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Detroit LionsDetroit Lions

Date Player Status Injury
12/29/2013  LaAdrian Waddle  Out  Ankle
12/29/2013  John Wendling  Probable  Ankle
12/29/2013  Chris Greenwood  Probable  Groin
12/29/2013  Darius Slay  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Chris Houston  Doubtful  Toe, illness
12/29/2013  Calvin Johnson  Questionable  Knee
12/29/2013  Dylan Gandy  Probable  Illness
12/29/2013  Joique Bell  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Bill Bentley  Doubtful  Concussion
12/29/2013  DeAndre Levy  Probable  Foot
12/29/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Jonte Green  Questionable  Shoulder
12/29/2013  Rashean Mathis  Probable  Illness
12/27/2013  Israel Idonije  Injured-Reserve  Neck
12/27/2013  Israel Idonije  Injured-Reserve  Neck
12/26/2013  Dorin Dickerson  Injured-Reserve  Concussion
12/26/2013  Dorin Dickerson  Injured-Reserve  Concussion
12/25/2013  Brandon Pettigrew  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
12/25/2013  Brandon Pettigrew  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
12/22/2013  DeAndre Levy  Questionable  Foot
12/22/2013  Rashean Mathis  Questionable  Illness
12/22/2013  Brandon Pettigrew  Out  Ankle
12/22/2013  Darius Slay  Doubtful  Knee
12/22/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  John Wendling  Probable  Ankle
12/22/2013  Sam Martin  Probable  Right groin
12/22/2013  Calvin Johnson  Questionable  Knee
12/22/2013  Chris Houston  Questionable  Toe
12/16/2013  Darius Slay  Doubtful  Knee
12/16/2013  Ziggy Ansah  Questionable  Shoulder
12/16/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
12/16/2013  Calvin Johnson  Probable  Knee
12/16/2013  LaAdrian Waddle  Probable  Elbow
12/16/2013  Reggie Bush  Questionable  Calf
12/16/2013  Chris Houston  Doubtful  Toe
12/16/2013  John Wendling  Probable  Illness
12/16/2013  Israel Idonije  Probable  Knee
12/08/2013  Israel Idonije  Probable  Knee
12/08/2013  Chris Houston  Questionable  Foot
12/08/2013  Calvin Johnson  Probable  Knee
12/08/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
12/08/2013  Reggie Bush  Questionable  Calf
12/08/2013  Darius Slay  Doubtful  Knee
11/28/2013  Glover Quin  Probable  Ankle
11/28/2013  Calvin Johnson  Probable  Knee
11/28/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
11/28/2013  Israel Idonije  Probable  Knee
11/28/2013  Chris Houston  Doubtful  Foot
11/24/2013  Larry Warford  Probable  Shoulder
11/24/2013  Glover Quin  Questionable  Achilles
11/24/2013  Jonte Green  Probable  Illness
11/24/2013  Bill Bentley  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Nate Burleson  Probable  Forearm
11/24/2013  Calvin Johnson  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Ziggy Ansah  Probable  Ankle
11/24/2013  Andre Fluellen  Probable  Thigh
11/24/2013  Corey Hilliard  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Brandon Pettigrew  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Joique Bell  Questionable  Achilles
11/24/2013  Israel Idonije  Questionable  Knee
11/19/2013  Montell Owens  Injured-Reserve  Knee
11/19/2013  Montell Owens  Injured-Reserve  Knee
11/17/2013  Calvin Johnson  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Corey Hilliard  Questionable  Knee
11/17/2013  Reggie Bush  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Nate Burleson  Doubtful  Forearm
11/17/2013  Montell Owens  Out  Knee
11/17/2013  Ziggy Ansah  Questionable  Ankle
11/17/2013  Bill Bentley  Doubtful  Knee
11/10/2013  Corey Hilliard  Doubtful  Knee
11/10/2013  Reggie Bush  Probable  Knee
11/10/2013  Bill Bentley  Doubtful  Knee
11/10/2013  Calvin Johnson  Probable  Knee
11/10/2013  Ziggy Ansah  Doubtful  Ankle
11/10/2013  Glover Quin  Probable  Ankle
11/10/2013  Travis Lewis  Probable  Ankle
11/10/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
11/10/2013  Nate Burleson  Out  Forearm
10/30/2013  Ryan Broyles  Injured-Reserve  Ruptured right Achilles tendon
10/30/2013  Ryan Broyles  Injured-Reserve  Ruptured right Achilles tendon
10/27/2013  Rashean Mathis  Probable  Groin
10/27/2013  Riley Reiff  Questionable  Hamstring
10/27/2013  Theo Riddick  Probable  Concussion
10/27/2013  Jason Fox  Questionable  Knee
10/27/2013  Calvin Johnson  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Andre Fluellen  Probable  Concussion
10/27/2013  Reggie Bush  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Ashlee Palmer  Probable  Ankle
10/27/2013  Brandon Pettigrew  Probable  Hamstring
10/27/2013  Corey Hilliard  Out  Knee
10/27/2013  Nate Burleson  Out  Forearm
10/20/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Jason Fox  Doubtful  Knee
10/20/2013  Ashlee Palmer  Probable  Ankle
10/20/2013  Joique Bell  Questionable  Rib
10/20/2013  Theo Riddick  Questionable  Concussion
10/20/2013  Calvin Johnson  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Tony Scheffler  Out  Concussion
10/20/2013  Nate Burleson  Out  Forearm
10/20/2013  Rashean Mathis  Probable  Groin
10/13/2013  Jason Fox  Doubtful  Knee
10/13/2013  Nate Burleson  Out  Forearm
10/13/2013  Ashlee Palmer  Probable  Ankle
10/13/2013  Chris Houston  Probable  Hamstring
10/13/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  Glover Quin  Probable  Ankle
10/13/2013  Theo Riddick  Out  Concussion
10/13/2013  Calvin Johnson  Questionable  Knee
10/13/2013  Tony Scheffler  Out  Concussion
10/06/2013  Nate Burleson  Out  Forearm
10/06/2013  Rashean Mathis  Probable  Head
10/06/2013  Rob Sims  Probable  Shoulder
10/06/2013  Ziggy Ansah  Probable  Abdomen
10/06/2013  Jason Fox  Probable  Groin
10/06/2013  Patrick Edwards  Probable  Ankle
10/06/2013  Israel Idonije  Probable  Hamstring
10/06/2013  Calvin Johnson  Questionable  Knee
10/06/2013  Chris Houston  Questionable  Hamstring
10/06/2013  Ashlee Palmer  Probable  Ankle
10/06/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
10/06/2013  Glover Quin  Questionable  Ankle
09/29/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
09/29/2013  Ndamukong Suh  Probable  Knee
09/29/2013  Ashlee Palmer  Probable  Ankle
09/29/2013  Ziggy Ansah  Questionable  Abdomen
09/29/2013  Reggie Bush  Probable  Knee
09/29/2013  Nate Burleson  Out  Forearm
09/29/2013  DeAndre Levy  Probable  Abdomen
09/29/2013  Corey Hilliard  Questionable  Groin
09/29/2013  Patrick Edwards  Doubtful  Ankle
09/29/2013  Calvin Johnson  Probable  Knee
09/29/2013  Don Carey  Questionable  Hamstring
09/29/2013  Chris Houston  Probable  Hand
09/29/2013  Rob Sims  Probable  Shoulder
09/29/2013  Jason Fox  Questionable  Groin
09/24/2013  Nate Burleson  Day-to-Day  Broken left arm
09/23/2013  Jason Jones  Injured-Reserve  Knee
09/23/2013  Jason Jones  Injured-Reserve  Knee
09/22/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Don Carey  Doubtful  Hamstring
09/22/2013  Patrick Edwards  Out  Ankle
09/22/2013  Ashlee Palmer  Probable  Ankle
09/22/2013  Nick Fairley  Questionable  Shoulder
09/22/2013  Jason Fox  Doubtful  Groin
09/22/2013  Rob Sims  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Jason Jones  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Reggie Bush  Questionable  Knee
09/15/2013  Reggie Bush  Probable  Finger, groin, knee
09/15/2013  Don Carey  Doubtful  Hamstring
09/15/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
09/15/2013  Ashlee Palmer  Probable  Ankle
09/15/2013  Jason Jones  Probable  Knee
09/15/2013  Jason Fox  Out  Groin
09/15/2013  John Wendling  Probable  Ankle
09/15/2013  Nick Fairley  Questionable  Shoulder
09/08/2013  Louis Delmas  Probable  Knee
09/08/2013  Ziggy Ansah  Probable  Concussion
09/08/2013  Jason Jones  Probable  Knee
09/04/2013  Montell Owens  Injured-Reserve (DFR)  Knee
09/04/2013  Montell Owens  Injured-Reserve (DFR)  Knee
09/01/2013  Jon Morgan  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
09/01/2013  Martavius Neloms  Injured-Reserve  Foot
09/01/2013  Martavius Neloms  Injured-Reserve  Foot
09/01/2013  Jon Morgan  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
08/31/2013  Michael Williams  Injured-Reserve  Hand
08/31/2013  Michael Williams  Injured-Reserve  Hand
08/25/2013  Ross Weaver  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/25/2013  John Drew  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/25/2013  John Drew  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/25/2013  Ross Weaver  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/20/2013  Cory Greenwood  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
08/20/2013  Cory Greenwood  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
08/13/2013  Carmen Messina  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/13/2013  Carmen Messina  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
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