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Chat Reel: Plaxico Burress

Burress: 'I'll catch the ball wherever they throw it.'

Posted: Friday April 14, 2000 12:04 AM

  Plaxico Burress Plaxico Burress's size allows him to stretch out and get the extra yard, like he did many times against Florida. Andy Lyons/Allsport users chatted with Michigan St. WR Plaxico Burress about his expectations and hopes the upcoming NFL Draft. A transcript of the chat follows:

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's NFL Draft chat with Plaxico Buress. Hi Plaxico. Thanks for joining us.
Plaxico Burress: Hi, thanks for having me.

From Guest: Do you have a preference as to which team drafts you, and what is your favorite NFL team?
Plaxico Burress: I don't really have a preference. I have a lot of friends that play in the NFL, so I have a lot of favorite teams.

From Lee Hudnell: Plaxico -- Do you have any players you pattern your game after?
Plaxico Burress: No, I don't pattern my game after anybody. I like Jimmy Smith, he's the best receiver in the game, in my game. He's the most underrated guy.

From Guest: Are you the type of receiver that prefers going over the middle or running out patterns?
Plaxico Burress: It depends, I'm going to go where they want me to go. My first year I made a living going over the middle. My second year I didn't do that as much since we didn't have the same offense. I'll catch the ball wherever they throw it.

From Dens in NJ: Hey Plaxico! If somehow the Jets get a chance to draft you, how would you feel about coming to the Big Apple and having to replace a superstar receiver in Keyshawn Johnson?
Plaxico Burress: I wouldn't go in there thinking I had to fill his shoes. I'm just going to go in and play my game. When you think like that you won't play as well. I'd just go in and play my style of football.

From Scott In Va.: Mr. Burress, I'm a big Pittsburgh Steeler fan, and the possibility of them drafting you has me very excited. I believe you are exactly what the Steelers need to upgrade their offense. I was wondering, could you tell us how your visit with Pittsburgh went? Do you think you would enjoy playing for them, and what are your feelings on their offense right now?
Plaxico Burress: I love Coach Cowher, he's an intense guy. He can instruct a guy on how to be successful. My visit with him went really well.

From Mike in N.Y.: I heard you went to the Final Four instead of the meeting with the Eagles? How was it and was the trip to Indy worth it?
Plaxico Burress: It was just something I had planned to do. There was a miscommunication that I wish wouldn't have happened.
Plaxico Burress: I enjoyed it - good to see Mateen and hang out with him.

From Guest: Plaxico - What type of Pro offensive system would you like to play it? Which will feature your style and skills the best?
Plaxico Burress: I don't really have a preference. I don't really have a set situation, I'll just adapt to the one I go into.

From BIG DAWG in Ohio: Mr. Burress I want to ask you if you would like to play for the Cleveland Browns and have a awesome QB throwing to you like Tim Couch?
Plaxico Burress: I haven't heard or talked to them, so I don't think the possibility is good. I'd love it. I know they're going after the best players, if it's me they draft, great. If not, that's OK.

From Guest: Plaxico - the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that the Steelers are interested in your former MSU teammate Lloyd Clemmons. Were you and Clemmons close in college and would that help your transition to the pros if the Steelers drafted you?
Plaxico Burress: Me and Clemmons were good friends, but we really didn't hang out much. If Llyod came to Pittsburgh, I'm sure we'd hang out and become better friends.

From Guest: Why do you feel that you are getting so much press as not being a team player? Do you feel it is justified?
Plaxico Burress: I don't know and I've been trying to figure out where it's coming from. My answer is probably just as good as yours.

From Rahj: Do you think playing in Baltimore is good for you being it's close to home?
Plaxico Burress: Yeah, because my father is in my Baltimore. And I know that area well. It would be nice to near my mother, who's in DC. It'd be good to be so close by.

From Curt in Ohio: Would you rather play for a .500 team and be the go-to-guy or be the 3rd or 4th receiver in a set?
Plaxico Burress: There's no question I would rather go to a .500 team and be the go-to guy. No guy wants to be the third or fourth string guy. I'd like to be the guy that helps make his team better.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for joining us Plaxico.
Plaxico Burress: Thanks.

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