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Chat Reel: Dez White

Wide Receiver talks making the transition to the pros

Posted: Friday April 14, 2000 12:09 AM

  Dez White Georgia Tech's Dez White feels that making the mental adjustment to the pros will be his toughest challenge. Scott Halleran/Allsport

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's NFL Draft chat with Dez White. Hi Dez. Thanks for joining us.
Dez White: Thanks for having me!

From Guest: What are your feelings like going into this weekend?
Dez White: I don't really know what to feel. There's a lot of anticipation, wondering where I'm going to end up. There's also a lot of nervousness, because you don't know what to expect.

From Mike Rudolf: Dez -- do you have any NFL teams you might like to be drafted by? Is there one that you may feel you could help out?
Dez White: I don't think there's really one particular team I could help out the most. The teams that I feel I would fit in best with are the ones I know the most about: Baltimore, Jacksonville, Kansas City and probably Atlanta.

From Guest: What teams have shown the most interest in you?
Dez White: Probably the teams I just mentioned.

From Rod: Dez, how much of an adjustment will you have to make physically as well as mentally adapting to playing in the National Football League? Good luck!
Dez White: Thanks for the encouragement. Most of the adjustment is mental - that was most of the adjustment from high school to college. And getting used to things happening faster. Physically, I don't think there's much difference between the athletes in college and the NFL.

From SonicWilly: There is a lot of speculation that Seattle will take you with one of their 1st Round picks if you are available. Have they flown you in for a workout and how would you like to be a Seahawk?
Dez White: No, they haven't flown me out. I've talked with the offensive coordinator at our Pro Day workout at Tech. I really have nothing against any team. Whoever drafts me, that's where I'm going to go and do my best to be successful.

From Lamont Watson: How do you feel about possibly going to a West Coast team such as the Raiders or Seattle being from Florida?
Dez White: I think that will be a tough adjustment for me as far as a living situation, but I don't think that'll have to much bearing on my play on the football field.

From Guest: Do you think you can make an sudden impact as well as a Randy Moss did in his first year in the NFL?
Dez White: Those are some big shoes! I'm not really sure - it depends on where I end up and what role the coach wants me to fill on the team.

From Guest: Dez, you seem like a great guy and that you stay on the straight and narrow. How do you do it? I hope you have a load of success in the NFL.
Dez White: Thanks, first of all. It's basically a product of how I raised and brought up. The things I was taught as I was growing up.

From Guest: What was the turning point in your career to get you where you are today and do you feel you would be where you are at without having Joe to throw you the ball in college?
Dez White: The turning point in my career was probably after my freshman year when I had learned the offense we were running and I could concentrate on being a receiver. I think Joe was definitely helpful in my achieving the success I've had. But I don't doubt my talent. I think I can be successful with any quarterback in the backfield.

From Guest: Would you mind playing with Joe Hamilton again if you both got drafted at the same team?
Dez White: I think would be very dangerous any defense to end up playing together.

From Hobie Stewart: This year's draft is loaded with good receivers. What abilities or qualities do you have that seperate you from the other receivers?
Dez White: I believe that my size and quickness are a major asset to me, as well as my ability to get off of press coverage. And also my character, which a lot of coaches are looking for - good character.

From Stephen Franco: How much did The Bolles School prepare you for your football career in college and pro?
Dez White: Bolles is just like a small college. I was able to adjust to the time constraints associated with sports before I actually reached the collegiate level.

From Rob G.: Do you have a preference of getting drafted by a team who is rebuilding or a team that has a chance to win right away?
Dez White: Either way, as long as I'm with a team and a coaching staff that has a mind-set to win. Because any team can go from a great record to a bad record in a year, it all depends on the attitude.

From Guest: What current or past NFL receiver would you say you have modeled your game after (if any at all)?
Dez White: I think Sterling Sharpe. Because he is a big, punishing receiver. He just dominates defensive backs.

From Wesley Brenneman: Is there any chance you will go to the Steelers?
Dez White: I think there's a chance because they do have some picks in the area which I'm slotted to go.

From Zach Romaine: Would you like to triple up with Cris Carter and Randy Moss in Minnesota?
Dez White: That'd be great. There wouldn't be a whole lot of pressure to be the go-to guy. I could come in and learn the system and improvce from there.

From Guest: How do you compare yourself to the guys who people say will be the top 3 WR's taken: Warrick, Taylor, and Burress?
Dez White: It depends of the type of style you're looking for. I'm the combination of size and speed associated with Taylor and Buress and also have the quickness to get off the press as Warrick would.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for joining us Dez. Good luck in the draft.
Dez White: Thanks again.

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