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Chat Reel: Marcus Washington

Father's happiness an inspiration for success

Posted: Saturday April 15, 2000 05:42 PM

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's chat with Auburn's Marcus Washington. Thanks for joining us on this big day.

From Guest: Marcus, How would you compare the overall team discipline of Terry Bowden's teams vs. Tuberville's and do you think Tuberville's link with many Pro-style coaches (i.e. Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Ericson) have prepared you for the NFL?
Marcus Washington: Well, I would say good things about both of those coaches. Coach Bowden wasn't quite as strict as Coach Tuberville. Coach Tuberville really came in an established a lot of discipline. Coach Bowden was great also, though. Great coaching runs in that family. He taught us a lot and we were very successful while he was there. He brought in coaches and really started to turn things around. I think they'll be a lot better this year.

From Guest: Marcus, where have you spent most of your time preparing for the draft?
Marcus Washington: Well, I've just been really around here at school. Usually either in class or working out. Just around town, no big plans. We're in the spring quarter at school.

From Guest: What was your biggest highlight as a starter at Auburn?
Marcus Washington: One time I was playing Tennessee, and I was playing defensive end so I was able to get a clean shot on Martin and knocked his helmet off. He fumbled the ball right on the goal line. We played together in high school and we're pretty good friends, so that was probably one of my biggest highlights.

From Guest: What's your reaction to Jamal Lewis being taken at No. 5 a few minutes ago?
Marcus Washington: Man, Jamal is a great running back. We've played three times and all three times he's done well. He hurt his knee against us, but before that, he made some really big plays... one 50 yard run. He's a great running back and he'll do great wherever he goes. He has so many tools, he's strong, he's big and he's fast. That's what people want: big, fast, strong guys.

From Guest: Who is your favorite NFL player?
Marcus Washington: I think growing up was Lawrence Taylor. The impact he had as a defense player... people want to see guys score, but he revolutionized the position of linebacker. He's helped linebackers get some props. I'd say my favorite player today is Randy Moss. He'll make great play after great play and I just love watching him.

From Guest: Through your experiences at the combine and meeting with the coaching and managerial staffs at various NFL franchises, what do you sense is the most important quality, speed/strength/pure athleticism/football instincts, they look for in a draftee?
Marcus Washington: I'd say speed is really a big thing because you can coach a lot of stuff, but you can't coach speed. Either a guy's fast or you're not. Growing up, when you go from high school to college to the pros, it just gets faster and faster. If a guy is fast, that's a big plus because you just can't coach that. I would definitely say speed.

From Guest: How much weight did you gain from H.S. to college?
Marcus Washington: I gained a lot of weight. I came in about 195 and now I'm about 250, so I've really put on the pounds. I've gained a lot of weight, just working out and eating good has really helped me.

From Guest: Who was your biggest inspiration to play football as a kid?
Marcus Washington: Me and my dad, we used to watch pro games on Sunday and I remember just sitting around with him watching. I really didn't know what was going on, I saw how happy it made him and how happy the fans were and since then I just had big aspirations of wanting to make it to the NFL.

From Guest: Where are you spending your time today? I bet this is a big weekend for you.
Marcus Washington: I'm just going to stay around with my family. Something like this, you want to share it with your family. It's a big step in your life and you want to share it with the people you love. Nothing too big, maybe grill out or something, have some family time.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have today to chat with Marcus. Thanks for spending some time with us.
Marcus Washington: Thanks a lot. No problem.

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