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Stay of prosecution

Joe Thornton won't face charges in nightclub fight

Posted: Tuesday August 12, 2003 12:24 PM

ST. THOMAS, Ontario (AP) -- A prosecutor said Tuesday that criminal charges against Boston Bruins star Joe Thornton in connection with a May 17 bar fight would be stayed.

Crown lawyer Kevin Gowdey announced at a court hearing he would not be pursuing the case against the Bruins captain in return for Thornton apologizing to the parties involved and beginning a "significant period of community service."

Thornton was accused of hitting two police officers after coming to the aid of his brother, John Thornton, and had faced two charges of assaulting police and one of obstructing justice.

The prosecution will continue its case against John Thornton, charged with obstructing police and failing to leave the premises. The court set an arraignment hearing for Sept. 17.

The Thorntons did not appear in court on Tuesday.

Prosecutors have one year to obtain more evidence that would allow them to revive their case against Joe Thornton.

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