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Houston TexansHouston Texans

Date Player Status Injury
12/29/2013  Ryan Griffin  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  DeAndre Hopkins  Probable  Ankle
12/29/2013  Case Keenum  Questionable  Right thumb
12/29/2013  Andre Johnson  Probable  Wrist
12/29/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Josh Victorian  Probable  Back
12/29/2013  Antonio Smith  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  DeVier Posey  Out  Ankle
12/29/2013  D.J. Swearinger  Probable  Foot
12/29/2013  Dennis Johnson  Questionable  Hip
12/29/2013  T.J. Yates  Probable  Back
12/29/2013  Brooks Reed  Probable  Thumb
12/29/2013  Joe Mays  Questionable  Knee
12/29/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Greg Jones  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Justin Tuggle  Probable  Elbow
12/27/2013  Brad Smelley  Injured-Reserve  Calf
12/27/2013  Garrett Graham  Injured-Reserve  Hamstring
12/27/2013  Brad Smelley  Injured-Reserve  Calf
12/27/2013  Garrett Graham  Injured-Reserve  Hamstring
12/24/2013  Deji Karim  Injured-Reserve  Left shoulder
12/24/2013  Johnathan Joseph  Injured-Reserve  Left toe
12/24/2013  Johnathan Joseph  Injured-Reserve  Left toe
12/24/2013  Deji Karim  Injured-Reserve  Left shoulder
12/22/2013  Johnathan Joseph  Probable  Groin
12/22/2013  Jon Weeks  Probable  Elbow
12/22/2013  Brad Smelley  Questionable  Back
12/22/2013  Justin Tuggle  Probable  Elbow
12/22/2013  Case Keenum  Out  Right thumb
12/22/2013  Garrett Graham  Questionable  Hamstring
12/22/2013  J.J. Watt  Probable  Hand
12/22/2013  Andre Johnson  Probable  Wrist
12/22/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  T.J. Yates  Probable  Back
12/22/2013  Josh Victorian  Probable  Back
12/22/2013  Antonio Smith  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  DeVier Posey  Out  Ankle
12/22/2013  D.J. Swearinger  Probable  Foot
12/22/2013  Greg Jones  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Ankle
12/22/2013  Joe Mays  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  DeAndre Hopkins  Probable  Ankle
12/18/2013  Ben Tate  Injured-Reserve  Ribs
12/18/2013  Ben Tate  Injured-Reserve  Ribs
12/15/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Groin
12/15/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Wrist
12/15/2013  Johnathan Joseph  Probable  Groin
12/15/2013  Case Keenum  Probable  Left shoulder
12/15/2013  DeAndre Hopkins  Questionable  Ankle
12/15/2013  Garrett Graham  Questionable  Hamstring
12/15/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
12/15/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee
12/15/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Ribs
12/15/2013  T.J. Yates  Probable  Back
12/15/2013  Josh Victorian  Probable  Back
12/15/2013  Jeff Tarpinian  Probable  Groin
12/15/2013  D.J. Swearinger  Probable  Foot
12/15/2013  Joe Mays  Probable  Knee
12/15/2013  Kareem Jackson  Probable  Ribs
12/15/2013  Greg Jones  Probable  Knee
12/15/2013  Shiloh Keo  Probable  Illness
12/05/2013  Mike Mohamed  Probable  Hamstring
12/05/2013  Greg Jones  Questionable  Knee
12/05/2013  Whitney Mercilus  Probable  Hip
12/05/2013  Shiloh Keo  Probable  Neck
12/05/2013  Johnathan Joseph  Probable  Groin
12/05/2013  Chris Myers  Probable  Elbow
12/05/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Hamstring
12/05/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
12/05/2013  Jeff Tarpinian  Probable  Groin
12/05/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee
12/05/2013  Antonio Smith  Probable  Not injury related
12/05/2013  Joe Mays  Probable  Knee
12/05/2013  D.J. Swearinger  Probable  Foot
12/05/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Knee
12/05/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Ribs, ankle
12/05/2013  Kareem Jackson  Probable  Ribs
12/05/2013  Jawanza Starling  Probable  Foot
12/01/2013  Elbert Mack  Probable  Hamstring
12/01/2013  Mike Mohamed  Probable  Hamstring
12/01/2013  Brice McCain  Questionable  Hamstring
12/01/2013  Jawanza Starling  Out  Hamstring
12/01/2013  Matt Schaub  Probable  Not injury related
12/01/2013  Shiloh Keo  Probable  Neck
12/01/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Joe Mays  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Kareem Jackson  Questionable  Ribs
12/01/2013  Jeff Tarpinian  Probable  Groin
12/01/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Ribs
12/01/2013  Antonio Smith  Probable  Not injury related
12/01/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Back
11/24/2013  Elbert Mack  Out  Hamstring
11/24/2013  Joe Mays  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Cody White  Probable  Neck
11/24/2013  Jeff Tarpinian  Questionable  Groin
11/24/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee, elbow
11/24/2013  Duane Brown  Probable  Illness
11/24/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Questionable  Foot, toe, back
11/24/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Ribs, ankle, toe
11/24/2013  Kareem Jackson  Out  Ribs
11/24/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Ben Jones  Probable  Ankle
11/24/2013  Shiloh Keo  Probable  Achilles, hamstring
11/24/2013  Jawanza Starling  Out  Hamstring
11/24/2013  Mike Mohamed  Questionable  Hamstring
11/24/2013  Ryan Griffin  Probable  Concussion
11/24/2013  Chris Myers  Probable  Throat
11/24/2013  J.J. Watt  Probable  Back
11/24/2013  DeAndre Hopkins  Probable  Illness
11/17/2013  Kareem Jackson  Questionable  Chest
11/17/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Ribs
11/17/2013  DeVier Posey  Probable  Hip
11/17/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Hip
11/17/2013  Andrew Gardner  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Ryan Griffin  Out  Concussion
11/17/2013  Elbert Mack  Out  Hamstring, groin
11/17/2013  Brandon Brooks  Probable  Toe, knee
11/17/2013  Mike Mohamed  Questionable  Hamstring
11/17/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Foot, toe
11/17/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee, elbow
11/17/2013  Joe Mays  Questionable  Knee, abdomen
11/17/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Shane Lechler  Questionable  Illness
11/17/2013  Ben Jones  Probable  Chest
11/17/2013  Shiloh Keo  Probable  Achilles, hamstring
11/17/2013  J.J. Watt  Probable  Elbow
11/17/2013  Keshawn Martin  Probable  Shoulder
11/12/2013  Arian Foster  Injured-Reserve  Back
11/12/2013  Arian Foster  Injured-Reserve  Back
11/10/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
11/10/2013  Earl Mitchell  Probable  Knee
11/10/2013  Shiloh Keo  Probable  Ankle
11/10/2013  Mike Mohamed  Out  Hamstring
11/10/2013  Garrett Graham  Probable  Thigh
11/10/2013  Brandon Brooks  Probable  Foot
11/10/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee, elbow
11/10/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Ribs
11/10/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Hip
11/10/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Foot, toe
11/10/2013  Arian Foster  Out  Back
11/10/2013  Andrew Gardner  Probable  Knee
11/10/2013  Keshawn Martin  Probable  Shoulder
11/03/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Knee
11/03/2013  Matt Schaub  Probable  Ankle
11/03/2013  Keshawn Martin  Probable  Shoulder
11/03/2013  Arian Foster  Questionable  Hamstring
11/03/2013  Shiloh Keo  Probable  Achilles
11/03/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
11/03/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Foot, toe
11/03/2013  Brandon Brooks  Probable  Toe
11/03/2013  Duane Brown  Probable  Toe
11/03/2013  DeVier Posey  Probable  Calf
11/03/2013  Eddie Pleasant  Probable  Toe
11/03/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee, elbow
11/03/2013  Earl Mitchell  Probable  Knee
11/03/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Ribs
10/28/2013  Brian Cushing  Injured-Reserve  Torn left ACL
10/28/2013  Brian Cushing  Injured-Reserve  Torn left ACL
10/20/2013  Matt Schaub  Out  Ankle, foot
10/20/2013  DeVier Posey  Probable  Achilles
10/20/2013  Tim Dobbins  Out  Hamstring
10/20/2013  Greg Jones  Probable  Ankle, illness
10/20/2013  Duane Brown  Probable  Toe
10/20/2013  Arian Foster  Probable  Thumb, chest, hamstring
10/20/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Keshawn Martin  Probable  Shoulder
10/20/2013  Chris Myers  Probable  Biceps
10/20/2013  Andre Johnson  Probable  Shin
10/20/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Brian Cushing  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Foot
10/20/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Elbow
10/20/2013  Brandon Brooks  Probable  Toe
10/20/2013  Eddie Pleasant  Probable  Toe
10/16/2013  Danieal Manning  Injured-Reserve  Right knee
10/16/2013  Danieal Manning  Injured-Reserve  Right knee
10/16/2013  A.J. Bouye  Injured-Reserve  Right hamstring
10/16/2013  A.J. Bouye  Injured-Reserve  Right hamstring
10/13/2013  Ed Reed  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  J.J. Watt  Probable  Nose
10/13/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  Keshawn Martin  Questionable  Shoulder
10/13/2013  Arian Foster  Probable  Thumb, chest
10/13/2013  Ryan Harris  Probable  Elbow
10/13/2013  Bryan Braman  Probable  Neck, knee
10/13/2013  Chris Myers  Probable  Biceps
10/13/2013  Andre Johnson  Questionable  Shin
10/13/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  Brian Cushing  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Elbow
10/13/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Foot
10/13/2013  Brandon Brooks  Probable  Toe
10/13/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  Eddie Pleasant  Probable  Ankle
10/13/2013  DeVier Posey  Probable  Achilles
10/13/2013  Duane Brown  Probable  Toe
10/13/2013  Antonio Smith  Probable  Quadriceps
10/13/2013  Tim Dobbins  Out  Hamstring
10/09/2013  Owen Daniels  Injured-Reserve (DFR)  Broken leg
10/09/2013  Owen Daniels  Injured-Reserve (DFR)  Broken leg
10/06/2013  Ed Reed  Probable  Hip, abdomen
10/06/2013  J.J. Watt  Probable  Groin, nose
10/06/2013  Bryan Braman  Probable  Hamstring, shoulder
10/06/2013  Garrett Graham  Probable  Hip, groin
10/06/2013  Chris Myers  Probable  Biceps
10/06/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Knee
10/06/2013  Andre Johnson  Questionable  Shin
10/06/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
10/06/2013  Brian Cushing  Probable  Concussion
10/06/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee
10/06/2013  Tim Dobbins  Out  Hamstring
10/06/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Foot, hip
10/06/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Shoulder
10/06/2013  Brandon Brooks  Out  Toe
10/06/2013  Eddie Pleasant  Probable  Hamstring
10/06/2013  DeVier Posey  Probable  Achilles
10/06/2013  Greg Jones  Probable  Foot, groin
10/06/2013  Duane Brown  Questionable  Toe
10/06/2013  Owen Daniels  Probable  Knee
10/06/2013  Arian Foster  Probable  Thumb, back
10/06/2013  Johnathan Joseph  Probable  Not injury related
09/29/2013  Garrett Graham  Probable  Hip, groin
09/29/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
09/29/2013  Kareem Jackson  Questionable  Illness
09/29/2013  Tim Dobbins  Out  Hamstring
09/29/2013  Matt Schaub  Probable  Ankle
09/29/2013  Duane Brown  Questionable  Toe
09/29/2013  Owen Daniels  Probable  Knee
09/29/2013  Arian Foster  Probable  Thumb
09/29/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Questionable  Hip, foot
09/29/2013  Eddie Pleasant  Probable  Hamstring
09/29/2013  Ed Reed  Probable  Hip
09/29/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Shoulder
09/29/2013  Johnathan Joseph  Questionable  Toe
09/29/2013  Andre Johnson  Questionable  Shin
09/29/2013  Chris Myers  Probable  Back
09/29/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Knee
09/29/2013  DeVier Posey  Probable  Achilles
09/29/2013  Brian Cushing  Probable  Knee, ankle
09/29/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee, calf
09/22/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee, calf, elbow
09/22/2013  Brian Cushing  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Owen Daniels  Probable  Not injury related
09/22/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Shoulder
09/22/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Hip
09/22/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Andre Johnson  Probable  Concussion, back
09/22/2013  Chris Myers  Probable  Back
09/22/2013  Garrett Graham  Questionable  Hip, groin
09/22/2013  Ed Reed  Questionable  Hip
09/22/2013  Arian Foster  Probable  Calf, chest, thumb
09/22/2013  Johnathan Joseph  Probable  Not injury related
09/22/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Joe Mays  Probable  Quadriceps
09/22/2013  DeVier Posey  Probable  Achilles, foot
09/22/2013  Duane Brown  Out  Toe
09/15/2013  DeVier Posey  Probable  Achilles
09/15/2013  Shiloh Keo  Probable  Achilles
09/15/2013  Chris Myers  Probable  Back
09/15/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Knee
09/15/2013  Ed Reed  Questionable  Hip
09/15/2013  Tim Jamison  Probable  Foot
09/15/2013  Garrett Graham  Probable  Hip
09/15/2013  Arian Foster  Probable  Calf
09/15/2013  J.J. Watt  Probable  Quadriceps
09/15/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
09/15/2013  Joe Mays  Probable  Quadriceps
09/15/2013  Ben Tate  Probable  Shoulder
09/15/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Probable  Concussion
09/15/2013  Brian Cushing  Probable  Knee
09/15/2013  Duane Brown  Probable  Ankle
09/15/2013  Brooks Reed  Probable  Back
09/15/2013  Derek Newton  Probable  Knee
09/15/2013  Owen Daniels  Probable  Back, groin
09/10/2013  David Quessenberry  Injured-Reserve  Foot
09/10/2013  David Quessenberry  Injured-Reserve  Foot
09/09/2013  Brice McCain  Probable  Knee
09/09/2013  Whitney Mercilus  Probable  Hamstring
09/09/2013  Ed Reed  Questionable  Hip
09/09/2013  Arian Foster  Probable  Calf
09/09/2013  A.J. Bouye  Probable  Knee
09/09/2013  Garrett Graham  Probable  Hip
09/09/2013  Wade Smith  Probable  Knee
09/09/2013  Darryl Sharpton  Out  Concussion
09/09/2013  Brian Cushing  Probable  Knee
09/09/2013  Eddie Pleasant  Probable  Knee
09/09/2013  DeVier Posey  Probable  Achilles
09/09/2013  Brooks Reed  Probable  Back
09/09/2013  DeAndre Hopkins  Probable  Concussion
09/09/2013  Sam Montgomery  Probable  Achilles
09/09/2013  David Quessenberry  Out  Foot
08/31/2013  Alan Bonner  Injured-Reserve  Hamstring
08/31/2013  Brennan Williams  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/31/2013  Trevardo Williams  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/31/2013  Alan Bonner  Injured-Reserve  Hamstring
08/31/2013  Trevardo Williams  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/31/2013  Brennan Williams  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/28/2013  David Hunter  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
08/28/2013  Mike Smith  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/28/2013  Mike Smith  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/28/2013  David Hunter  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
08/27/2013  Alec Lemon  Injured-Reserve  Right hamstring
08/27/2013  Alec Lemon  Injured-Reserve  Right hamstring
08/13/2013  Evan Frierson  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/13/2013  Evan Frierson  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/01/2013  Johnny Adams  Injured-Reserve  
08/01/2013  Johnny Adams  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
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