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San Francisco 49ersSan Francisco 49ers

Date Player Status Injury
01/19/2014  Will Tukuafu  Questionable  Knee
01/19/2014  Dan Skuta  Probable  Foot
01/19/2014  Carlos Rogers  Questionable  Hamstring
01/19/2014  Jonathan Goodwin  Probable  Foot
01/19/2014  Frank Gore  Probable  Knee
01/19/2014  NaVorro Bowman  Probable  Wrist
01/19/2014  Ahmad Brooks  Probable  Illness
01/19/2014  Michael Crabtree  Probable  Wrist
01/19/2014  Demarcus Dobbs  Probable  Knee, shoulder
01/19/2014  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
01/12/2014  Michael Crabtree  Probable  Wrist
01/12/2014  NaVorro Bowman  Probable  Wrist
01/12/2014  Frank Gore  Probable  Knee
01/12/2014  Carlos Rogers  Questionable  Hamstring
01/12/2014  Demarcus Dobbs  Probable  Knee, shoulder
01/12/2014  Jonathan Goodwin  Probable  Not injury related
01/12/2014  Dan Skuta  Questionable  Foot
01/12/2014  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
01/05/2014  Jonathan Goodwin  Probable  Not injury related
01/05/2014  Frank Gore  Probable  Knee
01/05/2014  Mike Iupati  Probable  Knee
01/05/2014  Dan Skuta  Questionable  Foot
01/05/2014  NaVorro Bowman  Probable  Wrist
01/05/2014  Carlos Rogers  Questionable  Hamstring
01/05/2014  Michael Crabtree  Probable  Quadriceps
01/05/2014  Tarell Brown  Probable  Ribs
01/05/2014  Eric Wright  Questionable  Hamstring
01/05/2014  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
01/05/2014  Jon Baldwin  Probable  Illness
12/29/2013  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
12/29/2013  NaVorro Bowman  Probable  Wrist
12/29/2013  Kassim Osgood  Probable  Shin
12/29/2013  Mike Iupati  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Jonathan Goodwin  Probable  Not injury related
12/29/2013  Michael Crabtree  Probable  Wrist, ankle
12/29/2013  Dan Skuta  Questionable  Foot
12/29/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Knee
12/29/2013  Tarell Brown  Probable  Ribs
12/29/2013  Vance McDonald  Probable  Ankle
12/27/2013  Mario Manningham  Injured-Reserve  Left knee
12/27/2013  Mario Manningham  Injured-Reserve  Left knee
12/23/2013  Dan Skuta  Questionable  Foot
12/23/2013  Jonathan Goodwin  Probable  Not injury related
12/23/2013  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
12/23/2013  NaVorro Bowman  Probable  Wrist
12/23/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Ankle, knee
12/23/2013  Tarell Brown  Probable  Ribs
12/23/2013  Mike Iupati  Questionable  Knee
12/23/2013  Mario Manningham  Questionable  Illness, knee
12/23/2013  Michael Crabtree  Probable  Ankle, wrist
12/23/2013  Vance McDonald  Questionable  Ankle
12/18/2013  Bruce Miller  Injured-Reserve  Fractured scapula
12/18/2013  Bruce Miller  Injured-Reserve  Fractured scapula
12/15/2013  Michael Crabtree  Probable  Ankle
12/15/2013  Jon Baldwin  Probable  Shoulder
12/15/2013  Joe Staley  Probable  Knee
12/15/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Ankle
12/15/2013  Adam Snyder  Probable  Not injury related
12/15/2013  Ray McDonald  Probable  Ankle
12/15/2013  Tarell Brown  Questionable  Ribs
12/15/2013  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
12/15/2013  Aldon Smith  Probable  Shoulder
12/15/2013  Dan Skuta  Probable  Foot
12/15/2013  Craig Dahl  Probable  Ankle
12/15/2013  Mario Manningham  Questionable  Knee
12/15/2013  Vance McDonald  Questionable  Ankle
12/15/2013  Mike Iupati  Questionable  Knee
12/10/2013  Tank Carradine  Injured-Reserve  Knee
12/10/2013  Tank Carradine  Injured-Reserve  Knee
12/08/2013  Ray McDonald  Probable  Ankle
12/08/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Ankle
12/08/2013  Mike Iupati  Questionable  Knee
12/08/2013  Aldon Smith  Probable  Shoulder
12/08/2013  Vance McDonald  Questionable  Ankle
12/08/2013  Dan Skuta  Questionable  Foot
12/08/2013  Jon Baldwin  Questionable  Calf
12/08/2013  Mario Manningham  Questionable  Knee
12/08/2013  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
12/08/2013  NaVorro Bowman  Probable  Wrist
12/08/2013  Tarell Brown  Questionable  Ribs
12/08/2013  Garrett Celek  Probable  Hamstring
12/08/2013  Joe Staley  Questionable  Knee
12/01/2013  Dan Skuta  Probable  Foot
12/01/2013  Mario Manningham  Probable  Knee
12/01/2013  Aldon Smith  Questionable  Shoulder
12/01/2013  Ahmad Brooks  Questionable  Stinger
12/01/2013  Tarell Brown  Questionable  Ribs
12/01/2013  Ray McDonald  Questionable  Ankle
12/01/2013  Mike Iupati  Questionable  Knee
12/01/2013  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
12/01/2013  Quinton Patton  Questionable  Foot
12/01/2013  Garrett Celek  Questionable  Hamstring
12/01/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Ankle
12/01/2013  NaVorro Bowman  Probable  Knee, shoulder
11/25/2013  Mario Manningham  Questionable  Knee
11/25/2013  Dan Skuta  Probable  Foot
11/25/2013  Mike Iupati  Out  Knee
11/25/2013  Tarell Brown  Out  Ribs
11/25/2013  Ray McDonald  Questionable  Ankle
11/25/2013  Colin Kaepernick  Probable  Back
11/25/2013  Quinton Patton  Out  Foot
11/25/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Ankle
11/25/2013  Garrett Celek  Questionable  Hamstring
11/25/2013  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
11/25/2013  Quinton Dial  Probable  Ankle
11/17/2013  Tarell Brown  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Eric Reid  Questionable  Concussion
11/17/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Ankle
11/17/2013  Garrett Celek  Doubtful  Hamstring
11/17/2013  Ray McDonald  Out  Ankle
11/17/2013  Quinton Patton  Out  Foot
11/17/2013  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
11/17/2013  Mike Iupati  Probable  Knee
11/17/2013  Vernon Davis  Questionable  Concussion
11/17/2013  Bruce Miller  Questionable  Hamstring
11/17/2013  Mario Manningham  Questionable  Knee
11/17/2013  Quinton Dial  Probable  Ankle
11/17/2013  Dan Skuta  Questionable  Foot
11/17/2013  Andy Lee  Probable  Neck
11/10/2013  Kyle Williams  Probable  Knee
11/10/2013  Ray McDonald  Questionable  Biceps
11/10/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Ankle
11/10/2013  Ahmad Brooks  Questionable  Stinger
11/10/2013  Quinton Dial  Probable  Ankle
11/10/2013  Alex Boone  Probable  Shoulder
11/10/2013  Anthony Davis  Probable  Shoulder
11/10/2013  Justin Smith  Questionable  Shoulder
11/10/2013  Mike Iupati  Probable  Elbow
11/10/2013  Quinton Patton  Out  Foot
10/27/2013  Justin Smith  Questionable  Shoulder
10/27/2013  Ray McDonald  Questionable  Biceps
10/27/2013  Vernon Davis  Probable  Hamstring
10/27/2013  NaVorro Bowman  Probable  Wrist
10/27/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Ankle
10/27/2013  Patrick Willis  Probable  Groin
10/27/2013  Jon Baldwin  Questionable  Illness
10/27/2013  Alex Boone  Probable  Shoulder
10/27/2013  Kyle Williams  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Anthony Davis  Probable  Shoulder
10/27/2013  Quinton Patton  Out  Foot
10/27/2013  Colin Kaepernick  Probable  Foot
10/27/2013  Donte Whitner  Probable  Knee
10/27/2013  Carlos Rogers  Questionable  Knee
10/27/2013  Glenn Dorsey  Questionable  Hamstring
10/20/2013  Anthony Davis  Probable  Shoulder
10/20/2013  Justin Smith  Questionable  Shoulder
10/20/2013  Alex Boone  Probable  Shoulder
10/20/2013  Ray McDonald  Questionable  Biceps
10/20/2013  Glenn Dorsey  Questionable  Hamstring
10/20/2013  Eric Reid  Probable  Hip, ankle
10/20/2013  Colin Kaepernick  Probable  Foot
10/20/2013  Jon Baldwin  Questionable  Illness
10/20/2013  Tarell Brown  Probable  Knee
10/20/2013  Michael Wilhoite  Probable  Quadriceps, ankle
10/20/2013  Patrick Willis  Probable  Groin
10/20/2013  Ahmad Brooks  Probable  Not injury related
10/20/2013  Quinton Patton  Out  Foot
10/20/2013  Carlos Rogers  Questionable  Knee
10/20/2013  Vernon Davis  Probable  Hamstring
10/20/2013  Mike Iupati  Probable  Stinger
10/13/2013  Ray McDonald  Questionable  Biceps
10/13/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  Patrick Willis  Questionable  Groin
10/13/2013  Quinton Patton  Out  Foot
10/13/2013  Alex Boone  Questionable  Shoulder
10/13/2013  Carlos Rogers  Questionable  Knee
10/13/2013  Kyle Williams  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  Anthony Davis  Questionable  Shoulder
10/13/2013  Colin Kaepernick  Probable  Foot
10/13/2013  Joe Staley  Probable  Knee
10/13/2013  Vernon Davis  Probable  Hamstring
10/13/2013  Marlon Moore  Probable  Quadriceps
10/13/2013  Mike Iupati  Probable  Shoulder
10/13/2013  Justin Smith  Questionable  Shoulder
10/13/2013  Nnamdi Asomugha  Questionable  Knee
10/13/2013  Jonathan Goodwin  Questionable  Illness
10/06/2013  Joe Staley  Probable  Hamstring, ankle
10/06/2013  Mike Iupati  Probable  Shoulder
10/06/2013  Carlos Rogers  Questionable  Knee
10/06/2013  Kyle Williams  Probable  Knee
10/06/2013  Quinton Patton  Out  Foot
10/06/2013  Ray McDonald  Questionable  Ankle
10/06/2013  Nnamdi Asomugha  Questionable  Knee
10/06/2013  Patrick Willis  Questionable  Groin
10/06/2013  Demarcus Dobbs  Probable  Calf
10/06/2013  Justin Smith  Questionable  Shoulder
10/06/2013  Vernon Davis  Questionable  Hamstring
10/06/2013  Bruce Miller  Questionable  Quadriceps
10/06/2013  Anthony Davis  Questionable  Shoulder
09/26/2013  Carlos Rogers  Probable  Knee
09/26/2013  Patrick Willis  Questionable  Groin
09/26/2013  Vernon Davis  Questionable  Hamstring
09/26/2013  Mike Iupati  Probable  Shoulder
09/26/2013  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
09/26/2013  Jonathan Goodwin  Probable  Elbow
09/26/2013  Nnamdi Asomugha  Questionable  Knee
09/26/2013  Anthony Davis  Questionable  Shoulder
09/26/2013  NaVorro Bowman  Probable  Wrist
09/26/2013  Kyle Williams  Questionable  Rib, knee
09/26/2013  Frank Gore  Probable  Knee
09/26/2013  Bubba Ventrone  Questionable  Concussion
09/26/2013  Ray McDonald  Probable  Anlke
09/22/2013  Eric Reid  Questionable  Concussion
09/22/2013  NaVorro Bowman  Probable  Wrist
09/22/2013  Vernon Davis  Questionable  Hamstring
09/22/2013  Aldon Smith  Probable  Back
09/22/2013  Colin Kaepernick  Probable  Foot
09/22/2013  LaMichael James  Questionable  Knee
09/22/2013  Justin Smith  Probable  Shoulder
09/22/2013  Ray McDonald  Questionable  Ankle
09/22/2013  Mike Iupati  Probable  Shoulder
09/17/2013  Ian Williams  Injured-Reserve  Broken left ankle
09/17/2013  Ian Williams  Injured-Reserve  Broken left ankle
09/15/2013  LaMichael James  Questionable  Knee
09/11/2013  Will Tukuafu  Injured-Reserve  Knee
09/11/2013  Nick Moody  Injured-Reserve (DFR)  Hand
09/11/2013  Nick Moody  Injured-Reserve (DFR)  Hand
09/11/2013  Will Tukuafu  Injured-Reserve  Knee
09/08/2013  Nnamdi Asomugha  Questionable  Collarbone
09/08/2013  LaMichael James  Questionable  Knee
08/28/2013  Lamar Divens  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/28/2013  Lawrence Okoye  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/28/2013  Lawrence Okoye  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/28/2013  Lamar Divens  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
08/27/2013  Chris Culliver  Injured-Reserve  Torn ACL
08/27/2013  Chris Culliver  Injured-Reserve  Torn ACL
08/22/2013  Darcel McBath  Injured-Reserve  Left foot
08/22/2013  Darcel McBath  Injured-Reserve  Left foot
07/31/2013  Darius Fleming  Injured-Reserve  Torn ACL
07/31/2013  Darius Fleming  Injured-Reserve  Torn ACL
06/19/2013  Brandon Carswell  Injured-Reserve  Torn right ACL
06/19/2013  Brandon Carswell  Injured-Reserve  Torn right ACL
06/11/2013  Alex Debniak  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
06/11/2013  Alex Debniak  Injured-Reserve  Undisclosed
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