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Minnesota VikingsMinnesota Vikings

Date Player Status Injury
12/29/2013  Matt Asiata  Probable  Ankle
12/29/2013  Harrison Smith  Probable  Foot, groin
12/29/2013  Marcus Sherels  Probable  Shoulder
12/29/2013  Shaun Prater  Questionable  Ankle
12/29/2013  Chris Cook  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Cordarrelle Patterson  Probable  Chest
12/29/2013  Brandon Fusco  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Fred Evans  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Letroy Guion  Doubtful  Quadriceps
12/29/2013  Larry Dean  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Xavier Rhodes  Questionable  Ankle
12/29/2013  Toby Gerhart  Out  Hamstring
12/29/2013  Jerome Felton  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Adrian Peterson  Doubtful  Groin, foot
12/27/2013  Audie Cole  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
12/27/2013  Audie Cole  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
12/22/2013  Toby Gerhart  Probable  Hamstring
12/22/2013  John Carlson  Doubtful  Concussion
12/22/2013  Marcus Sherels  Probable  Shoulder
12/22/2013  Matt Asiata  Questionable  Ankle
12/22/2013  Chad Greenway  Probable  Wrist
12/22/2013  Cullen Loeffler  Probable  Hand
12/22/2013  Harrison Smith  Probable  Toe
12/22/2013  Chris Cook  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  Adrian Peterson  Questionable  Groin, foot
12/22/2013  Brandon Fusco  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  Larry Dean  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  Xavier Rhodes  Out  Ankle
12/21/2013  John Carlson  Injured-Reserve  Concussion
12/21/2013  John Carlson  Injured-Reserve  Concussion
12/15/2013  Larry Dean  Probable  Knee
12/15/2013  Chris Cook  Questionable  Knee
12/15/2013  Adrian Peterson  Questionable  Groin, foot
12/15/2013  John Carlson  Out  Concussion
12/15/2013  Xavier Rhodes  Out  Ankle
12/15/2013  Josh Robinson  Out  Chest
12/15/2013  Chad Greenway  Probable  Wrist
12/15/2013  Brandon Fusco  Doubtful  Knee
12/15/2013  Toby Gerhart  Questionable  Hamstring
12/14/2013  Josh Robinson  Injured-Reserve  Chest
12/14/2013  Josh Robinson  Injured-Reserve  Chest
12/09/2013  Kyle Rudolph  Injured-Reserve  Fractured left foot
12/09/2013  Kyle Rudolph  Injured-Reserve  Fractured left foot
12/08/2013  Josh Robinson  Out  Chest
12/08/2013  Chad Greenway  Probable  Wrist
12/08/2013  Matt Asiata  Probable  Shoulder
12/08/2013  Everson Griffen  Probable  Toe
12/08/2013  Jamarca Sanford  Questionable  Ankle
12/08/2013  Andrew Sendejo  Probable  Toe
12/08/2013  Jared Allen  Probable  Finger
12/08/2013  Kyle Rudolph  Out  Foot
12/08/2013  Fred Evans  Probable  Knee
12/08/2013  Adrian Peterson  Questionable  Groin
12/08/2013  Christian Ponder  Out  Concussion
12/08/2013  Larry Dean  Questionable  Knee
12/08/2013  Sharrif Floyd  Probable  Illness
12/01/2013  Kevin Williams  Probable  Quadriceps
12/01/2013  Matt Asiata  Probable  Shoulder
12/01/2013  Chad Greenway  Probable  Wrist
12/01/2013  Xavier Rhodes  Probable  Groin
12/01/2013  Andrew Sendejo  Probable  Foot
12/01/2013  Adrian Peterson  Probable  Groin
12/01/2013  Kyle Rudolph  Out  Foot
12/01/2013  Joe Webb  Probable  Concussion
12/01/2013  Brian Robison  Probable  Illness
12/01/2013  Fred Evans  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Josh Robinson  Out  Chest
11/24/2013  Chad Greenway  Probable  Wrist
11/24/2013  John Sullivan  Questionable  Concussion
11/24/2013  Erin Henderson  Out  Not injury related
11/24/2013  Fred Evans  Probable  Knee, shoulder
11/24/2013  Rhett Ellison  Probable  Ankle
11/24/2013  Adrian Peterson  Questionable  Groin
11/24/2013  Brian Robison  Questionable  Neck
11/24/2013  Letroy Guion  Probable  Chest
11/24/2013  Christian Ponder  Probable  Left shoulder
11/24/2013  Greg Jennings  Questionable  Achilles
11/24/2013  Matt Asiata  Probable  Shoulder
11/24/2013  Kyle Rudolph  Out  Foot
11/24/2013  Josh Robinson  Out  Chest
11/24/2013  Michael Mauti  Questionable  Knee
11/24/2013  Jared Allen  Probable  Back
11/17/2013  Letroy Guion  Out  Chest
11/17/2013  Charlie Johnson  Probable  Elbow, toe
11/17/2013  Adrian Peterson  Probable  Groin
11/17/2013  Jamarca Sanford  Probable  Groin
11/17/2013  Jerome Felton  Probable  Back
11/17/2013  Matt Asiata  Doubtful  Shoulder
11/17/2013  Rhett Ellison  Questionable  Ankle
11/17/2013  Kyle Rudolph  Out  Foot
11/17/2013  Chris Cook  Probable  Hamstring
11/17/2013  Phil Loadholt  Probable  Concussion
11/17/2013  Chad Greenway  Probable  Wrist
11/17/2013  Christian Ponder  Probable  Left shoulder
11/17/2013  Fred Evans  Questionable  Knee
11/17/2013  Erin Henderson  Probable  Illness
11/17/2013  Greg Jennings  Probable  Achilles
11/07/2013  Chris Cook  Out  Hip
11/07/2013  Phil Loadholt  Out  Concussion
11/07/2013  Kyle Rudolph  Out  Foot
11/07/2013  Jamarca Sanford  Out  Groin
11/07/2013  Xavier Rhodes  Probable  Shoulder
11/07/2013  Chad Greenway  Probable  Wrist
11/07/2013  Charlie Johnson  Doubtful  Elbow
11/07/2013  Josh Robinson  Probable  Chest
11/07/2013  Matt Asiata  Out  Shoulder
11/07/2013  Rhett Ellison  Questionable  Ankle
11/07/2013  Fred Evans  Out  Knee
11/07/2013  Letroy Guion  Out  Chest, knee
11/04/2013  Kyle Rudolph  Day-to-Day  Fractured left foot
11/03/2013  Phil Loadholt  Probable  Illness
11/03/2013  Blair Walsh  Probable  Left hamstring
11/03/2013  Matt Asiata  Out  Shoulder
11/03/2013  Jamarca Sanford  Out  Groin
11/03/2013  Kevin Williams  Probable  Knee
11/03/2013  Chris Cook  Out  Hip
11/03/2013  Adrian Peterson  Probable  Not injury related
11/03/2013  Rodney Smith  Probable  Hip
11/03/2013  A.J. Jefferson  Probable  Ankle
11/03/2013  Fred Evans  Out  Knee
11/03/2013  Rhett Ellison  Out  Ankle
11/03/2013  Greg Jennings  Probable  Knee
11/03/2013  Chad Greenway  Probable  Wrist
10/27/2013  Sharrif Floyd  Probable  Back
10/27/2013  Fred Evans  Questionable  Knee
10/27/2013  Jared Allen  Probable  Ankle
10/27/2013  A.J. Jefferson  Probable  Ankle
10/27/2013  Chad Greenway  Probable  Wrist
10/27/2013  Adrian Peterson  Probable  Hamstring
10/27/2013  Blair Walsh  Probable  Left hamstring
10/27/2013  Matt Kalil  Probable  Low back
10/27/2013  Matt Asiata  Out  Shoulder
10/27/2013  Rodney Smith  Out  Hip
10/27/2013  Jamarca Sanford  Questionable  Ankle
10/27/2013  Josh Freeman  Out  Concussion
10/27/2013  Kevin Williams  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Rhett Ellison  Out  Ankle
10/21/2013  Jarius Wright  Probable  Ankle
10/21/2013  A.J. Jefferson  Doubtful  Ankle
10/21/2013  Matt Kalil  Questionable  Low back
10/21/2013  Rhett Ellison  Probable  Knee
10/21/2013  Rodney Smith  Doubtful  Hip
10/21/2013  Adrian Peterson  Probable  Hamstring
10/21/2013  Blair Walsh  Probable  Left hamstring
10/21/2013  Christian Ponder  Probable  Rib
10/21/2013  Kevin Williams  Probable  Knee
10/21/2013  John Sullivan  Probable  Hand
10/21/2013  Jared Allen  Probable  Ankle
10/21/2013  Xavier Rhodes  Probable  Ankle
10/18/2013  Harrison Smith  Injured-Reserve (DFR)  Turf toe left foot
10/18/2013  Harrison Smith  Injured-Reserve (DFR)  Turf toe left foot
10/17/2013  Desmond Bishop  Injured-Reserve  Torn left ACL
10/17/2013  Desmond Bishop  Injured-Reserve  Torn left ACL
10/13/2013  Adrian Peterson  Probable  Not injury related
10/13/2013  Chris Cook  Probable  Groin
10/13/2013  Christian Ponder  Probable  Rib
10/13/2013  Joe Webb  Probable  Illness
10/13/2013  Rhett Ellison  Questionable  Knee
10/13/2013  Jamarca Sanford  Probable  Hamstring
10/13/2013  Kevin Williams  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  Blair Walsh  Questionable  Left hamstring
09/29/2013  A.J. Jefferson  Probable  Ankle
09/29/2013  Matt Asiata  Probable  Hamstring
09/29/2013  Jamarca Sanford  Out  Hamstring
09/29/2013  Rhett Ellison  Out  Knee
09/29/2013  Chris Cook  Out  Groin
09/29/2013  Erin Henderson  Probable  Heel
09/29/2013  Cullen Loeffler  Probable  Neck
09/29/2013  Kevin Williams  Probable  Knee
09/26/2013  Christian Ponder  Day-to-Day  Fractured rib
09/23/2013  Zach Line  Injured-Reserve  Knee
09/23/2013  Zach Line  Injured-Reserve  Knee
09/22/2013  Fred Evans  Probable  Shoulder
09/22/2013  Mistral Raymond  Probable  Shoulder
09/22/2013  Harrison Smith  Probable  Upper arm
09/22/2013  John Sullivan  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Erin Henderson  Probable  Heel
09/22/2013  Brandon Fusco  Probable  Shoulder
09/22/2013  Kevin Williams  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Phil Loadholt  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Rhett Ellison  Out  Knee
09/15/2013  Larry Dean  Probable  Shoulder
09/15/2013  Phil Loadholt  Probable  Knee
09/15/2013  Kevin Williams  Probable  Knee
09/15/2013  Mistral Raymond  Probable  Shoulder
09/15/2013  Josh Robinson  Probable  Quadriceps
09/15/2013  Erin Henderson  Probable  Heel
09/15/2013  John Sullivan  Probable  Knee
09/08/2013  Harrison Smith  Probable  Back
09/08/2013  Larry Dean  Probable  Shoulder
09/08/2013  Cordarrelle Patterson  Probable  Back
09/08/2013  Sharrif Floyd  Probable  Knee
09/08/2013  Kevin Williams  Out  Knee
09/08/2013  Phil Loadholt  Probable  Knee
09/08/2013  Mistral Raymond  Probable  Shoulder
09/08/2013  Letroy Guion  Probable  Finger
09/08/2013  Erin Henderson  Probable  Heel
09/08/2013  Chris Cook  Probable  Groin
09/08/2013  McLeod Bethel-Thompson  Probable  Illness
09/01/2013  Bobby Felder  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
09/01/2013  Bobby Felder  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
09/01/2013  D'Aundre Reed  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
09/01/2013  D'Aundre Reed  Injured-Reserve  Ankle
08/31/2013  Seth Olsen  Injured-Reserve  Concussion
08/31/2013  Seth Olsen  Injured-Reserve  Concussion
08/07/2013  Nathan Williams  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/07/2013  Nathan Williams  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
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