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  Posted: Tuesday June 18, 2002 4:21 PM

Offseason Movement Rankings
Sports Illustrated's Peter King weighs in on each team's changes.
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No. Team Comment
1 Jon Gruden will get this team to score. WRs Keenan McCardell and Keyshawn Johnson could both make the Pro Bowl.
2 Rick Spielman is not just Chris' unknown brother. He's a darned good personnel man who will make one heck of a GM.
3 Added a starting safety and center in the draft, two front-seven players and a tight end in free agency.
4 Tom Coughlin has taken a horrible cap situation and has made the Jags competitive, capped by signing DE Marco Coleman.
5 Signing of DE Joe Johnson is one of the top two or three free-agent acquisitions of this offseason.
6 Drew Bledsoe replaces Alex Van Pelt. Mike Williams and Trey Teague upgrade the Bills at tackle.
7 William Green should be the back the Browns have needed. Tim Couch prays Andre Davis is the WR he has needed.
8 With the revenue from Heinz Field providing an influx of money, the Steelers have done a superb job with roster management.
9 Stole a good fourth WR and excellent returner, Terrence Wilkins, for a sixth-round pick from Indy.
10 Steve Spurrier. Marvin Lewis. Throw all the other refuse away, and those two make the Skins two wins better right now.
11 Vastly better at TE (Daniel Graham, Christian Fauria), and signed the most underrated free agent of the year, WR Donald Hayes.
12 Qadry Ismail should catch 75 balls, score 10 TDs and be a late-round fantasy-picker's delight.
13 They should win six games. Come see me in three years and tell me if they made the right decisions.
14 For eight or 10 games, QB Chris Chandler can be a big-timer at a position that, on this team, sorely needs a big-timer.
15 They needed a physical DB and picked big corner Mike Rumph in the draft. I like him going against Isaac Bruce and David Boston.
16 Whether this team rebounds is solely dependent on Brian Griese, and he hasn't exactly had an exemplary offseason.
17 Their improvement on the defensive line with John Parrella was snuffed out when Regan Upshaw tore his ACL.
18 The loss of G Dave Szott to an ACL injury is a killer. Donnie Abraham is an excellent import at CB, ditto DT Larry Webster.
19 I think they should have paid to keep Jason Fisk, an underrated D-line force, from flying off to San Diego.
20 Drafted half of college football's eligible defensive backs. Maybe one can run the ball.
21 Mike Holmgren had the guts to re-sign Trent Dilfer and say he's better as a starter for this team right now than Matt Hasselbeck.
22 Good: Getting Johnnie Morton. A wash: Trading Victor Riley for Willie Roaf. Bad: Losing Donnie Edwards.
23 I'll be surprised if the defense is markedly better than the one that doomed Dennis Green.
24 Marty Schottenheimer is a good coach for this mix, and he'll be even better once he gives the ball to Drew Brees permanently.
25 Not exactly dumb and dumber, but why do you sign Warrick Dunn if there's any chance you'll take a RB in the first round?
26 Overpaid Az Hakim, and are $8.75 million lighter on the cap next year by cutting Herman Moore and Charlie Batch.
27 The only difference-maker, even potentially, is Julius Peppers. Excited about DeRon Jenkins? Lamar Smith? Didn't think so.
28 You can't give Duane Starks a five-year, $23M contract. He's an above-average corner, not a great one.
29 Another offseason goes by without fixing the front office. Another sub-.500 year on the horizon.
30 Ricky Williams, Joe Johnson, Willie Roaf and La'Roi Glover were four of the 10 best Saints in recent years, and they're gone.
31 Festering Michael Strahan-Tiki Barber feud threatens team chemistry. Not much to be positive about here, folks.
32 Fourteen starters gone. Megastars grousing about contracts. Ravens have the makings of a team going in the toilet.