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NFL Draft '99
Grading System
Rich Coady | DB | Texas A&M | Big Twelve
Selected by St. Louis Rams in round 3, pick 7 (#68 overall)
Ht Wt 40 BP SS LS VJ BJ Grade
6'0" 210 4.47 20 3.88 10.83 36.0 9'11" 6.15
He may be the fastest rising player on NFL boards after an unbelievable Indy combine, where he tested athletically in the rare category. He has great bloodlines, as his dad played for the Chicago Bears for several years. If scouts and coaches like this guy, they say that he is a very good player who will hit you, but they weren't sure about his athletic ability until they saw his combine workout, and he now is almost a complete player....his detractors say that he is a better athlete than football player, and although he certainly looks the part, he doesn't play close to his measurables. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. While there is no question about his athletic ability, he does not make quite as many plays as you would like, but he is a smart and willing player, and all of his weaknesses should improve. He is not a natural man-to-man cover guy, but he is solid in the zone situation and should be able to improve in his cover skills, although he may never be a premier cover guy. Athletic DS's are hard to find, and this guy may shock some people on draft day, as he moves up the charts.

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