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CNN/SI's Pat Kirwan Analysis: Round 2

Pat Kirwan has spent many a draft in the war room as an NFL scout and assistant personnel director. Check back throughout the day as he provides us pick-by-pick analysis.

62. St. Louis Rams - Jacoby Shepherd - CB - Oklahoma St.
Here’s a former JUCO player who played at Oklahoma State for one season and after starting two games thought it was time for him to go to the NFL. Being picked late in the second round is better than most people thought he would go. He has good size and decent speed but has to be considered developmental at this time.
61. Philadelphia Eagles - Bobby Williams - OT - Arkansas
Big, aggressive guy that's still in a developmental stage. The Eagles have some work to do with this guy but it could pay big dividends down the line. He has the ability and feet to be a good pass blocker. He flashes excellence but needs to do it more consistently. In my opinion, it's worth taking the chance on a guy with upside potential than a guy already fully developed. Because of the acquisition of Jon Runyan, he could be moved to guard, which would be a good place to start his career.
60. Jacksonville Jaguars - Brad Meester - C - Northern Iowa
The No. 1 center taken in the draft and it's no surprise to me or the offensive line coaches I spoke to. He came from the back of the pack to the head of the class starting at the combine when he did all the drills when others decided not to.

He has great balance and plays with a wide base. He can block a nose tackle or go out to the linebacker level. He's tough and athletic, and every line coach felt that if they had known about him earlier, he would've been a late first-round pick. It's an excellent pick by the Jaguars. .

59. Indianapolis Colts - Marcus Washington - OLB - Auburn
He's a tweener. He's played with his hand on the ground and as an outside linebacker. Had an opportunity at the Senior Bowl to show what he could do as an linebacker after playing his senior year as a defensive end. His size will still be a problem. He will get some work as a special teams player as they decide how to use him. It's still too early to tell if he can handle the passing game as a linebacker. Excellent special teams and designated pass rush roles will buy him time as he learns to play.
58. Buffalo Bills - Travares Tillman - S - Georgia Tech
He has played multiple positions in the secondary, but will be strictly a strong safety at the pro level. There are questions about his ability to match up man to man, but there isn't question about toughness and ability to stop the run. He will make a lot of tackles at the pro level.

Someone has to replace Kurt Schultz, who was also known for his tackling and run support. He will get a chance to play earlier because of the loss of Schultz.

57. St. Louis Rams - Deon Grant - S - Tennessee
He had a high first-round grade for most of the winter. What caused him to fall was what coaches perceived was lack of desire to tackle. Some of that was unwarranted. He's a good center fielder. And if you have a scheme where he gets in the middle, he will make plays. He had nine interceptions. He is good value for the pick.
56. Minnesota Vikings - Mike Boireau - DE - Miami (FL)
Not enough information to evaluate him. He's a surprise pick here. Undersized, lacks explosion but has potential for growth. He's more of a project than someone ready to go now. He showed significant improvement in '99.
55. Minnesota Vikings - Fred Robbins - DT - Wake Forest
An outstanding athlete for 312 pounds. He's a former baseball outfielder. Critics say he didn't play hard, but those who studied him know he's a good prospect. He had a good showing at the Senior Bowl where he moved from a fifth-round pick to a legitimate second-round pick.

On a funny note, the 6-4, 312 pound Robbins is known as Little Fred at home. His dad is 6-9, 400 pounds. His dad was Fred's size when he was 21. His uncles are 6-8, 350 pounds.

This is an excellent pick. Between Hovan and Robbins, the Vikings can now put John Randle back outside, which should be better on his body as he gets on later with his career.

Fred said right after he was drafted, "I'm just happy it's over with and I'm ready to get started."

54. Kansas City Chiefs - William Bartee - S - Oklahoma
He's a big safety, considered a reach at this position. He has some center field ability. He will most likely be a special teams player.
53. Miami Dolphins - Todd Wade - OT - Mississippi
He is an excellent prospect at right tackle. After you draft him, the next time you talk to him is 12 years later at his retirement dinner after he started every game. He's mature, talented and powerful. At the Senior Bowl, what impressed me most was how business-like he was about his football. He reminds me a lot of Jon Runyan who's at Tennessee.
52. Seattle Seahawks - Ike Charlton - CB - Virginia Tech
Big physical corner who came out as a junior. He got one opportunity to return punts and demonstrated he could be a game-breaker. He reminds me a lot of James Hasty. He'll get in your face and intimidate you. An excellent choice and I feel he should've gone earlier than this.
51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cosey Coleman - OG - Tennessee
He clearly had a late first-round grade from most coaches I talked to. Tampa Bay couldn't resist moving up to get him. Coaches I spoke with say he's got great athletic ability and should be a starter for years. He can pull, can pass block and knows how to drop his weight to stop the inside bull rush. His critics would like to have seen him play hard every down. But most agree this is a great pick at this spot. For the Bucs to get him with no picks until now is tremendous.
50. Detroit Lions - Barrett Green - S - West Virginia
He's a tweener. There are teams that looked at him as a safety and others at a Will linebacker in the 43 defense. According to most coaches, he should be a Will backer. He had problems in space and the pro game is tougher than the college game. He's an excellent tackler, sideline to sideline. He will contribute early on special teams as they figure out where to use him.
49. Dallas Cowboys - Dwayne Goodrich - CB - Tennessee
He had a first-round grade on him from many people. He had a great spring workout and ran a 4.4 at 190 pounds. Obviously, with the cap problems in Dallas, he appears to be the replacement for Deion Sanders and in my estimation, they are ecstatic to get him this late in the draft.
48. San Francisco 49ers - Jason Webster - CB - Texas A & M
A little corner in the mold of Aaron Glenn and Ray Mickens (two guys I drafted). What impresses me about the A&M corners are that they can play press-man and are excellent tacklers. Webster follows suit with that. I expect him to be the player they want to match up with the slot receiver on the nickel and dime situations.
47. Oakland Raiders - Jerry Porter - WR - West Virginia
Former DB turned WR. Great measurable skills and one of the best athletes in the draft. There were some off-the-field issues but most people felt his career as a WR is ahead of him. Two receiver coaches said he's raw and if he learns the position, he could be a great one. Hopefully, the Raiders won't ask him to do too much early except press the field vertically, which he can do.
46. New England Patriots - Adrian Klemm - OT - Hawaii
Very versatile offensive lineman. Early there were concerns because he was in the run and shoot, that he could do things at the pro level. Further study by line coaches convinced them he could play at the next level.
45. Denver Broncos - Kenoy Kennedy - S - Arkansas
Greg Robinson's defense requires safeties versatile enough to play deep and at the line of scrimmage. Kennedy has shown the ability at both. It's a bit of a surprise pick. Denver has Eric Brown and just traded for Billy Jenkins, whom I assume will be the starters. He'll get some time at the nickel and dime defenses as he learns the defense. He's a zone player more than a man player, but time will tell if that statement is true.
44. Green Bay Packers - Chad Clifton - OG - Tennessee
When line coaches went into Tennessee to evaluate Cosey Coleman, who many people thought was a first-round pick, they got the impression Clifton worked harder and was versatile enough to play guard or tackle. NFL teams need flexible linemen who can play both positions. Most carry 8 linemen. Nos. 6-7-8 can provide more versatility if they can play both.
43. San Diego Chargers - Rogers Beckett - S - Marshall
A player that rose high in this draft. He was the 8th/9th best according to scouting reports. His combine and workouts moved him up. He's not a surprise that he was the second safety taken in this draft. He passed Deon Grant in the selection process because he is a good tackler and has the range to be a center fielder.
42. New York Giants - Cornelius Griffin - DT - Alabama
Big wide-body guy. It's hard to find players like this. His stock rose and as Trev Alberts said to me, he thought he was the best defensive linemen in all the college games he watched. He plays hard, clogs up the middle and should contribute early.
41. Arizona Cardinals - Raynoch Thompson - OLB - Tennessee
When I first saw him at the Senior Bowl weigh-in, it's hard to believe he's an outside LB, because he's so thin. He's got an ability to strike. He plays a lot bigger than he is at 220 pounds. He can play the Sam linebacker against the tight end or on the weak side and chase. Many people felt this guy was one they wanted to coach. He just happens to be built like a basketball player. There was talk of him being late first-round value.
40. Denver Broncos - Ian Gold - OLB - Michigan
It's a surprise pick for a second rounder. Greg Robinson looks for players who fit his scheme that demonstrate they love football. Obviously Ian convinced him of that.

Don't be concerned with his lack of size. He can be a Will linebacker and is already the size of John Mobley when he came out as a first-round pick.

He should contribute immediately on special teams and I'm sure has a place in nickel and dime defenses, where he can match up and play man coverage from his secondary experience. Mobley is coming off injury and Gold will provide depth at the position.

39. Chicago Bears - Mike Brown - CB - Oklahoma St.
First safety picked in the draft, ahead of Deon Grant and Rogers Beckett. He's a sound player, can play the deep middle and insert safety when they play 8 in the box for the running game. He's bright and versatile while other safeties have flaws. He'll be paired off nicely with Tony Parrish, who the Bears want at strong safety. They have the flexibility to use both safeties any way they want.
38. Pittsburgh Steelers - Marvel Smith - OT - Arizona State
Outstanding workouts this spring to the point that some line coaches thought he was the second best lineman. He was a consensus late first-round pick. He's a good value pick for the Steelers here in the second round. He has exceptional feet for a guy his size and can handle the left tackle job, the toughest job on the offensive line.
37. Atlanta Falcons - Travis Claridge - OT - USC
A number of line coaches thought he was a candidate at left tackle. Known for a great punch. He has pro pass blocking skills already. If unsuccessful at left tackle, he can move into guard and become an 8-10 year player.
36. Philadelphia Eagles - Todd Pinkston - WR - Southern Miss.
One of the coaches' favorites at WR. He scared off some by his 165-pound frame. But he's a star in the making and the Eagles have been excited about him for a while. He's a very nice fit for them. He's very polished receiver and will be able to contribute early.
35. San Francisco 49ers - John Engelberger - DE - Virginia Tech
Former walk-on ran sub 4.6 40s at his workout at VT. Is physically well-developed and reminds me of Jim Flanigan who plays for the Bears. Great motor and is another young player the Niners need to rebuild their defense. They're fortunate to get him at this point in the draft. He reminds me personally of Jeff Lageman, who I coached with the Jets. He's a smart, intense player. The Niners will get their money's worth.
34. Cincinnati Bengals - Mark Roman - CB - LSU
Early in the fall was considered a top secondary prospect. He started to slide down. It's a bit of a surprise he was chosen. He is versatile at safety and corner, where the Bengals need help. Their young defensive assistant Lou Chiofi was assigned to evaluate DBs available and has done a great job finding a player that fits their scheme.
33. New Orleans Saints - Darren Howard - DE - Kansas State
Excellent speed rusher. Has a chance to bulk up more. Many thought he was a first-round pick. Being a little undersized got him falling to the Saints in the early second round. Jim Haslett will find ways to get him playing right away. He'll be a pass-rush weapon in the future. I'm sure Haslett was excited getting him where he did.
32. Cleveland Browns - Dennis Northcutt - WR - Arizona State
Two-way player that some receiver coaches feel need to improve his receiving skills. Coach Palmer said he needed a player with speed with this pick and they did. He'll be a good complement to Kevin Johnson. They may still get a big receiver later in the draft.

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