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Dr. Z's NFL Power Rankings

Week 10

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Posted: Wednesday November 01, 2000 1:28 PM


By Paul Zimmerman

Oddly enough, maybe because it's Halloween as I'm writing this (and I promise that will be the one and only reference to that, uh holiday), I had less trouble at the top of my rankings than at the bottom. I mean it was fairly cut and dried up there at the head of the line, but down below -- well, I don't want to give away the ending to this story. You'll see for yourself.

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CNN/SI Power Rankings
12 Tennessee Titans 7-1
Punt return, interception return, some defense, injuries to the Redskins wideouts and an offense that pretended Eddie George wasn't hurt at all gave the Titans a victory over the Skins. The game officially ended the tough part of the season. Look what's left -- five home games against the Steelers, Ravens, Browns, Bengals and Cowboys; roadies against the Jaguars, Eagles and Browns.
23 St. Louis Rams 7-1
Maybe they should be No. 1, but the Niners matched them punch for punch, and the Rams still have to show me they have a defense that can hold together for four quarters.
31 Minnesota Vikings 7-1
I'm leaving myself wide open to the Great Northern Rippers Assn., but a two-spot drop after a blowout doesn't seem too unfair, does it?
44 Oakland Raiders 7-1
San Diego had 'em on the ropes. The Chiefs coming to town will get them back in focus.
55 New York Jets 6-2
There will be moans that Buffalo should replace them after the three-point victory, but in September they beat the Bills by 13.
66 Miami Dolphins 6-2
And I'm not going to hand the Dolphins the Jets' spot after that Chiller Theater Monday-night affair.
78 Indianapolis Colts 6-2
The defense showed some life against Detroit, with three sacks, a safety and four turnovers forced -- or acquired, take your pick.
87 Washington Redskins 6-3
Even when Tennessee was up by 13, I felt the Skins would win it. But I didn't count on the wideouts, James Thrash and Irving Fryar, going down.
99 Kansas City Chiefs 5-3
Sorry. I'd like to advance 'em, but it gets crowded up here on top.
1012 Buffalo Bills 4-4
I'm going to be singing this tune all year long, even when I'm wrong. They're simply a better team with Doug Flutie running things.
1114 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-4
At halftime the Bucs were up by 18 but the Vikings had run off 49 plays to Tampa Bay's 17. On TV, Howie Long said that Tampa Bay was scoring too quickly. I knew exactly what he meant and agreed with him, but you should have heard all the hee-haws from his fellow Foxies, especially their No. 1 cheap-shot artist, Cris Collinsworth. I got so mad I started yelling at the TV set. The Flaming Redhead at this point threatened to nail the door shut. It's never quiet at our house.
1210 Detroit Lions 5-3
Four turnovers against an Indy defense that had been suspect. Honestly, I don't know what to make of this team, but the Lions always have puzzled me.
1316 New York Giants 6-2
Cleveland Sunday, then a real big one, Rams in the Meadowlands. Dec. 13, 1998. the unbeaten Broncos came in to play the Giants. Big hoopla set for Denver for the following week, a Monday nighter in Miami. Giants spoiled it. Kent Graham outplayed John Elway. Named NFC Player of the Week. How time fries. Wait a minute, I'm doing exactly what coaches warn their players about -- looking ahead. OK, let's buckle it up, guys, and go get them Browns.
1413 Denver Broncos 4-4
Hey, I was just talking about the Broncos. Let's see, it seems that they dropped a notch during their bye week. Giants were advancing. Couldn't hold 'em off.
1515 New England Patriots 2-6
But the Patriots held their position after a bye. Is that unfair or what? Well, you see it's like this: My bat, my ball, my rules.
1611 Baltimore Ravens 5-4
It's getting downright intriguing. How long can their offense go without scoring a TD? I figure about four days, since they have the Bengals on Sunday.
1718 Pittsburgh Steelers 5-3
You know the best thing about their 9-6 victory over Baltimore? It was over in 2:47, fastest contest of the day. I pray for games like that. Plenty of time to get the charts ready for the next one.
1819 New Orleans Saints 5-3
Give 'em credit. Faced a team whipped into an emotional frenzy by its new coach, got shoved around in the first half, still came back to win it. But that little voice is saying, "Why did a team like Arizona push them around at all?"
1922 Jacksonville Jaguars 3-6
I've said it before ... well, OK, I said it this morning: Do not give up on the Jaguars. Of course, it would be a lot better if Jimmy Smith could play.
2017 Philadelphia Eagles 5-4
Donovan McNabb spent his collegiate career in the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. Not really used to those nasty winds that kick up in the Meadowlands.
2120 Green Bay Packers 3-5
Is Antonio Freeman still on this team?
2221 Dallas Cowboys 3-5
Couldn't get to Mark Brunell, the most sacked QB in the league. Allowed him to complete 20-of-24, a career one-game percentage record for him. OK, pay up. I won the bet that I wouldn't mention Troy Aikman's back.
2328 Atlanta Falcons 3-6
Courage abounds on this team. Down 12-3 to the Panthers in the fourth quarter. Chris Chandler, who spent part of the week on the West Coast with his father-in-law, John Brodie, who had a stroke, brings them back for the win.
2424 San Francisco 49ers 2-7
Last four possessions against the Rams, no first downs. Still, they kept it tied into the fourth quarter, and for this they get the ultimate reward -- no drop in the rankings.
2523 Carolina Panthers 3-5
Wesley Walls, out for the season. Backup TE Kris Mangum, separated shoulder. Wideout Pat Jeffers, lost for the year in August. Who's Steve Beuerlein going to throw to?
2627 Cincinnati Bengals 2-6
I read this and had trouble believing it: Akili Smith sprains his knee in the first half. During the intermission they give him a cortisone shot and he finishes the game -- and the Bengals win it. I might be missing something, but the knee is the one thing you do not shoot. This is a script out of the 1930's.
2725 Seattle Seahawks 2-7
They do not deserve to be this low. They were in it until the end -- well, almost -- against K.C. But the Falcons and Bengals, both below them, sprinted ahead with victories ...
2826 Chicago Bears 1-7
... Which pushed the Bears two spots down during the bye week. See, I warned you: All the heart-stopping stuff comes near the end.
2929 Arizona Cardinals 2-6
I told you, says new coach Dave McGinnis, you've got to play with emotion for four quarters. Oh, four? We thought you said two.
3031 San Diego Chargers 0-7
Played the Raiders real tough. That gets them out of the cellar ...
3130 Cleveland Browns 2-7
... And leaves the door open for the Browns.

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