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Chat Reel: Bubba Franks

Miami star chats draft from a TE perspective

Posted: Wednesday April 12, 2000 08:46 PM

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's NFL Draft chat with Bubba Franks. Hi Bubba. Thanks for joining us.
Bubba Franks: Nice to be here.

From Brian: Hey Bubba, what team would you most like to go to, and why?
Bubba Franks: I don't really have a preference. I was a Cowboy fan growing up, but they already have a TE. So I really don't have a preference - I can go anywhere.

From Dan: What teams do you feel you best fit with?
Bubba Franks: Probably a team with a well-balanced offense. One that runs the ball and passes equally.

From Guest: The Packers probably need to replace Mark Chmura and like to use the tight end a lot. Would you like to play in Green Bay? Could you handle the cold weather?
Bubba Franks: I hope I can handle the weather. **laughs** I think I can. Green Bay runs a nice offense, I wouldn't mind being there.

From Canes70: How hard was it to leave Miami for the pros?
Bubba Franks: It was a hard decision at first. I only have 20 credits until I graduate and we have a lot of returners next year. I talked with my mom each day. She said if I felt ready, I should leave. She said she'd support me either way.

From Guest: What is going to be the hardest thing about jumping from college to the pros?
Bubba Franks: I don't know, probably the speed of the game. Playing in front of thousands fans. Being in the spotlight, it may not be the toughest, but it'll be the biggest. I'll be able to handle the pressures of NFL life.

From Guest: The TE is a very important position, but doesn't get a lot of recognition. What do you think the differences are between the college and pro levels at TE?
Bubba Franks: In college, they mainly use TE as blockers. Miami was the exception. In the pros, most teams try to develop a passing game with the TE because that'll open the offense.

John Oprandi: Some analysts have said you are the best TE prospects in the draft. If any, what are some of the things you need to improve on for your future NFL career?
Bubba Franks: Probably it'll be my speed. I can work on that, since most people expect me to be faster than I am, and it'll help me at the next level. I'm quick on the field, but some people thought my time in the 40 was lower than they had expected. I'm still the quick player that I was in the games.

CNNSI Host: Bubba -- What TE would you consider yourself to be the most like?
Bubba Franks: I watch them all. I try to learn things from each TE, like Sharpe, Walls, Brady and Gonzales. I try to pick up little tips and certain pointers and put it together in one package. I'm like all of them combined in one package.

From Bill: What are your plans to watch the draft?
Bubba Franks: I'm going to be back home in Texas. I'll probably play golf the morning of the draft to keep my mind off it. My mom is throwing a draft party and I'll probably be there by the fifth pick.

From Guest: In San Francisco, we've had tight ends with the names Francis and Frank, how would you feel about continuing that legacy?
Bubba Franks: San Francisco is, I believe, like Miami. So I wouldn't mind. As far as the legacy, I'll try to keep it going. I can't promise, but it'll be interesting to see if I can.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for joining us, Bubba. Good Luck in the draft!
Bubba Franks: Thanks.

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