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Chat Reel: John Abraham

'It was a total shock; a blessing from God'

Posted: Saturday April 15, 2000 06:55 PM

  John Abraham In 1999, John Abraham (left) played for a winless South Carolina squad. AP

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's chat with John Abraham, No. 13 pick of the New York Jets. Thanks for joining us today.
John Abraham: You're welcome.

From VikeFan: Hello John, how do you think the NFL speed of the game will affect your play?
John Abraham: I'm hoping it'll help better my play, and that I can make a difference my first year. I would like to make an impact. I hope to progress as an NFL player.

From Guest: John, there wasn't a very good reaction by Jets fans passing over Bubba Franks for you, how will you prove them wrong?
John Abraham: I figured whoever called my name, there'd be that reaction. Maybe I don't get the notoriety of bigger schools. I'm hoping in a year or two, they'll enjoy and like me in New York. I hope they'll say that I helped them more than I hurt them.

From Gamecock: John Abraham, which position will you play at N.Y.? Linebacker or defensive end?
John Abraham: I'm not sure right now exactly where they want me to play. They haven't told me yet.

From Scott: John, do you feel that playing in the rough SEC will help you in the competitve AFC east?
John Abraham: Yes, I think so. The SEC is a really, really tough conference. It's helped me a lot. Coach really helped me through, but I think I'll be able to adjust to the NFL life.

From Guest: John, did you expect to get picked this high, or did you figure to go later in the 1st round?
John Abraham: No, I really didn't expect to get picked this high. It was a total shock. It was a blessing from God. I need to thank God more than anyone else to get picked that high.

From Guest: Where were you when you got the news? How did you find out that you'd been drafted by the Jets?
John Abraham: I was in Columbia, S.C. in a little bar and grill. My agent, my mother was here. I was surprised more than anything. They called my agent and they told my agent. They said "John, congratulations," and right after that, they said my name.

From Guest: what are some of your goals in playing with the Jets?
John Abraham: Hopefully to help the Jets get to a Super Bowl and to be a positive role model on the team. Even if I don't ever play, I want to make the team better, whether it's special teams or wherever.

From Chief Fan17: How much will you enjoy winning, now that it has been a while?
John Abraham: I'm sure it'll feel good.

From Guest: John, How do you feel playing for the most rabid fans in the NFL?
John Abraham: Fans don't make a team, so hopefully I can give them something good to watch. Hopefully I can come in, play good and have the fans on my side and not against me.

From Guest: When will you go up to NYC?
John Abraham: Probably the 27th for mini-camp.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have today to chat with John. Thanks for spending some time with us.
John Abraham: Okay, thank you.

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