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NFL Draft Compensatory Picks
The 31 compensatory draft choices in the 2001 draft awarded to teams that suffered a net loss of certain quality unrestricted free agents last year. The compensatory choices will supplement the 215 choices in the regular seven rounds of the draft, with picks positioned within the third through the seventh rounds based on the value of the free agent lost. Choices listed by round with overall selection in parentheses.
Round  Overall  Team 
93  Dallas 
94  Jacksonville 
95  Buffalo 
127  Seattle 
128  Seattle 
129  St. Louis 
130  Minnesota 
131  Minnesota 
162  N.Y. Giants 
163  New England 
195  Buffalo 
196  Buffalo 
197  St. Louis 
198  Green Bay 
199  Tennessee 
200  New England 
232  Tennessee 
233  Jacksonville 
234  Tampa Bay 
235  Jacksonville 
236  Atlanta 
237  Seattle 
238  Buffalo 
239  New England 
240  Dallas 
241  Jacksonville 
242  Dallas 
243  Kansas City 
244  San Diego 
245  Cleveland 
246  Arizona 
      ATLANTA -- Lost: Lester Archambeau, Craig Sauer, Chuck Smith, Robbie Tobeck. Signed: Ashley Ambrose, Shawn Jefferson, Brady Smith. 
      BUFFALO -- Lost: Sean Moran, Kurt Schulz, Thomas Smith, Dusty Zeigler. 
      DALLAS -- Lost: Eric Bjornson, Jason Garrett, Randall Godfrey, Lemanski Hall, Tom Myslinski, Kavika Pittman. Signed: Joe Bowden, Jackie Harris, Ryan McNeil. 
      GREEN BAY -- Lost: Vaughn Booker, Keith McKenzie. Signed: John Thierry. 
      JACKSONVILLE -- Lost: Jay Fiedler, James Stewart, Dave Thomas, Rich Tylski, Regan Upshaw. Signed: Hardy Nickerson. 
      KANSAS CITY -- Lost: Tom Barndt, Joe Horn, Glenn Parker, Reggie Tongue. Signed: Duane Clemons, Kendall Gammon, Steve Martin, Todd Sauerbrun. 
      MINNESOTA -- Lost: Jeff Christy, Duane Clemons, Jeff George, Jimmy Hitchcock. Signed: Lemanski Hall, Craig Sauer. 
      NEW ENGLAND -- Lost: Heath Irwin, Steve Israel, Shawn Jefferson, Marty Moore, Chris Sullivan. Signed: Eric Bjornson, Grant Williams. 
      N.Y. GIANTS -- Lost: Cary Blanchard, Percy Ellsworth, Scott Galyon, Bernard Holsey, Roman Oben. Signed: Jason Garrett, Glenn Parker, Dave Thomas, Dusty Zeigler. 
      ST. LOUIS -- Lost: Mike Gruttadauria, Fred Miller, Jay Williams. Signed: Sean Moran. 
      SEATTLE -- Lost: Sam Adams, Phillip Daniels, Fred Thomas, Brian Walker, Grant Williams. Signed: Robbie Tobeck, Reggie Tongue. 
      TAMPA BAY -- Lost: Trent Dilfer, Hardy Nickerson. Signed: Jeff Christy. 
      TENNESSEE -- Lost: Joe Bowden, Anthony Dorsett, Jackie Harris, Jon Runyan. Signed: Randall Godfrey, Fred Miller. 
Note: Compensatory free agents are determined by a formula based on salary and performance. The formula was developed by the NFL Management Council. Not every free agent lost or signed by a club is covered by this formula.

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