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How far will the Stars go?

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Posted: Friday April 30, 1999 01:32 AM

  The Stars' Joe Nieuwendyk raises his arms after scoring the overtime goal to clinch the series at 4-0. AP

CNN/SI asked users how far the Dallas Stars would go in the playoffs. Here are selected responses:

Dallas may be the top seed, but how often do top seeds win in the Stanley Cup? A few years ago, before Detroit won the Cup, they too had the best seed and won the President's Trophy. However, they were not able to take the Cup home to Detroit. I see Dallas as a great team, but I don't think that they will have what it takes to win the Cup. Everyone must really look at which teams peak during the playoffs. As we all know, it is a totally different level during playoffs.
-- Richard Williams, Chicago, Illinois

They will win the Cup this year. They are strong in every respect. Many say that the regular season does not mean anything. But it does a lot. They have got home-ice advantage all the way. It becomes a huge advantage especially in the Final. They already have got plenty of playoff experiences. They were upset by the young Oilers two years ago. Last year they came short in the series against the defending Champion. But this year they will go all the way.
-- Nobuaki Suyama, Melbourne, Australia

Until they meet up with the two-time Stanley Cup Champ Detroit Red Wings. Wings in six!
-- Joshua Armantrout, Cheboygan, MI

The regular season means nothing. Most of you know it, and I know that Detroit does. Once again, the Red Wings cannot be stopped in the playoffs. Their regular season record is not indicative of their power. The team realizes that the only thing that matters is playing for Lord Stanley, not compliing pointless victories during the season like Dallas.
-- Steve McCullough, Notre Dame, Indiana

The Stars are going all the way this year. They have the defense, the netminder, and the firepower. Most importantly, they are healthy and focused.
-- James Wells, Galveston, Texas

The Stars will take the cup, and here's why: The Wings and the Avs are heading toward a second round meeting. Those two teams hate each other passionately. The series between these two will leave the winner tired and sore, and easy pickings for the Stars. Also, the Stars can beat any team in the East.
-- Andrew Doyle, Dallas, Texas

The Stars will make it to the conference finals, but will lose to the winner of the Colorado/Detroit series. The Stars are an excellent team, but do not have the depth or overall skill of either Detroit or Colorado.
-- Peter Holland, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I feel that the Stars will make it into the Conference Finals, but will lose to Detroit who has had the upper hand each of the last two years. Detroit has more playoff experienced players compared to Dallas.
-- Jim Kelley, Marquette, Michigan

The Stars will go as far as Joe Nieuwendyk's knees, Ed Belfour's goaltending, and Derian Hatcher's temper. If the Stars can maintain a consistent power play throughout the playoffs then they will be the team to beat.
-- Joseph Mauriello, Dallas, Texas

Dallas in my opinion is going to be going to the Sanley Cup Finals, but are not going to win the cup because they will be stopped by Toronto, Ottawa, or Buffalo.
-- Dave McPherson, Courtenay, British Columbia

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