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 TeamStore's Live NFL Mock Draft Results

Posted: Wednesday April 12, 2000 07:57 PM

Four of's football experts -- Peter King, Pat Kirwan, Don Banks and Trev Alberts -- joined us for a live, round-robin mock draft in a chat room on Wednesday afternoon (prior to the Broncos-Ravens trade). Their picks are shown below, or you can take a look at the full transcript of the chat.'s Live NFL Mock Draft
Pos. Team Analysis
1 Cleveland Browns 2-14
Courtney Brown DE Penn State
Pick: Peter King
They are going with the NFL's dream come true in this draft: a good guy who can play.
2 Washington Redskins (1) 10-6
Peter Warrick WR Florida St.
Pick: Trev Alberts
Warrick, to me, bottom line, is the best player to come out since Deion Sanders.
3 Washington Redskins (2) 10-6
LaVar Arrington LB Penn State
Pick: Pat Kirwan
Many people consider him the best player in the draft and he's a difference maker.
4 Cincinnati Bengals 4-12
Chris Samuels OT Alabama
Pick: Don Banks
Mike Brown will take the cleanest player who remains on the board.
5 Baltimore Ravens (3) 8-8
Corey Simon DT Florida State
Pick: Peter King
He's the fifth-best player in the draft and several teams are angling to move into this slot.
6 Philadelphia Eagles 5-11
Brian Urlacher LB N.M.
Pick: Trev Alberts
I was impressed with his tenacity, speed and desire.
7 Arizona Cardinals 6-10
Thomas Jones RB Virginia
Pick: Pat Kirwan
He's the best player out there that fits their needs.
8 Pittsburgh Steelers 6-10
Chad Pennington QB Marshall
Pick: Don Banks
The Steelers can't afford to pass on the draft's only potential franchise QB.
9 Chicago Bears 6-10
Plaxico Burress WR Michigan State
Pick: Peter King
The Bears now officially have the Kareem and Shaq twins of NFL receivers.
10 Denver Broncos 6-10
Travis Taylor WR Florida
Pick: Trev Alberts
We fill not only a huge need, but get the next best player available.
11 New York Giants 7-9
Ron Dayne RB Wisconsin
Pick: Pat Kirwan
He won't last more than four or five years... but he's a good pick here.
12 San Francisco 49ers (4) 4-12
Sylvester Morris WR Jackson State
Pick: Don Banks
Many feel Morris is as polished as Burress and may end up a more complete package.
13 New York Jets (5) 8-8
Bubba Franks TE Miami
Pick: Peter King
I think they've done it right this time.
14 Green Bay Packers 8-8
Chris Hovan DT Boston College
Pick: Trev Alberts
It's such a great need, we take him with this pick.
15 Baltimore Ravens 8-8
Shaun Alexander RB Alabama
Pick: Pat Kirwan
So what if he runs a 4.3 40, Alexander is the best guy at this pick.
16 New York Jets (6) 8-8
Stockar McDougle OT Oklahoma
Pick: Don Banks
With Elliott finaly retired, the Jets need bodies on the offensive line.
17 Oakland Raiders 8-8
Shaun Ellis DE Tennessee
Pick: Peter King
Will hold up well against some of the power runners of the AFC West.
18 New York Jets 8-8
Dennis Northcutt WR Arizona
Pick: Trev Alberts
We need some speed at WR.
19 Seattle Seahawks (7) 8-8
Marvel Smith OT Arizona State
Pick: Pat Kirwan
His stock has gone up thanks to workouts with coaches.
20 Detroit Lions 8-8
Chris McIntosh OT Wisconsin
Pick: Don Banks
Detriot's offensive line was a disaster in the second half of last season.
21 Kansas City Chiefs 9-7
Jamal Lewis RB Tennessee
Pick: Peter King
In scouts' eyes is going to be a very good pro because of his ability to run inside and outside.
22 Seattle Seahawks 9-7
Julian Peterson LB Michigan State
Pick: Trev Alberts
We think a little about Darren Howard, but Peterson is our guy.
23 Carolina Panthers (8) 8-8
Cosey Coleman OL Tennessee
Pick: Pat Kirwan
Will plug him into the lineup for 7-8 years.
24 San Francisco 49ers (9) 4-12
Ahmed Plummer CB Ohio State
Pick: Don Banks
Plummer has a chance to walk into the Niners depleted secondary and start immediately.
25 Minnesota Vikings 10-6
Rashard Anderson CB Jackson State
Pick: Peter King
We all know Denny Green likes projects and this is the perfect one for the Vikings.
26 Buffalo Bills 11-5
Deon Grant S Tennessee
Pick: Trev Alberts
We have some glaring needs in the defensive secondary.
27 New York Jets (10) 8-8
John Engelberger DE Virginia Tech
Pick: Pat Kirwan
One of their most important needs with their other three picks is DE.
28 Indianapolis Colts 13-3
Rob Morris LB Brigham Young
Pick: Don Banks
Colts get the tackling machine in the middle they have lacked.
29 Jacksonville Jaguars 14-2
John Abraham DE/LB South Carolina
Pick: Peter King
Has the ability to be a versatile player in the nickel packages.
30 Tennessee Titans 13-3
Cornelius Griffin DT Alabama
Pick: Trev Alberts
I watched him at the Senior Bowl and no one blocked him.
31 St. Louis Rams 13-3
Sebastian Janikowski K Florida State
Pick: Pat Kirwan
He will break the NFL record for longest field goal.

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