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Chat Reel: Pat Kirwan

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Posted: Friday April 14, 2000 12:09 AM

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's NFL chat with's Pat Kirwan. Hi Pat! Thanks for for joining us.
Pat Kirwan: My pleasure.

From John: Do you think Green Bay will take Keith Bullock or Darren Howard? Who are they looking to take in the first round?
Pat Kirwan: Let's start with the GB packers are an old team and have a lot of needs. Ron Wolf isn't going to move far off the board. I can see Ed Donatell, their defensive coordinator, liking Keith Bullock as either a strong-side or a weak side linebacker.

From Guest: Pat, Do you think the Redskins will take Chris Samuels with the two or three pick?
Pat Kirwan: Yes, I do. At this juncture, in the conversations I've had, Washington likes Chris a lot. He's an important piece to their puzzle.

From Tom: Are there any legit running backs available (for the Patriots) after the first two rounds?
Pat Kirwan: I've been asked that question a couple of times. Their situation isn't very good to find a quality running back. My opinion of where the Pats sit (at 46 and 76), at 46 I would think the top four or five running backs in the draft would be available. If Reuben Broughns were still around, he'd be a good pick for them. But they have so many other needs, they might use that second round pick for a tackle. They still need to replace Robert Edwards.

From Jeff: What's up with Robert Edwards of the New England Patriots?
Pat Kirwan: A year ago, most people really felt Robert's career was over. From what I hear Robert is on the mend. He won't play in 2000, but he is on pace to return. It sounds like he may be back sometime in the future. It sounds better than it did a year ago at this time.

From Guest: Based on a 5th place schedule, a high draft spot, aggressive free agent signings (still possibly Steve Young?) and all their starters returning healthy. I think the Broncos will do very, very well this year. What's your prediction?
Pat Kirwan: I really admire the way Mike Shanahan runs his football team. He doesn't sit back. They are going to have a good team. They are not done in free agency. I still they'll find another defensive lineman. With Mobley returning, there's depth at linebacker. I do think Denver will be right in the mix in that division. And I also think that because of the way Olandis Gary played, it's a maneuverable piece on draft day. They may get a high pick for him if they decide to trade him.

From Guest: Who do you feel that the Ravens will ultimately select with their first pick?
Pat Kirwan: I think they eventually have to get a great running back. They won't pass on the opportunity to get one of if he's there. I think they'll take Thomas Jones out of Virginia if he's there.

From Guest: Pat, after Warrick & Burress what receiver would be next in line for the Bucs to take at 13?
Pat Kirwan: They are going to have a great selection. I like Travis Taylor. And Dez White, but it's probably a high pick for him. If they decide to take a receiver, they could trade down and still pick up a pretty good receiver and an extra pick. There may be an outstanding left tackle and I don't think the Bucs would pass on that.

From Guest: Where will new coach Dave Wannstedt go with the Dolphins draft?
Pat Kirwan: The poor Dolphins. They've been attempting to get a great RB in that program. I don't know if they'd pass on a RB. I still think they need one. A tight end they have to get into their program. I don't know if they'd go there, but they still need a feature running back.

From Guest: Since Dallas has no first round draft pick and since they obtained Galloway, who do you see them possibly taking in the 2nd round?
Pat Kirwan: They're really in a cap bind. To pay a first rounder would be a bind for them. In the second, a cornerback they need to think about drafting. Ike Charlton would be a great draft for them, out of Virginia Tech. Or Lewis Sanders. Either of those corners would take care of Deion Sanders having to leave for cap reason.

From Guest: What's the latest on the Barry Sanders situation?
Pat Kirwan: Detroit has picked up a running back and they may draft another one. Their asking price could decrease for Barry, enough for another team to pick him up. I know the league would like to Barry play again. I'm sure they're encouraging both sides to work it out. If Detroit could lessen its asking price, I wouldn't be surprised to see Barry in Miami, I don't think we'll see him in the NFC.

From Guest: Pat, do you see a way that this Keyshawn Johnson situation gets settled without it being messy?
Pat Kirwan: I was very much responsible for the contract he is under now. In the last couple of days it has gotten ugly. It is in a dangerous position as far as everyone getting along. At 27, he ought to play out this year and re-do his contract next year. Don't expect to see him around Jet Land soon and don't expect him to be traded. I don't think the way it is now, in the media, it'll be ugly for a while. The best thing for him may be to stay out of New York for a while. If I know Keyshawn, he won't be around until July. He'll come in and play then through the season.

From Dirk: Do you know if the 49ers are going to trade their No. 12 draft pick for more selections and how will this affect their QB situation?
Pat Kirwan: When they traded from the top of the round, I made a point on CNN, the cost of the two picks they have now is the same amount of cap space as having one pick before. They did not improve their cap position. What do they do about that? If they are interested in Chad Pennington, they could draft him and trade him for multiple picks. If he isn't available, they'll trade for multiple picks because they still can't afford them.

From Guest: What can the Giants do to make the playoffs next season? Can they get much better offensively through the draft?
Pat Kirwan: I think if the Giants put a good running back in the backfield, they'll be right back in the picture. Their quarterback will now be in town for over a year, which will help them. Ron Dayne, Shaun Alexander or Jamal Lewis - any of those three - that would really help them get backin the hunt in the NFC east

From Guest: Do you think Corey Dillon will remain with the Bengals or do you see an offer sheet/sign and trade happening?
Pat Kirwan: I think Cincinnati is prepared for either situation. Another club would have to make an offer, if the Bengals like it, they could match it and keep him. Or they could reject it and take the picks. They're prepared to do either. The extra picks would allow them to replace Corey. There's a lot of pressure on Corey. If Corey really wants to be out of Cincinnati, he only has the chance to bring one offer to the Bengals, he needs to find one an offer that the Benagls won't match. That's the hard part.

From Guest: Hi Pat! Do you think the Browns will take Brown or Arrington with the No. 1 spot? What else do you think they will do with their other picks?
Pat Kirwan: I believe they will take Brown or LaVar Arrington. The reason I feel that way is because we now have coach's information and most say LaVar is the best player in the draft. He's like Lawrence Taylor. And Chris Palmer may feel the same way. You can't pass on LaVar and find another player like him in the second round.

From Guest: Pat, With the Raiders sitting at 17th pick in the draft, do you think Sabastian Janakowski would be OK at this spot, or is it too high ? If not, who do you see Oakland taking?
Pat Kirwan: There's the unwritten rule that you can't take a kicker in the 1st round. He wins football games. I don't know that I'd pass on that guy. If you can deal with all the off-field issues, I'd go with him. But if they're traditional and decided not to take a kicker there, they'll never get him because he won't last until the second round. They could go with an outside linebacker - Keith Bullock, Julian Peterson and Raynoch Thompson. If they held true to form, they'll take a backer. I don't know if I'd take a kicker.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have for today. Thanks again for joining today, Pat.
Pat Kirwan: Thank you. I hope to see you again in two weeks.

CNNSI Host: Thanks for all the great questions! Sorry we couldn't get to all of them. Check back later today for a full transcript of today's chat at

CNNSI Host: Pat Kirwan will be back for another chat two weeks from today at 1 p.m. ET.

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