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10 Questions

Titans OL Miller talks Rams, rings and 'The Freak'

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Latest: Wednesday August 16, 2000 08:14 PM

  Fred Miller Fred Miller won a Super Bowl ring with the Rams last season, before signing with Tennessee in the offseason. Jonathan Daniel/Allsport

Offensive lineman Fred Miller jumped from the Super Bowl champion St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl vanquished Tennessee Titans in the offseason. We caught up with the 6-foot-7, 315-pound Miller at the Titans' practice facility in Nashville for this edition of 10 Questions.

1. Where's the Super Bowl ring?

Oh, it's in a case at my house. I keep it at home.

2. Don't you show it around to people?

Yeah, when I first got it, I showed it to people, people who asked about it.

3. How about the guys you beat for the ring? You show it to the guys in this locker room?

Yeah, they've seen it. And now they're waiting to get their own around here.

4. How weird has this been, playing against Jevon Kearse last year and now playing with him? [In a game between the Rams and Titans last October, Kearse embarrassed Miller into several false starts.]

Especially how the season went, especially the first game I had here, in October, and then coming back and playing in the Super Bowl. It's definitely been a little weird. A lot of ironic things have happened. But I'm getting past that.

5. That game must have been an awkward subject to broach with Kearse. Are you and "The Freak" getting along OK?


Between the two of us, we actually never talked about that [October] game. We just left it at that and moved on, talked about the new season.

6. How do the practices go, facing up against Kearse. Does he make you a better player?

He'll definitely make me better. But practices and games are two different things.

7. Give me three words to describe Kearse, now that you see him up close every day.

I would probably say speed, intensity and quickness.

8. And now you're also playing with one of the guys you looked up to as a youngster, Bruce Matthews.

Growing up as an offensive lineman in Houston, you definitely looked at Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews and really tried to be them, just like a running back tried to be Tony Dorsett. It's a lot of fun. That's what the NFL is all about. Going out there and competing with the best and playing with the best. It's been a good experience.

9. Anything Matthews do surprise you?

It's been great. Maybe some of the things off the field kind of surprised me. But nothing, really.

10. Who has the better chance of making it back to the Super Bowl, your old team or your new one?

I think we definitely do. I think our conference is a little bit weaker than theirs. And I see a better nucleus here.

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