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New York JetsNew York Jets

Date Player Status Injury
12/29/2013  Sheldon Richardson  Probable  Finger, shoulder
12/29/2013  Nick Mangold  Probable  Toe
12/29/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Dawan Landry  Probable  Hand
12/29/2013  Santonio Holmes  Probable  Foot, hamstring
12/29/2013  Quinton Coples  Probable  Shoulder
12/29/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
12/29/2013  Demario Davis  Probable  Thumb
12/29/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
12/29/2013  Muhammad Wilkerson  Probable  Wrist
12/29/2013  Ed Reed  Probable  Not injury related
12/29/2013  Chris Ivory  Probable  Quadriceps, ankle
12/29/2013  Austin Howard  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Probable  Elbow
12/29/2013  Ellis Lankster  Questionable  Jaw
12/29/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee, illness
12/22/2013  Muhammad Wilkerson  Probable  Wrist
12/22/2013  Austin Howard  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  Santonio Holmes  Probable  Foot, hamstring
12/22/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
12/22/2013  Ellis Lankster  Probable  Jaw
12/22/2013  Sheldon Richardson  Probable  Wrist, finger
12/22/2013  Ed Reed  Probable  Not injury related
12/22/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Probable  Elbow
12/22/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Probable  Knee, elbow
12/22/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee
12/22/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
12/22/2013  Quinton Coples  Probable  Shoulder
12/22/2013  David Nelson  Probable  Ribs
12/15/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee
12/15/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
12/15/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Probable  Elbow
12/15/2013  David Nelson  Probable  Ribs
12/15/2013  Demario Davis  Probable  Thumb
12/15/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Questionable  Hip, concussion
12/15/2013  Santonio Holmes  Probable  Foot, hamstring
12/15/2013  Muhammad Wilkerson  Probable  Wrist
12/15/2013  Ed Reed  Probable  Not injury related
12/15/2013  Greg Salas  Probable  Finger
12/15/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Probable  Knee
12/13/2013  Stephen Hill  Injured-Reserve  Knee
12/13/2013  Stephen Hill  Injured-Reserve  Knee
12/08/2013  Willie Colon  Probable  Calf
12/08/2013  Muhammad Wilkerson  Probable  Wrist
12/08/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
12/08/2013  Chris Ivory  Probable  Ankle
12/08/2013  Santonio Holmes  Probable  Foot, hamstring
12/08/2013  Geno Smith  Probable  Right wrist
12/08/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Probable  Elbow
12/08/2013  Dee Milliner  Probable  Wrist
12/08/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Probable  Knee
12/08/2013  Greg Salas  Probable  Finger
12/08/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
12/08/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee
12/08/2013  Nick Mangold  Probable  Wrist
12/08/2013  Stephen Hill  Questionable  Knee
12/03/2013  Josh Cribbs  Injured-Reserve  Pectoral
12/03/2013  Josh Cribbs  Injured-Reserve  Pectoral
12/01/2013  Chris Ivory  Probable  Ankle
12/01/2013  Willie Colon  Probable  Calf
12/01/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Questionable  Hip
12/01/2013  Antonio Allen  Questionable  Illness
12/01/2013  Stephen Hill  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Dee Milliner  Probable  Wrist
12/01/2013  Nick Mangold  Probable  Wrist
12/01/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Questionable  Knee
12/01/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
12/01/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Questionable  Elbow
12/01/2013  Greg Salas  Probable  Finger
12/01/2013  Santonio Holmes  Questionable  Foot, hamstring
12/01/2013  Muhammad Wilkerson  Probable  Wrist
11/26/2013  Troy Davis  Injured-Reserve  Chest
11/26/2013  Troy Davis  Injured-Reserve  Chest
11/24/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
11/24/2013  Santonio Holmes  Probable  Foot, hamstring
11/24/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
11/24/2013  Greg Salas  Probable  Finger
11/24/2013  Willie Colon  Probable  Calf
11/24/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Doubtful  Knee
11/24/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Doubtful  Elbow
11/24/2013  David Garrard  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee
11/24/2013  David Nelson  Probable  Illness
11/24/2013  Stephen Hill  Probable  Knee
11/19/2013  Konrad Reuland  Injured-Reserve  Knee
11/19/2013  Konrad Reuland  Injured-Reserve  Knee
11/17/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Out  Elbow
11/17/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Alex Green  Probable  Hamstring
11/17/2013  Greg Salas  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Zach Sudfeld  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Antonio Allen  Probable  Concussion
11/17/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
11/17/2013  Darrin Walls  Probable  Shoulder
11/17/2013  Santonio Holmes  Probable  Foot, hamstring
11/17/2013  Calvin Pace  Probable  Hip
11/17/2013  Willie Colon  Probable  Calf
11/17/2013  Chris Ivory  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Jeff Cumberland  Probable  Concussion
11/17/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
11/17/2013  Stephen Hill  Probable  Foot, knee
11/17/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Out  Knee
11/17/2013  Josh Cribbs  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Leger Douzable  Probable  Illness
11/03/2013  Josh Cribbs  Probable  Knee
11/03/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
11/03/2013  Santonio Holmes  Out  Hamstring
11/03/2013  Jeff Cumberland  Questionable  Concussion
11/03/2013  Willie Colon  Questionable  Calf
11/03/2013  Konrad Reuland  Probable  Knee
11/03/2013  Greg Salas  Probable  Knee
11/03/2013  Stephen Hill  Probable  Foot
11/03/2013  Alex Green  Questionable  Hamstring
11/03/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
11/03/2013  Brian Winters  Probable  Ankle
11/03/2013  Antonio Allen  Probable  Finger
11/03/2013  Darrin Walls  Probable  Shoulder
11/03/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Day-to-Day  Elbow
11/03/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Probable  Illness
11/03/2013  David Nelson  Probable  Quadriceps
11/03/2013  Nick Mangold  Questionable  Ribs
11/03/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Quinton Coples  Probable  Ankle
10/27/2013  Antonio Allen  Probable  Groin, finger
10/27/2013  Nick Bellore  Probable  Thumb
10/27/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
10/27/2013  Jeff Cumberland  Probable  Hamstring
10/27/2013  Santonio Holmes  Out  Hamstring
10/27/2013  Darrin Walls  Probable  Shoulder
10/27/2013  Konrad Reuland  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Dee Milliner  Probable  Hamstring
10/27/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
10/27/2013  Nick Mangold  Questionable  Ribs
10/27/2013  David Nelson  Probable  Hamstring
10/27/2013  Greg Salas  Questionable  Knee
10/27/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Probable  Hamstring
10/27/2013  Josh Cribbs  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Greg Salas  Out  Knee
10/20/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Probable  Back
10/20/2013  Kyle Wilson  Probable  Concussion
10/20/2013  Chris Ivory  Probable  Hamstring
10/20/2013  Bilal Powell  Probable  Neck
10/20/2013  Santonio Holmes  Out  Foot, hamstring
10/20/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip, knee
10/20/2013  Darrin Walls  Probable  Shoulder
10/20/2013  David Nelson  Probable  Hamstring
10/20/2013  Quinton Coples  Probable  Ankle
10/20/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
10/20/2013  Jaiquawn Jarrett  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Dee Milliner  Probable  Hamstring
10/15/2013  Mike Goodson  Injured-Reserve  Knee
10/15/2013  Clyde Gates  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
10/15/2013  Clyde Gates  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
10/15/2013  Mike Goodson  Injured-Reserve  Knee
10/13/2013  Santonio Holmes  Out  Foot, hamstring
10/13/2013  Clyde Gates  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  David Nelson  Probable  Hamstring
10/13/2013  Sheldon Richardson  Probable  Shoulder
10/13/2013  Quinton Coples  Probable  Ankle
10/13/2013  Dee Milliner  Out  Hamstring
10/13/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Not injury related
10/13/2013  Kellen Winslow  Doubtful  Knee
10/13/2013  Jaiquawn Jarrett  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  Chris Ivory  Probable  Hamstring
10/13/2013  Oday Aboushi  Questionable  Knee
10/13/2013  Mike Goodson  Probable  Illness
10/13/2013  Darrin Walls  Probable  Shoulder
10/13/2013  Antonio Allen  Probable  Finger
10/13/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Questionable  Hip, knee
10/13/2013  Willie Colon  Probable  Knee
10/10/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Day-to-Day  Knee
10/09/2013  Antwan Barnes  Injured-Reserve  Knee
10/09/2013  Antwan Barnes  Injured-Reserve  Knee
10/07/2013  Stephen Hill  Probable  Concussion
10/07/2013  Kellen Winslow  Questionable  Knee
10/07/2013  Clyde Gates  Questionable  Knee
10/07/2013  Geno Smith  Probable  Ankle
10/07/2013  Oday Aboushi  Out  Knee
10/07/2013  Santonio Holmes  Out  Foot, hamstring
10/07/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
10/07/2013  Antonio Allen  Probable  Finger
10/07/2013  Quinton Coples  Probable  Ankle
10/07/2013  Chris Ivory  Probable  Hamstring
10/07/2013  Sheldon Richardson  Probable  Shoulder
10/07/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Probable  Shoulder
10/07/2013  Dee Milliner  Out  Hamstring
10/07/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
10/07/2013  Mike Goodson  Probable  Hamstring
10/07/2013  Darrin Walls  Probable  Shoulder
10/07/2013  Willie Colon  Probable  Elbow
10/03/2013  Santonio Holmes  Day-to-Day  Hamstring
09/29/2013  Geno Smith  Probable  Ankle
09/29/2013  Sheldon Richardson  Probable  Shoulder
09/29/2013  Dee Milliner  Out  Hamstring
09/29/2013  Chris Ivory  Out  Hamstring
09/29/2013  Oday Aboushi  Out  Knee
09/29/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
09/29/2013  Stephen Hill  Probable  Knee
09/29/2013  Santonio Holmes  Probable  Foot
09/29/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
09/29/2013  Clyde Gates  Probable  Knee
09/29/2013  Quinton Coples  Probable  Ankle
09/29/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee
09/29/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Probable  Shoulder
09/29/2013  Willie Colon  Probable  Elbow
09/22/2013  Stephen Hill  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Bilal Powell  Probable  Illness, shoulder
09/22/2013  Austin Howard  Probable  Ribs
09/22/2013  Oday Aboushi  Out  Knee
09/22/2013  Willie Colon  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
09/22/2013  Santonio Holmes  Probable  Foot
09/22/2013  Muhammad Wilkerson  Probable  Ankle
09/22/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
09/22/2013  Sheldon Richardson  Probable  Shoulder
09/22/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Geno Smith  Probable  Ankle
09/22/2013  Quinton Coples  Probable  Ankle
09/22/2013  Clyde Gates  Probable  Knee
09/22/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Probable  Concussion
09/14/2013  Mark Sanchez  Injured-Reserve (DFR)  Right shoulder
09/14/2013  Mark Sanchez  Injured-Reserve (DFR)  Right shoulder
09/12/2013  Nick Mangold  Probable  Elbow
09/12/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee
09/12/2013  Dee Milliner  Probable  Hip
09/12/2013  Stephen Hill  Probable  Knee
09/12/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Out  Concussion
09/12/2013  Quinton Coples  Out  Ankle
09/12/2013  Ben Ijalana  Probable  Knee
09/12/2013  Clyde Gates  Probable  Knee
09/12/2013  Damon Harrison  Probable  Knee
09/12/2013  Sheldon Richardson  Probable  Shoulder
09/12/2013  Garrett McIntyre  Probable  Ribs
09/12/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Probable  Back
09/12/2013  Santonio Holmes  Probable  Foot
09/12/2013  Willie Colon  Probable  Knee
09/12/2013  Jeff Cumberland  Probable  Chin
09/12/2013  Mark Sanchez  Out  Right shoulder
09/12/2013  Bilal Powell  Probable  Shoulder
09/12/2013  Nick Bellore  Probable  Oblique
09/12/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
09/12/2013  Chris Ivory  Probable  Thumb
09/12/2013  Geno Smith  Probable  Ankle
09/10/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Day-to-Day  Concussion
09/08/2013  Ben Ijalana  Probable  Knee
09/08/2013  David Harris  Probable  Hip
09/08/2013  Santonio Holmes  Questionable  Foot
09/08/2013  Damon Harrison  Probable  Knee
09/08/2013  Dee Milliner  Probable  Achilles
09/08/2013  Mark Sanchez  Out  Right shoulder
09/08/2013  Leger Douzable  Probable  Illness
09/08/2013  Geno Smith  Probable  Ankle
09/08/2013  Quinton Coples  Out  Ankle
09/08/2013  Kellen Winslow  Probable  Knee
09/08/2013  Nick Bellore  Probable  Oblique
09/08/2013  Brian Winters  Probable  Ankle
09/08/2013  Jeremy Kerley  Probable  Finger
09/08/2013  Vladimir Ducasse  Probable  Calf
09/08/2013  Clyde Gates  Probable  Shoulder
09/08/2013  Willie Colon  Probable  Knee, shoulder
09/08/2013  Antonio Cromartie  Probable  Hip
09/08/2013  Kenrick Ellis  Questionable  Back
09/08/2013  Ellis Lankster  Probable  Foot, hamstring
09/08/2013  Stephen Hill  Probable  Knee
09/08/2013  Matt Simms  Probable  Calf, oblique
09/01/2013  Josh Mauga  Injured-Reserve  Back
09/01/2013  Josh Mauga  Injured-Reserve  Back
08/21/2013  Lex Hilliard  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
08/21/2013  Lex Hilliard  Injured-Reserve  Shoulder
08/13/2013  John Griffin  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/13/2013  John Griffin  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/08/2013  Vidal Hazelton  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/08/2013  Vidal Hazelton  Injured-Reserve  Knee
08/06/2013  Marcus Davis  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/06/2013  Marcus Davis  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
07/27/2013  Aaron Berry  Injured-Reserve  Torn ACL
07/27/2013  Aaron Berry  Injured-Reserve  Torn ACL
07/24/2013  Thomas Mayo  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
07/24/2013  Thomas Mayo  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
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