout outside the 'metro area' of his college or home city. URI isn't close enough to Brown, pursuant to a Rand McNally map."

Heligman, an agent with SFX Sports Group, added that the teams were trying to shuffle their schedules to accommodate a drive up Greenwich Bay, but that instead the Redskins would be in Providence on Friday.

"Mike doesn't even know about it [the Friday workout]," Heligman said Wednesday afternoon. "We've left a message for him.

"He'll be excited. We told him to just think that he'll be working out Saturday. Now, he'll just work out 24 hours earlier."

As for his last drills, Malan was pleased with his overall performance.

"I had a very good day with Indianapolis," Malan said. "I ran pretty good, increased in some drills."

For the record, Malan added four inches on his long jump -- to 10 feet, 4 inches -- and vertical jumped 35 1/2 inches, an increase of one inch.

Malan posted a 4.57-second time in the 40-yard dash, the same time he ran earlier in workouts with the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots. "I was extremely sore from a workout I'd had earlier in the week," Malan admitted, "but all in all, it was a good day with the Colts.

"I also improved to 7.06 [seconds] in the three-cone workout," he said. "That's a huge jump" from the 7.4 seconds he'd previously timed.

"Some of the teams said they will keep in touch," Malan said, "but they kind of keep to themselves. Coach [Phil Estes] had a good conversation with them. ... I think there's interest, based on their feedback."

Heligman admitted Malan's small-school standing is "an uphill battle, but I have a feeling he's gonna make it.

"That may be biased because of my dealings with him, but I have a good feeling about this."

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