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Chat Reel: Travis Prentice

Touchdown Travis is ready for the next level

Posted: Friday April 14, 2000 12:07 AM

  Miami's Prentice is looking to take his game to the next level. Chris Covatta/Allsport

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's NFL draft chat with Travis Prentice. Hi Travis, thanks for joining us.
Travis Prentice: Thank you.

CNNSI Host: So what is going through your mind right now as you gear up for the big draft weekend?
Travis Prentice: I'm just getting nervous. Never done this before. And there's nothing else you can do - just play a waiting game. You can't work out any more at this point.

From Ryan: Travis, What misconceptions about your game have you been able to overcome through workouts at the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, and individual sessions with scouts? Good luck in the NFL.
Travis Prentice: I'll try work on my catching ability and fight every day in practice to overcome the misconception about me going against bigger defenses. Thank you.

From Dale Sturgill: First of all I watched you play and you are definitely one of the best backs EVER! My question is with all of the athletes that the MAC is producing such as Randy Moss, Chad Pennington and yourself do you think that the "Small Conference" tag will finally be lifted?
Travis Prentice: It'll be up to us to break the mold. Some may think that Randy Moss was just a fluke, but we'll work to show them wrong.

From Brian: Does it bother you that you have not been shown off through the media as other running backs? Would you mind being a backup for the first two years of your professional career? Does it really matter where you get drafted?
Travis Prentice: Everyone wants to come in and contribute early. As a player, I'm willing to play anywhere, wherever the teams want me to be. I'm just going to try to earn the stripes first. But as far as sharing the spotlight, it'll come with time. I've come this far, but I don't crave the media spotlight. I can be successful without it.

From Guest: Do you feel that you can make the same kind of impact as a rookie as players such as Edgerrin James?
Travis Prentice: I hope so. With the right coach and the staff that believes in me, I can do it. By no means would it be easy, but I think it's possible.

From Guest: What do you find is most important to gaining position in the draft, statistics or the combine results?
Travis Prentice: I think it's a combination of both. The things you have done in college to get you to the combine. But having a good combine - showing the coaches there what you can do - is good, too.

CNNSI Host: From Guest: How beneficial was the work you did with the trainers in New Orleans?
Travis Prentice: It was very beneficial. He taught me a lot about running. I'd never had a track coach. He taught me how to run the 40. Being with the same players also trying to get to the next level helped me out. It was a good competitive atmosphere.

From Keith: I really enjoyed watching your career at Miami. I'm a recent graduate of Miami and miss the college life in Oxford a lot. What are you going to miss most about Oxford and what are you looking forward to most when you join the NFL?
Travis Prentice: I'll miss the camaraderie I had with the guys on the football team the most. Just playing at the next level - that's what every rookie looks forward to.

From Guest: Who would you compare yourself with in the NFL today?
Travis Prentice: I compare myself to Terrell Davis. He's very productive, gets the job done.

From Guest: Looking back, you could have put up some big numbers at bigger school. If you could do it all over again, would you have tried to swim in a bigger pond?
Travis Prentice: I don't know. The only reason to be somewhere else would be more publicity.

From Guest: Who will be waiting with you as you wait for that big call?
Travis Prentice: My family and friends. We'll be in Louisville.

From Stephan: Which team do you want to play for and which teams have shown interest in you?
Travis Prentice: I just want to play in the NFL, it doesn't matter to me. I'm a big fan of football, it doesn't matter, really.

CNNSI Host: From Guest: How important is the mental game at the next level? Can you "practice" getting your mind in shape?
Travis Prentice: The mental level always increases when you go up a playing level. The next level is always more mental than it is physical.

From Guest: So Travis, how would feel about ending up as a Brown?
Travis Prentice: That would be nice - they've got great fans, great city, Tim Couch and a young team. It would be a great place to play.

From Guest: The Giants need a RB would you like to play in NY?
Travis Prentice: Probably the same answer. If they need a running back, it would be a great situation and I wouldn't mind.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for joining us Travis. And good luck in the draft.
Travis Prentice: Thank you.

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