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React: Rising Stars

Users cheer Hull's strong performance in Game Two

Posted: Friday June 02, 2000 04:15 PM

  Game 1 was a nightmare, but Game 2 was typical Belfour. AP asked users to give us their thoughts of Game Two of the Stanley Cup finals. A sampling of the responses follows:

The stars have proven once again what makes a champion. They can forget Game One and move on to win this series. They were due a bad night after beating the real No. 2 team in the NHL in the previous series (CO). The Western Conference Championship was the real final.
John Stewart, Carmel, Ind.

You know, it's really hard to believe that there is this much of a fuss being raised about Belfour's game play. I mean, the man has one awful game and his "miraculous comeback" is seemingly paralleled to a rookie who just figured out how his stick worked. Remember (how could you forget?) when Belfour made that 10 yd. leap outside of his goal to capture a puck, dropping his stick and all in the process? Dumb move, eh? Well, look at it this way...after the recovery, was Belfour in the back of the net crying or cursing (insert allusion to Roy here)? No way! The eagle was laughing, unfazed, and continued with an outstanding game. This is the precisely difference between the Stars and any other team in the league...their attitude. There's no heroic struggle, no hype, and no outstanding personal character...just great hockey. No injury has ever been the cause of a loss, and no one player has ever been the cause of a win. Sure, they do some crazy things sometimes, and take some cheap shots, but when they play, they play to win, and when they get sent to the box, they don't complain and have fun screwing around with the camera. Belfour is obviously the better of the two goalies, so let's stop trying to portray Brodeur as his athletic equal, and focus on the real issues, like why are the Devils even in the finals?!
Raz Khandpur, Plano, Texas

I thought Belfour was more lucky than good.
Phil, Victoria, B.C.

You've got to hand it to Ken Hitchcock, Brett Hull, and Eddie Belfour. The three have intensity to spare, and know how to keep their mouths shut when they need to. If they can win the next two games in Dallas, you can bet they'll win the Stanley Cup.
Craig Siefert, Lewisville, Texas

Why do all the commentators talk about Belfour like he's a god? He's a big guy that parks in front of the net and plays a butterfly technique. The majority of the shots he stop he doesn't see. He's playing percentages. Unfortunately for the Devils (and the Avs) they aren't able to get the puck in the air to get over Belfour. All of the praise for Belfour needs to be re-directed to the rest of the Stars team. They are the ones that are clearing rebounds and tieing up the opposing team so they can't get the clean shot. Get over the hero worship of Belfour he doesn't deserve it. Dallas is notorious for putting the opposing goalie "in play", let's see how Eddie does after he's taken a few checks. Let's not forget that Dallas stole the cup in 99, they didn't win it!!! In the crease = NO GOAL!
Adam, Des Moines, Iowa

The Stars overall were the main factor in game two. Better offense, better defense and mostly Belfour playing at the level we are used to seeing. The Devils have earned their right to play for the cup, but the Stars will take the series in 6.
Jason W. Groat, Miles, Texas

Well the Stars definitely played better than they did in game 1, but their offense still needs a boost. They are the Stanley Cup Champions, and they will be again.
Mark D. Camp, Austin, Texas

So much for the "run and gun" west vs. the boring east. I still think the Devils match up better against Dallas than the Avs, but last night made me really wish Joe Sakic had 2 or 3 goals against Dallas. Devs-Avs would have been great to watch. Game 2 was painful to watch (and yes I would have said the same had the Devs won), the clutching and grabbing kills the game, not hard hits. Even on Mogilny's goal Gomez was practically hog-tied. Bottom line though - Marty has to be sharp for all three periods, and if Dallas plays that ugly in Dallas, don't expect the Devs to miss as many opportunities again. This could be a long one....
Keenan Phelan, Paterson, N.J.

This was a hard series to call. Dallas is notorious for starting slow and then adapting to the challenges of a given team. Game 1 was (ridiculously) slow, and now game 2 will define the rest of the Finals. It's boring, but it works - Dallas clamps down with defense (e.g., their awesome PK's) and then patiently waits for opportunities.

It's "The Eddie Show" again, causing frustration for the Devils (e.g., McKay) just like he did the Avs - and is likely to continue (no more 'medication' or tonic or whatever it was for him!). Dallas controlled the climate of this game and even though NJ will put up a good fight, will not stop. West is best: Stars in 7.
Wes Schultz, Woodland, Calif.

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