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Chat Reel: Brian Urlacher

Urlacher: 'I think [Chicago] would be a great fit for me'

Posted: Friday April 14, 2000 12:03 AM

  Brian Urlacher Brian Urlacher is a likely Top 10 pick in Saturday's first round of the NFL Draft. Marc Piscotty/Allsport users chatted with New Mexico linebacker Brian Urlacher on the Thursday before the NFL Draft. A transcript of the chat follows:

CNNSI Host: Hello and welcome to today's NFL Draft chat with Brian Urlacher. Hi Brian. Thanks for joining us.
Brian Urlacher: No problem.

From Dave in N.M.: After all the positions you played at UNM last season, are you ready to settle into a Special Teams role until you get the opportunity to contribute full-time? What team is most interested in you at this point? Good Luck!
Brian Urlacher: I think the main thing is to find the position and adjust to it as soon as possible and learn the defense. Special teams is my favorite part of the game. Teams that have shown interest are: Phoenix, the Jets, Chicago and SF.

From Perry in Ind.: Almost every Mock Draft has you going to Chicago. Having met some of Chicago's personnel staff, do you think the Bears would be a good fit for your mental demeanor and athletic skills? As a Bears fan, I would love to see you playing in Chicago.
Brian Urlacher: Thank you. I think that would be a great fit for me. I took a trip there a week and a half ago and loved it. I really enjoyed myself - they have great facilities. There are great fans in the town - Chicago is a football city.

From Guest: Will you be able to handle the cold weather in the Windy City?
Brian Urlacher: Definitely. I get excited playing in the cold, I don't get to do it much here in New Mexico. I could adjust.

From Guest: Your time in the 40 ran at the combine was done on a track that is considered slow. Did your time reflect your actual speed or have you run faster 40's?
Brian Urlacher: I have fun faster. Before the combines, I ran a 4.48. It's all relative to everyone else's time.

From Guest: If you had to choose any of the positions you played in college, and could only play one in the NFL, what would it be?
Brian Urlacher: I definitely be a linebacker - inside or outside. And then special teams. I think I'm too big for safety.

From Ramon in N.M.: Brian -- since you had many problems with recruitment to a D-1 school, how much do you think your success will help with other New Mexican high school players getting recruited by bigger schools? What else can be done to get these guys noticed?
Brian Urlacher: I don't know how much it'll help. It all comes from your HS coach. You've got to be a good player. Some people think that NM doesn't have as good competition as everybody else.

From Guest: Brian, what players did you pattern your game after growing up?
Brian Urlacher: I didn't really try to be like anybody. My favorite player in the NFL was Brett Farve. I like to watch John Lynch with the Buccaneers at safety.

From Steve in N.M.: I think you would be a great fit in the Steelers' zone blitz. Would you feel comfortable in that type of scheme or a more traditional 4 - 3 defense? Congratulations on a great Lobo career and best of luck in the NFL!
Brian Urlacher: First of all thanks. I think I fit because they run a 3-4. They blitz, which I like to do. And I can play the run from that position too. And I like the Steelers.

From Jason in N.M.: How have you improved yourself during this off-season?
Brian Urlacher: I went to Atlanta for 3 months after the season and trained with a guy named Chip Smith] who did wonders for me. Right away my bench and my reps went up. My 40 time improved.

From Guest: Where are you going to watching the draft? Who will be watching it with you?
Brian Urlacher: I will be at my girlfriend's parents house. Everybody who means something to me will be there - friends from college and all of my relatives.

From Guest: What is going to be the greatest change for you as you jump from college to the pros? What will you have to work on?
Brian Urlacher: I know the speed is going to be a big deal because it's so much faster. Making the adjustment at linebacker will be tough, but I know once I settle in and find a spot that suits me I'll be fine.

From Guest: Brian -- What are your thoughts on going to Arizona? Since it is so close to New Mexico?
Brian Urlacher: That would be perfect. It's right down the road, 6 hours away. It's a good, young team. The weather is similar to Albuquerque and where I grew up in Lovington (NM).

From Guest: Do you think that teams in the NFL put a greater priority on defense than on offense, considering that (I've heard) Cleveland has narrowed it down to two defensive players rather than Warrick.
Brian Urlacher: Yeah, definitely. Because everybody thinks defense wins games for you and can score points for you, too. An example of that would be the Tampa Bucs because they didn't have a great offense, but they won a lot of games. The guys from Penn State are the 2 best players in the draft and it'll be hard to find 2 players as them in any draft. They're so unbelievably good.

From Guest: How are you dealing with your nerves this week?
Brian Urlacher: Playing a lot of golf. I've been on the course everyday. I'm trying to lay low. Do a few interviews and sowkr out some.

From Guest: Any plans for your well-earned fortune? What is one of the first things you are going to do with the money?
Brian Urlacher: Take a small portion and get a new vehicle. I've got a good some investors and give the rest to them and hopefully make some more money.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for joining us, Brian.
Brian Urlacher: No problem, see ya.

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