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Chat Reel: Joe Hamilton

Behind center is where this QB wants to stay

Posted: Friday April 14, 2000 12:06 AM

  Joe Hamilton Joe Hamilton will be looking to prove he has the right stuff for the NFL. Scott Halleran /Allsport

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's NFL Draft chat with Georgia Tech QB and Heisman candidate Joe Hamilton. Hi Joe, thanks for joining us.
Joe Hamilton: Thank you.

CNNSI Host: First off, how are you feeling right now? This must be a week full of a lot of mixed-up emotions.
Joe Hamilton: Yeah, I'm nervous and anxious. Just ready to get this over with.

From Rob G.: Some scouts and personnel people say that you're too short for the quarterback for the NFL? What do you have to say to them?
Joe Hamilton: I've been playing football all my life and size has never been a factor. If somebody gives me the opportunity, they'll see that, too.

From Joey Cagiano: Will you go to CFL to get a chance at quarterback? I would hate to see another talented quarterback be robbed of his chance in the NFL due to his lack of size a la Doug Flutie.
Joe Hamilton: I give all opportunites to play in NFL a chance, but if I have to go the CFL route, then I'll do that.

From Guest: How do you think you compare with the other quarterbacks, such as Chad Pennington, who are projected to be drafted ahead of you?
Joe Hamilton: I really don't compare to those guys. They have their own style; they're really good quarterbacks. I just try to go out there and be myself.

From Kevin Korstjens: Being such a great athlete, are you open to playing whatever position (like Kordell did his rookie year) your team needs you to play or are you set on only playing quarterback?
Joe Hamilton: No, not all. The only position I've played is quarterback and it's the only position I intend to play.

From Jim: Hi, I'm a big Falcons and GT fan. What are the chances that you will end up playing for the Falcons?
Joe Hamilton: I don't know. I don't know what the Falcons are thinking about in the draft. I'd love to stay here, but I'm not going to be choosy. Whoever calls my name that's where I'm going to go happily.

From Aaron: What teams are interested in you? Do they give you feedback or are you clueless on who will take you this weekend? What are some of the teams that you think you would fit in best with?
Joe Hamilton: I'm really clueless. I've been hearing from some teams, but nothing indicating either way. As far as teams that I'd fit in best with, one that has a west coast offense, with three steps, five steps, roll-outs, bootlegs. I don't think anyone will draft me ask me to throw the ball 40 or 50 times a game.

From Ian Pemberton: Joe, there has been speculation that the Redskins may take a quarterback in the later rounds. How do you feel about the possibility of playing in Washington?
Joe Hamilton: I feel real good. I've heard from Washington. They worked me out. If that's what it came down to, I'm just trying to fit in somewhere.

From Guest: WHEN you get your contract, what are some of the first plans you have for your well-earned fortune?
Joe Hamilton: No right off the bat, I'm trying to think of my family first. I'd like to take care of everybody, but first I'll take care of myself and my family.

From Jay Calhoon: Is there any team that you would really love to play for? Would you like to stay in the warm weather or don't you care? I would really like to see you play for the Dolphins, and they are in serious need of a QB.
Joe Hamilton: Definitely, I would love to play in warm weather, over other kinds of weather. No teams in particular.

From Guest: What are your plans for this weekend? Will you be waiting for the call alone, or with family and friends.
Joe Hamilton: I'll be back in Alvin, S.C. with family and friends, waiting for the big call.

From Peter Bailey: Do you think that Georgia Tech will be as competitive without you this year?
Joe Hamilton: Yeah, I think they've recruited some good talent at quarterback and the other positions to where they'll be successful without me.

From ESW III: Joe, with all due respect to Ron Dayne, a lot of people feel you deserved to win the Heisman. How do you think NOT winning it will affect your draft position?
Joe Hamilton: Not at all. Doug Fluite won it and he didn't get drafted, same for Charlie Ward. For me not doing that is no big deal because I enjoy the experience. I don't feel bad at all.

From John J.: Is there a certain quarterback you emulate, or do you create your own QB style?
Joe Hamilton: I try to create my own style, but I like Steve Young a lot.

From Guest: What kind of pro do you think your teammate Dez White can be?
Joe Hamilton: An exception pro. I think he works hard, he's got great speed. He just does what it takes to be successful.

From guntle: Do you get nervouse before games? If you do what do you do to help calm down?
Joe Hamilton: I don't get nervous at all, I get anxious, but I really don't get nervous. I just try to read a book and relax. Like the playbook.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for joining us, Joe. Good luck in the draft.
Joe Hamilton: Thank you very much!

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