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Dr. Z's Power Rankings

Week 2

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Latest: Thursday September 21, 2000 06:29 PM


By Paul Zimmerman

Last week I watched UCLA destroy third-ranked Alabama. Two days later, when the rankings came out, 'Bama had dropped but the Crimson Tide was still rated higher than the Bruins. I've never been able to understand this. Did the voters just assume the game never happened? At this point in the season I will try to maintain the integrity of ranking a team higher than the one it beat, regardless of what was supposed to happen. Later in the year, well, things get complicated, like the three-part A beat B which beat C which beat A, so what do you do? I hope this explains everything, because right now my wife and I are a bit confused.

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CNN/SI Power Rankings
1- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0
Not dynamic, but good enough. And that defense will bloody a lot of noses this year.
2- Indianapolis Colts 1-0
Chiefs hadn't lost a home opener in Arrowhead in 11 years, but the young Colts shrugged off the history and did their thing.
3- St. Louis Rams 1-0
Offense at zoom speed against the Broncos. Defense waited till the very end to wake up.
4- Buffalo Bills 1-0
This might be a temporary roost if Rob Johnson's ankle is worse than they're letting on.
5- Tennessee Titans 0-1
Tough, hard-nosed, bitter football Sunday night, but I didn't see anything particularly new and dynamic from Mike Heimerdinger's offense.
6- Washington Redskins 1-0
They're catching Detroit at just the right time, in the Batch-less part of the season.
7- Jacksonville Jaguars 1-0
Scary running back situation. O-line still unsettled. I like Baltimore this weekend, but so does everybody else.
8- Denver Broncos 0-1
After watching Brian Griese in action Monday night, I'm sorry I didn't pick them to win the division.
9- New York Jets 1-0
Good win against a Packers team with a stuttering motor. Jury's still out.
10- Baltimore Ravens 1-0
Very impressive victory over Pittsburgh. Power of the running game particularly noteworthy. So why not a higher ranking? Because I like the teams above them better.
11- Philadelphia Eagles 1-0
Tried some of that pickle juice for heat-induced mental cramps. Didn't work.
12- Oakland Raiders 1-0
Not too much heat from you Raiders fans, please. Your guys dropped because other teams were more impressive, not because of any failing on their part.
13- New York Giants 1-0
What impressed me was that their young offensive whiz, Sean Payton, didn't try to get fancy. Kept the war on the ground, where the enemy was noticeably deficient.
14- Miami Dolphins 1-0
I'm really interested to see how that active, ball-hawking secondary treats Daunte Culpepper Sunday. I give them three picks for openers.
15- Detroit Lions 1-0
Dropping a team after a victory stirs up fans more than only one thing -- having the satellite dish go out, as it did last Sunday, and you have to sit there for an hour, looking at a sign that says "Searching for satellite signal." I'll give you your damn satellite signal.
16- Minnesota Vikings 1-0
The big, powerful galloping QB is all the rave now. Hey, remember the old Bears quarterback, Bobby Douglass? In the immortal words of Frank Gifford: "Six-foot-four, 225 pounds of quarterback -- or whatever you want to call it."
17- New England Patriots 0-1
They've got to open a new can of linemen or Drew Bledsoe ain't gonna make it into October.
18- San Diego Chargers 0-1
Seems like all those Chargers-Raiders games are freaky things that go down to the very end. If young Ryan blows it at home vs. the Saints, though, I think the bench will be beckoning.
19- Kansas City Chiefs 0-1
Emotion running high, pre-game, then they go out and get out-yardaged, 136 to 20, in quarter No. 1.
20- Dallas Cowboys 0-1
Aikman down. Cunningham iffy. Those were the only QBs on the roster, and Joey Galloway, who would have gone in as the disaster quarterback, is out for the year. So here's what you do: Dale Hellestrae, the long snapper, can fire the ball from a snap position through the window of a moving car. I saw him do it. So you line him up backward to take the snap, see, and then you have him hunch over and look downfield between his legs, then you ...
21- Green Bay Packers 0-1
This is a mediocre team until Brett Favre regains his zing. Then we'll see what it is.
22- Atlanta Falcons 1-0
Chris Chandler stumbled around for a while, then found his long ball. Jamal Anderson seems to be back. The Falcons' rating will improve if they do a serious job against Denver.
23- Chicago Bears 0-1
I was rooting hard for them last weekend because I picked them in the upset, and a Bears win would have given me an 11-0 slate. Not one to bear a grudge, however, I raise them two notches after a lively showing vs. the Vikes.
24- Seattle Seahawks 0-1
They've picked up exactly where they left off at the end of last year -- shaky quarterbacking, soft vs. the run.
25- Carolina Panthers 0-1
Total output from the million-dollar D-line of Reggie White, Chuck Smith, Eric Swann and Sean Gilbert -- six tackles, no assists, no sacks.
26- Pittsburgh Steelers 0-1
Bringing in Kordell Stewart to run the goal-line offense ranks with Jets coach Lou Holtz's 1976 plan to lift Joe Namath inside the 10-yard line and insert rookie Richard Todd to run the Veer. It lasted one game.
27- San Francisco 49ers 0-1
They did a few nice things. Charlie Garner had another terrific day. Jeff Garcia was pretty good. But the secondary continues to get torched.
28- New Orleans Saints 0-1
They made it close. They don't deserve to be ranked last. As you can tell, I get a bit bored by the board at this level.
29- Arizona Cardinals 0-1
If you can't stop the run the whole house of cards topples.
30- Cincinnati Bengals 0-0
They handled the bye week without a major controversy.
31- Cleveland Browns 0-1
When will it be time to stop making excuses and take a hard look at this whole operation?

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