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Weekend trades

NEW YORK (AP) -- Trades announced during the 2001 NFL Draft:

  • 1. -- Arizona Cardinals traded CB Aeneas Williams to the St. Louis Rams for the Rams second- (No. 54) and fourth-round (No. 123) selections. Arizona selected Michael Stone, DB, Memphis and Marcus Bell, DT, Memphis.

  • 2. -- Seattle Seahawks traded their first- (No. 7) and sixth-round (No. 191) selection to San Francisco 49ers the 49ers first- (No. 9), third- (No. 82) and seventh-round (No. 222) selections. San Francisco selected DE Andre Carter, California and Menson Holloway, DE, Texas-El Paso. Seattle selected Koren Robinson, WR, North Carolina State; Heath Evans, RB, Auburn and Dennis Norman, OT, Princeton.

  • 3. -- Buffalo Bills traded their first-round (No. 14) selection to Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers first- (No. 21) and second-round (No. 51) selections. Tampa Bay selected Kenyatta Walker, OT, Florida State. Buffalo selected Nate Clements, DB, Ohio State and traded No. 51 to Denver.

  • 4. -- Pittsburgh Steelers traded their first-round (No. 16) selection to the New York Jets for the Jets first- (No. 19), fourth- (No. 111) and sixth-round (No. 181) selections. New York selected Santana Moss, WR, Miami. Pittsburgh selected Casey Hampton, DT, Texas; Mathias Nkwenti, OT, Temple and Rodney Bailey, DE, Ohio State.

  • 5. -- Indianapolis Colts traded their first-round (No. 22) selection to the New York Giants for the Giants first- (No. 30), third- (No. 91) and sixth-round (No. 193) selections. New York selected Will Allen, DB, Syracuse. Indianapolis selected Reggie Wayne, WR, Miami; Cory Bird, DB, Virginia Tech and Jason Doering, DB, Wisconsin.

  • 6. -- Dallas Cowboys traded their second-round (No. 37) selection to the Indianapolis Colts for the Colts second- (No. 52) and third-round (No. 81) selections. Indianapolis selected Idrees Bashir, DB, Memphis. Dallas traded (No. 52) to Miami and traded (No. 81) to New Orleans.

  • 7. -- New England Patriots traded their second-round (No. 39) selection to Pittsburgh for the Steelers second- (No. 50) and fourth-round (No. 112) selections. Pittsburgh selected Kendrell Bell, LB, Georgia. New England traded No. 50 to Detroit and traded No. 112 to San Diego.

  • 8. -- Detroit Lions traded their second-round (No. 48) selection to New England for the Patriots second- (No. 50) and sixth-round (No. 173) selections. New England selected Matt Light, G, Purdue. Detroit selected Dominic Raiola, C, Nebraska and Jason Glenn, LB, Texas A&M.

  • 9. -- Buffalo Bills traded their second-round (No. 51) selection to Denver for the Broncos second- (No. 58) and fourth-round (No. 110) selections. Denver selected Paul Toviessi, DE, Marshall. Buffalo selected Travis Henry, RB, Tennessee and Brandon Spoon, LB, North Carolina.

  • 10. -- Dallas Cowboys traded their second-round (No. 52) to Miami for the Dolphins second- (No. 56) and fourth-round (No. 122) selections. Miami selected Chris Chambers, WR, Wisconsin. Dallas selected Tony Dixon, DB, Alabama and Markus Steele, LB, Southern California.

  • 11. -- New Orleans Saints traded their second-round (No. 53) to Dallas for the Cowboys third-round (No. 70 and No. 81) selections. Dallas selected Quincy Carter, QB, Georgia. New Orleans selected Sedrick Hodge, LB, North Carolina and Kenny Smith, DT, Alabama.

  • 12. -- New York Giants traded their second-round (No. 61) selection to Detroit for the Lions third- (No. 78) and fourth-round (No. 114) selections. Detroit selected Shaun Rogers, DT, Texas. New York selected William Peterson, DB, Western Illinois and Cedric Scott, DE, Southern Mississippi.

  • 13. -- New England Patriots traded their third-round (No. 69) selection to Minnesota for the Vikings third- (No. 86) and fourth-round (No. 119) selections. Minnesota selected Eric Kelly, DB, Kentucky. New England selected Brock Williams, DB, Notre Dame and Jabari Holloway, TE, Notre Dame.

  • 14. -- Philadelphia Eagles traded their third- (No. 88) and sixth-round (No. 187) to Miami for the Dolphins 2002 second-round selection. Miami selected Morlon Greenwood, LB, Syracuse and Otis Leverette, DE, Alabama-Birmingham.

  • 15. -- San Diego Chargers traded their fourth-round (No. 96) selection to New England for the Patriots fourth- (No. 112) and fifth-round (No. 139) selections. New England selected Kenyatta Jones, G, South Florida. San Diego selected Carlos Polk, LB, Nebraska and Zeke Moreno, LB, Southern California.

  • 16. -- Washington Redskins traded their fifth-round (No. 145) selection to St. Louis for the Rams fifth- (No. 154) and sixth-round (No. 186) selections. St. Louis selected Jeremetrius Butler, DB, Kansas State. Washington selected Darnerien McCants, WR, Delaware State and Mario Monds, DT, Cincinnati.

  • 17. -- New England Patriots traded their fifth-round (No. 149) selection to Detroit for the Lions sixth- (No. 180) and seventh-round (No. 216) selections. Detroit selected Mike McMahon, QB, Rutgers. New England selected Arther Love, TE, South Carolina State and Owen Pochman, K, Brigham Young.

  • 18. -- New England Patriots traded their sixth-round (No. 170) selection to Jacksonville for the Jaguars 2002 fifth-round selection. Jacksonville selected Chad Ward, G, Washington.

  • 19. -- Denver Broncos traded their seventh-round selections (No. 215; No. 219 and No. 226) to Atlanta for the Falcons 2002 fourth-round selection. Atlanta selected Corey Hall, DB, Appalachian State; Kynan Forney, G, Hawaii and Ronald Flemons, DE, Texas A&M.


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