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Chat Reel: Chris Samuels

Alabama tackle ready for NFL Draft

Posted: Wednesday April 12, 2000 08:38 PM

  Chris Samuels Chris Samuels compares his style of play to that of Jacksonville's Tony Boselli and New Orleans' Willie Roaf. Andy Lyons/Allsport

CNNSI Host: Hello and welcome to today's NFL Draft chat with Chris Samuels. Thanks for joining us Chris.
Chris Samuels: Thanks. Good to be here.

From Jody Studnicka: My two-part question is pertaining to your strength. Have you added weight in the offseason to improve your strength and have you had any surgery in the last two years to your legs or shoulders?
Chris Samuels: I had a shoulder surgery in 1999 and a knee surgery this past season. I've gotten stronger since then.

From Guest: Chris, what do you believe that you would be able to contribute to any of the NFL teams that may select you and do you have a preferential city you would like to play in?
Chris Samuels: I really don't care where I play. I'll add a lot of enthusiasm to any team. I'm a really positive guy.

From Tim: Should you join the Redskins, how do you think going against Bruce Smith in practice will help you prepare for your first NFL game?
Chris Samuels: I think it will help me out a lot. He's one of the top five to ever play the game. If I can handle him, I can handle anybody.

From Dominic Longo: How do you think you will improve the team that you get selected by.
Chris Samuels: If I can start my first year, that speaks for itself. That would show the depth of the team and is a credit to my athletic ability.

From Guest: What do you anticipate to be your biggest adjustment from the college game to the pro game?
Chris Samuels: It would be the mental aspect of the game. If I can get down mentally, that would be the biggest adjustment that I have to get over.

From Jason Goode: Do you feel that the fierce competition that you have faced in the SEC over the course of the last four years has prepared you well for the NFL? Why or Why not?
Chris Samuels: I think it has helped. But has not prepared me for the NFL. It is a whole new level. But it gives me an edge over some other guys.

From Guest: Chris, what NFL team did you follow when you were growing up?
Chris Samuels: I was a big 49ers fan. I am a big fan of Jerry Rice. He's a great individual on and off the field. I used to play a little WR and I would pretend I was Jerry Rice when I played.

From Jonathan: Do you plan on staying close to the program at the University of Alabama even after you have began your NFL career?
Chris Samuels: Yes. The thing I will stay loyal to is the team. I'll try to keep the team positive. I want to keep the guys straight. I'll be a bug whispering in their ear.

From Guest: Is there any current offensive lineman in the NFL that you could compare your style of play to?
Chris Samuels: Two Tony Boselli and Willie Roaf. Our athletic ability is the same as a big men. Pass blocking is similar too. They have a lot of speed as well.

From Guest: Chris, you've come a long way since your freshman year at Alabama. How much more do you think you can improve?
Chris Samuels: I think I can be the best guy to ever play the game as long as I stay dedicated and work hard. That is my goal, to be the best player to play the game.

From Guest: A lot of guys say they do not care where they play. Does it matter to you? Are you excited going to Washington knowing they may go to the Super Bowl your first year?
Chris Samuels: I'm excited about going to Washington. They have a great team. Everything looked great. It is a wonderful place to live. They are going to do well this year.

From Guest: What was it like meeting Daniel Snyder?
Chris Samuels: At first I was on my toes. I was a little nervous. It went well. He's a nice guy.

From Guest: What was your most memorable moment in college?
Chris Samuels: It would have to be winning the Outland Trophy.

From Guest: Chris, could you comment on your OL coach at Alabama, Neil Calloway?
Chris Samuels: He's a great coach. He'll be one of the best OL coaches if he stays that way. He treats us fair. I like him a lot. He did a lot for me by sticking with me.

From Guest: Where do you think would be the best situation for you to be drafted and why?
Chris Samuels: Washington is the best situation. They have a chance at the Super Bowl. I'd love to start off with that.

From Guest: What do you think about playing on the turf at Verterans Stadium in Philly?
Chris Samuels: It is no big problem. I'm not excited, but I'm not afraid.

From Guest: Since the college season has ended what has been the best advice you have gotten during all the combines and meetings?
Chris Samuels: To keep everything business. Because that is what it is. You can't miss meetings. It's like a job interview. Keep it business.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have for today, thanks for joining us.
Chris Samuels: Thanks for having me. Take care.

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