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Grant Wistrom
DE, Nebraska

Grant Wistrom



1997- Lombardi Award winner...established himself as one of the top defensive players in the country...two-time All-American and two-time Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year...two-time finalist for the Ď97 Bronko Nagurski Defensive Player of the Year award...three year starter...NUís all-time leader in tackles for losses...two-time GTE/CoSIDA Academic all-American honors back-to-back seasons...National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame postgraduate Scholarship...NCAA Todayís Top Eight Award winner...will go down in history as one of two Huskers to earn academic All-American and athletic All-American honors in back-to-back seasons...led the team in tackles for loss, sacks, and QB of four captains...1996- Earned first-team All-American honors from AP...first-team Academic honors from GTE/CoSIDA...led the team in sacks and tackles for loss...3rd on team in tackles...named Big 12 Defensive player of the Year and finalist for national player of the year honors...1995- First year as a starter...earned All-BIg Eight and 3rd team All-America honors in helping Nebraska defend itsí national title with a perfect 12-0 record...played in Fiesta Bowl and responsible for five tackles...1994- Big Eight Defensive Newcomer of the Year as true Freshman..


1997- 28 UT...23 AT...51 TT...17/76 TFL...8.5/58 sacks...1996- 30 UT...45 AT...75 TT...20/74 TFL...9.5/48 sacks...1995- 21 UT...23 AT...44 TT...15/55 TFL...4/23 sacks...1994- 14 UT...22 AT...36 TT...6.5/55 TFL...4.5/49 sacks...Totals: 93 UT...113 AT...206 TT.


He is an outstanding college football player that will have to make some adjustments when he moves to the NFL, in terms of position and responsibilities. He has been mostly an "up field player" in Nebraskaís defense, and while it would seem natural that he would fit on the NFL level as a 3-4 type rush OLB, he actually has a frame that is more like a 4-3 type DE, although he is a little light.. He is a tall, rangy guy that is somewhat high cut, while most 3-4 OLBs are more compact players.. He may need to add another 10 lbs. to his frame, but he can probably adapt to either defensive scheme. One thing is for sure, this is an intense and tough football player. He is a sideline to sideline guy. He has excellent pass rush skills, and can come off the edge or battle to the inside. He will make a lot of backside plays, and he is a terror in space. He has some problems at times if he is engaged by a big & physical OT, and although he will battle to make the play, he simply isnít big enough to have too many fist fights inside. If he is used properly on the NFL level, he will contribute in a variety of roles, such as special teams, outside pass rusher, and he will bring an intensity and toughness to a defense that coaches will love. This guy is a football player.

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