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Week 6 Power Rankings

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Posted: Thursday October 21, 1999 11:25 AM

By Paul Zimmerman, Sports Illustrated

Agonizing decisions mark Week 6 of the Power Rankings. Can I honestly say that the 3-3 Giants (28th last week) are a better team than the 3-2 Cowboys (12th), after they beat them in the Monday-nighter? Hmmm. Why not? So, please, no complaints about the radical upheaval. They were the better team when they played each other. Can I do likewise with the 2-3 Panthers (23rd after five weeks) and the 11th-rated 49ers, now 3-3? Well, I can and will. I saw the game -- a freakshow, as we know, but Carolina had more points at the end, see? O.K., you don't want to hear my whining, so I'll get on with the evil business at hand.

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CNN/SI Power Rankings
13 St. Louis Rams 5-0
So I'm a believer already. They remain on top until proven otherwise.
22 Jacksonville Jaguars 5-1
I keep telling people, They'll be in trouble when they have to play catch-up, and those people tell me, Well, they had to play catch-up against the Browns, but that argument is so silly I won't even entertain it.
34 Tennessee Titans 5-1
How about a Tennessee-St. Louis Super Bowl? What kind of price would Vegas have given you on that one?
47 Miami Dolphins 4-1
Damon Huard casts the long shadow over Dan Marino, and a month ago I would have washed my mouth out for saying such a thing.
510 Washington Redskins 4-1
Here's what impressed me about the 'Skins last weekend: They were flat. Their QB's head wasn't in the game. They didn't look ready to play. And they still won by two TDs.
61 Green Bay Packers 3-2
O.K., I'm into the old excuse game now. Mile High's a tough place to play. Favre's thumb still isn't right. Wait till you hear the ones I come up with after San Diego beats them Sunday.
76 New England Patriots 4-2
If they start talking about "establishing the run," then I'll know they're in trouble. You establish the run in training camp.
88 Indianapolis Colts 3-2
Who sez they won on a fluke? An experienced cornerback baited a green young QB into a game-turning pick. It's all part of the game, folks.
918 Oakland Raiders 3-3
When a team runs for 195 yards on a supposedly impregnable rushing defense, it goes waaaay up on the old chart.
105 Buffalo Bills 4-2
And the impregnables go down, uh, a little.
1116 San Diego Chargers 4-1
I'm placing them here in anticipation of what I feel very strongly will happen this weekend.
1219 Detroit Lions 3-2
Wouldn't be surprised if they lose at Carolina on Sunday. It's the division foes that get 'em juiced.
139 Seattle Seahawks 3-2
I keep expecting better things from the 'Hawks. Maybe it's the Holmgren mystique or something, but I keep feeling they're holding things back.
1420 Denver Broncos 2-4
It was like the old days on Sunday, and that goes for the QB, too. Don't bench him, Mike. He is the future.
1515 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-3
I sense a blowout over the Bears this weekend. If I'm wrong, though, and they lose, I will never put them in my top 15 again -- at least not for two weeks.
1628 New York Giants 3-3
I'd rank 'em up there with San Diego as the best defensive front four in football.
1717 Kansas City Chiefs 3-2
I see them losing tonight in Baltimore. Both teams are coming off bye weeks.
1812 Dallas Cowboys 3-2
Offense was nowhere against the Giants, defense got worn out by the hurry-up. This is not the way top teams behave.
1914 Minnesota Vikings 2-4
Soap opera time. Will Jeff George find happiness with his new friends? Check back with me in December.
2021 Pittsburgh Steelers 3-3
Kordell averaged less than eight yards per completion vs. Cincy. It's the ultimate dink-dunk attack, and this is not what I pay good money to see.
2123 Carolina Panthers 2-3
At one point in the Niners game they had only two healthy wideouts. There goes the old three- and four-wide attacks, but every receiver looks like a wideout to that 49ers secondary.
2211 San Francisco 49ers 3-3
Well, they've had a week to open a new can of cornerbacks before facing what we just know will be an aerial blitzkrieg in Minnesota.
2322 Baltimore Ravens 2-3
Tampa Bay held its position following a bye. So did K.C. So how come the Ravens dropped a notch? I'll break this to you gently -- because it's my toy, my rules.
2429 Philadelphia Eagles 2-4
Ever so slowly the Eagles are checking out the lots available in the better neighborhoods.
2513 Chicago Bears 3-3
Philly beat 'em, so they get rated lower than Philly. Stop hollering.
2625 New York Jets 1-5
A double screw-up for Parcells. First he fails to tell his QB that he's benching him, then he calls that nutso pass at the end of the Colts' game. Where's this thing gonna bottom out?
2724 Arizona Cardinals 2-4
O-line's nowhere, QB's banged up, defense not sturdy enough to make up ground. This is a team everyone had in the playoffs, preseason, remember?
2826 Atlanta Falcons 1-5
What's the deal here? Have they given up, or what?
2927 New Orleans Saints 1-4
No, you won't hear me sounding off about Mike Ditka getting into it with the fans. A guy insults you, you insult him back. That's the American way. It's what I believe in.
3030 Cincinnati Bengals 1-5
Mark it on your calendar: Dec.12. That's when they get their rematch with the Browns, and it should be a doozy.
3131 Cleveland Browns 0-6
Here's a shocker. The Browns have actually led at halftime in their last three games.

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