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Chat Reel: Travares Tillman

Georgia Tech safety to be with family on NFL draft day

Posted: Friday April 14, 2000 12:08 AM

CNNSI Host: Hello Everyone and welcome to today's NFL Draft chat session with Travares Tillman. Hi Travares. Thanks for joining us.
Travares Tillman: Thank you. Great to be here.

From Guest: How are your nerves today?
Travares Tillman: I'm a little flustered right now, just waiting for Saturday to get here.

From Guest: I saw in one of he the mock drafts you going to the Redskins. Have they showed interest in you?
Travares Tillman: I got a call from them today to confirm my draft day telephone number, so I think they do have some interest in me. It'd be great to be there. I have an uncle who lives in DC. The chance to play with Champ Bailey would be good because we almost played together in college.

From Wes Daniels: Congratulations on your successful college career. I have to brag that we are from the same hometown every time I hear your name. What position do you think you will be able to make the most and quickest impact for your team? Good luck!
Travares Tillman: Thank you. Probably at the safety position, I feel most natural there.

From Thomas: What team would you like to be drafted by and why? Your numbers would do wonders for the Vikings!
Travares Tillman: I'd like to go anywhere - just to be drafted would be great. To be drafted by Minnesota would be nice - to go against Randy Moss in practice everyday. Atlanta would be nice because I'd still be close to home.

From Guest: You talked about Washington showing interest. What other teams have shown interest in you?
Travares Tillman: I guess all teams have shown interest, but it's hard to gauge who's really serious. I try to keep things under wraps until Saturday.

From Ben in Chicago: How would you like to play for the Bears?
Travares Tillman: Like I said before, I'd be happy to drafted by any team. It'd be fun to play in the same city that Michael Jordan played in.

From Mike: What do you think is good playing weight for a freshman in college? Is it hard to pack on those pounds in a hurry? How do I do it?
Travares Tillman: It's according to what position you're playing. I came in at 180, but it's easy to put on the pounds. They make you eat. If you put on too much weight they'll probably make you switch positions.

From Guest: What will you have to do to adjust to the pros? Any concerns?
Travares Tillman: The speed of the game changes at every phase. It'll be a mental adjustment for me, too.

From Guest: What can you do to work on your mental game? Is it just experience? Or can you work on something?
Travares Tillman: You get in the film room and watch yourself after every practice. And study your play books as much as possible. I'm not nervous. That's what you get paid to do, so I'll do it.

From Guest: Travares are you planning to have family around Saturday or wait it out alone?
Travares Tillman: My original plan was to be alone. But I've changed my plans and think I'm going to be with my family waiting and then enjoy the moment when I do get drafted.

From Guest: Besides the money, what are you looking forward to most about playing in the NFL?
Travares Tillman: It's just something I've always wanted to do - play at the highest level of the sport. It sets you apart from other players to make it at that highest level.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have for joining us!
Travares Tillman: Thanks for all of the questions and I enjoyed talking to you.

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