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Dallas Stars Playoff History
Overall Record: 129-118
Stanley Cup Championships: 1999
Year  Opponent  Res.  Round 
2000  def. Edmonton  4-1  1st round 
   def. San Jose  4-1  2nd round 
   def. Colorado  4-3  Conf. finals 
   lost to New Jersey  4-2  Cup finals 
1999   def. Edmonton   4-0   1st round  
   def. St. Louis   4-2   2nd round  
   def. Colorado   4-3   Conf. finals  
   def. Buffalo   4-2   Cup finals  
1998  def. San Jose  4-2  1st round 
   def. Edmonton  4-1  2nd round 
   lost to Detroit  4-2  Conf. finals 
1997  lost to Edmonton  4-3  1st round 
1995  lost to Detroit  4-1  1st round 
1994  def. St. Louis  4-0  1st round 
   lost to Vancouver  4-1  2nd round 
1992  lost to Detroit  4-3  1st round 
1991  def. Chicago  4-2  1st round 
   def. St. Louis  4-2  2nd round  
   def. Edmonton  4-1  Conf. finals 
   lost to Pittsburgh  4-2  Cup finals 
1990  lost to Chicago  4-3  1st round 
1989  lost to St. Louis  4-1  1st round 
1986  lost to St. Louis  3-2  1st round 
1985  def. St. Louis  3-0  1st round 
   lost to Chicago  4-2  2nd round 
1984  def. Chicago  3-2  1st round 
   def. St. Louis  4-3  2nd round 
   lost to Edmonton  4-0  Conf. finals 
1983  def. Toronto  3-1  1st round 
   lost to Chicago  4-1  2nd round 
1982  lost to Chicago  3-1  1st round 
1981  def. Boston  3-0  1st round 
   def. Buffalo  4-1  quarterfinals 
   def. Calgary  4-2  semifinals 
   lost to N.Y. Islanders  4-1  Cup finals 
1980  def. Toronto  3-0  1st round 
   def. Montreal  4-3  quarterfinals 
   lost to Philadelphia  4-1  semifinals 
1977  lost to Buffalo  2-0  1st round 
1973  lost to Philadelphia  4-2  quarterfinals 
1972  lost to St. Louis  4-3  quarterfinals 
1971  def. St. Louis  4-2  quarterfinals 
   lost to Montreal  4-2  semifinals 
1970  lost to St. Louis  4-2  quarterfinals 
1968  def. Los Angeles  4-3  quarterfinals 
   lost to St. Louis  4-3  semifinals 

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