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Chat Reel: Jamal Lewis

"[Baltimore] looks like a... good team for me"

Posted: Saturday April 15, 2000 06:09 PM

  Jamal Lewis Jamal Lewis believes he earned his status as a Top 5 pick. Elsa Hasch/Allsport

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's chat with Jamal Lewis, No. 5 pick of the Baltimore Ravens. Thanks for joining us today.

From Guest: How do you feel about getting drafted by Baltimore?
Jamal Lewis: I feel real good about that. I went up there and I like the people and the coaches. It looks like a good environment and a good team for me to be with.

From Guest: Are you sure want to play the hometown Titans twice a year though?
Jamal Lewis: Doesn't make a lot of difference. A team is a team. I think that's why Baltimore picked me, to come in and to try to help out on offense and that's what I intend to do.

From Guest: Jamal, how do you feel about being the number 5 pick in the NFL Draft, when many people didnt project you that high, somewhat like Ike Hilliard a few years ago?
Jamal Lewis: I think it's well-deserved... I did what I was supposed to do and kept my cool all through the season and did what I had to do. Now that I'm healthy, I'm ready to go.

From Guest: I'm from Tenn. and really enjoyed watching you play in Knoxville. Who was your favorite NFL team growing up? What made you decide to go to UT, and are you glad you did?
Jamal Lewis: I never did have a team that I watched in my younger days. I don't watch that much football... I really like to play it. I chose Tennessee because I thought they'd give me an opportunity to play. I also wanted to play with Peyton Manning because I thought he could teach me a lot, and he did. And everything worked out for the good.

From Guest: What have been your first impressions of coach Brian Billick?
Jamal Lewis: First time I met him, he was eating pretzels, coming into the meeting room in Indianapolis. He's a great guy and a great offensive mind, and that's the position I want to be in -- with someone who wants to work with me, and I think we're going to work well together.

From Guest: Where are you spending your time today? I bet this is a big weekend for you.
Jamal Lewis: I'm at my Mom's house in Atlanta.

From Guest: Who did you face in college that you think will be good in the pros that's in this year's draft?
Jamal Lewis: I think that playing with them every day, Shaun Ellis and Thompson are going to be really great defensive guys.

From Guest: What do you feel the prospects for the Ravens this season are, I think they should be much improved, and you will help a lot, how do you feel?
Jamal Lewis: I think they're improving. They've got some good people, some good guys there, with Shannon Sharpe and Travis Taylor... I think it's going to be real good going in there. I hope we can build our offense and go out there and win games.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have today to chat with Jamal. Thanks for spending some time with us.
Jamal Lewis: Thank you.

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