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10 Questions

Big Sam talks about seafood, barbecue and PlayStation

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Posted: Friday April 14, 2000 09:30 PM


Chris Samuels grew up in Mobile, Ala. dreaming of playing in the NFL, and of eating lots seafood and barbecue as well. Hey, you don't get to be 310 pounds without eating a little "Q" now and again! Samuels discusses his video game domination, and insults the famed Dreamland Barbecue in Tuscaloosa, preferring instead an out-of-the-way place in his hometown for his barbecue fill.

1. Had you ever been to Washington D.C. before this week?

I'd never been there to stop and visit. I'd passed through there before on my way to New York. We stopped at a restaurant or two there, but that's it.

2. What's your favorite monument in D.C.?

I don't have any. I didn't get to do anything yet, but once I get there, if they pick me, I'll do everything and visit everywhere.

3. What would be "The Chris Samuels Tourist List" for Washington?

The Mall area -- but no monuments though. I really don't care for that. Just find a nice place where I could take my girlfriend out and we could sit down and have a nice dinner and dance.

4. Would you be interested in doing a White House tour?

I'm really not crazy about it, but if they ask me, I'll do it.

You are not going to turn down the President, right?

Yeah, I don't think I'd turn him down, but I'm really not dying to get in the White House.

5. What's your favorite movie?

"Independence Day." I'm a Science Fiction-type guy. I've always believed there were aliens and stuff like that. Just for a movie like that to come about, that was pretty interesting in my opinion.

6. What's your favorite type of food?

Seafood. Just seafood in general. And then everything else is second, because I eat anything so it doesn't matter.

Chris Samuels tells where to find the best barbecue in the country.  

Did you have good seafood growing up in Mobile?

That's all I eat when I go home. I like shrimp, raw oysters, friend oysters, boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, crabs, pretty much everything that comes out of the ocean. But especially crawfish, I love those.

7. Who is the player you are most looking forward to facing in the NFL?

I really don't have anybody that just stands out that I'm looking forward to facing, but once I get there and start watching game film, if it's a big-time player that I've been hearing about all my life, then I'll probably be fired up for him. But right now I'm really not excited about just facing one particular player.

8. What do you like to do in your free time?

Play PlayStation for one. I like to fish for whatever comes out of the ocean too. I play NCAA College Football. I play with the Florida Gators. The only reason I play with them is they seem to overrate them with a little bit too much team speed on every single game. My brother and I play the game all the time when I'm in Tuscaloosa or if he comes up to Memphis to visit me.

When I went to the Combine, Deon Dyer, the fullback from North Carolina was my roommate, and he brought the game. So here I go, running my mouth all the time -- I talk noise when I play that game because it's not real -- and he talked noise too. So he played with North Carolina and I played with Alabama -- we played school on school. And it was a pretty tight game, but Shaun Alexander probably hit him up for 200 yards rushing. Then we played another game with Florida and he played with Florida State, and I just blew him out and he quit. So I'm pretty good at it. I think I'm the best in the nation in my opinion, at least in the top five.

So you'd be a top five draft pick for NCAA on PlayStation too?

No doubt. I need to play the programmers, because I'm the best.

9. What kind of laundry detergent do you use?

Tide (laughs).

Do you have to say that?

No, I just do. A lot of times I'll buy Tide, but pretty much I'll use anything. But Tide seems to work the best (laughs).

10. Is Dreamland the best barbecue in the country?

No it's not. It's good, it's decent. I'm not crazy about it, but I'll eat it. My favorite barbecue place is Rogers Barbecue in Mobile. Many people really don't know about it -- it's kind of off in a slightly rough part of town -- but they have the best barbecue I've ever eaten. People really don't know about it too much. They don't have the commercials and stuff behind them, but they're better than Dreamland, I can tell you that. Look it up and go out there and eat.

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