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Preseason Schedule

Wednesday September 13

Vancouver vs. MoDo, at Stockholm, Sweden (Globe Arena), 1:30 PM

Thursday September 14

Los Angeles at Phoenix, 2:00 PM
NY Islanders vs. Philadelphia, at Trenton, N.J. (Sovereign Bank Arena), 7:00 PM
Calgary at Montreal, 7:30 PM
Edmonton at Toronto, 7:30 PM
Dallas at Colorado, 9:00 PM

Friday September 15

Vancouver vs. AIK or Djurgarden, at Stockholm, Sweden (Globe Arena), 1:30 PM
Florida vs. Ottawa, at Halifax, N.S. (Halifax Metro Centre), 6:00 PM
Boston vs. Washington, at Portland, Maine (Cumberland County Civic Center), 7:00 PM
NY Islanders at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM
Columbus at Pittsburgh, 7:30 PM
Chicago at St. Louis, 8:00 PM
Phoenix vs. San Jose, at Oakland, Calif. (The Arena In Oakland), 10:00 PM

Saturday September 16

NY Rangers at Philadelphia, 3:00 PM
Boston at Buffalo, 6:00 PM
Edmonton at Ottawa, 7:00 PM
New Jersey vs. Pittsburgh, at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (First Union Arena), 7:00 PM
Tampa Bay vs. Carolina, at Ft. Myers, Fla. (TECO Arena), 7:30 PM
St. Louis at Dallas, 8:00 PM
Nashville vs. Atlanta, at Southhaven, Miss. (DeSoto County Civic Center), 8:30 PM
Los Angeles at Colorado, 9:00 PM
Anaheim at San Jose, 10:30 PM

Sunday September 17

Boston at Montreal, 5:00 PM
Carolina at Tampa Bay, 6:00 PM
Nashville vs. Columbus, at Dayton, Ohio (Ervin J. Nutter Center), 6:00 PM
New Jersey at Detroit, 7:00 PM
Colorado at Phoenix, 7:00 PM
Calgary at Toronto, 7:30 PM
Buffalo at Chicago, 8:00 PM
Anaheim at Los Angeles, 8:00 PM

Monday September 18

Calgary at Ottawa, 7:00 PM
Phoenix at Anaheim, 10:30 PM

Tuesday September 19

Philadelphia at NY Rangers, 7:00 PM
Washington at Tampa Bay, 7:00 PM
Edmonton at Montreal, 7:30 PM
Vancouver at Toronto, 7:30 PM
Pittsburgh at Detroit, 7:30 PM
Boston vs. New Jersey, at Albany, N.Y. (Pepsi Arena), 7:30 PM
Florida vs. Carolina, at Ft. Myers, Fla. (TECO Arena), 7:30 PM
Nashville at St. Louis, 8:00 PM
San Jose vs. Minnesota, at Portland, Ore. (Rose Garden), 10:00 PM

Wednesday September 20

Chicago at Buffalo, 7:00 PM
Detroit at Columbus, 7:00 PM
Vancouver at Montreal, 7:30 PM
New Jersey at NY Islanders, 7:30 PM
Carolina at Florida, 7:30 PM
Dallas at Phoenix, 10:00 PM
Minnesota at Anaheim, 10:30 PM

Thursday September 21

Washington at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM
Florida at Tampa Bay, 7:00 PM
Boston at Detroit, 7:30 PM
NY Rangers at Atlanta, 7:30 PM
Colorado vs. Pittsburgh, at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (First Union Arena), 7:30 PM
Toronto at Edmonton, 9:00 PM

Friday September 22

Vancouver at Ottawa, 7:00 PM
Boston at Florida, 7:30 PM
Buffalo vs. Columbus, at Syracuse, N.Y. (Onondaga County War Memorial), 7:30 PM
St. Louis at Chicago, 8:30 PM
Phoenix at Dallas, 8:30 PM
Toronto at Calgary, 9:00 PM
Los Angeles at Anaheim, 10:30 PM

Saturday September 23

Vancouver vs. Minnesota, at Winnipeg, Man. (Winnipeg Arena), 5:00 PM
Carolina at Atlanta, 7:00 PM
Pittsburgh vs. Colorado, at Hershey, Pa. (Hersheypark Arena), 7:00 PM
NY Islanders vs. Washington, at Richmond, Va. (Richmond Coliseum), 7:00 PM
Philadelphia at New Jersey, 7:30 PM
Columbus vs. Buffalo, at Rochester, N.Y. (Blue Cross Arena), 7:30 PM
Chicago at Nashville, 8:00 PM
NY Rangers at Dallas, 8:30 PM
San Jose vs. Los Angeles, at Bakersfield, Calif. (Bakersfield Centennial Garden), 10:00 PM

Sunday September 24

Atlanta vs. St. Louis, at Lincoln, Neb. (Ice Box), 3:00 PM
Toronto at Vancouver, 4:00 PM
Detroit at Pittsburgh, 7:30 PM
San Jose at Anaheim, 8:00 PM
Ottawa at Calgary, 8:00 PM
Minnesota at Chicago, 8:00 PM

Monday September 25

New Jersey at NY Rangers, 7:00 PM
Dallas at St. Louis, 8:00 PM
Ottawa at Edmonton, 9:00 PM

Tuesday September 26

Atlanta at Nashville, 11:30 AM
NY Rangers at Columbus, 7:00 PM
Dallas at Detroit, 7:30 PM
Tampa Bay vs. Florida, at Ft. Myers, Fla. (TECO Arena), 7:30 PM
Montreal at Calgary, 9:00 PM
Minnesota at Vancouver, 10:00 PM
Phoenix at Los Angeles, 10:30 PM

Wednesday September 27

New Jersey at Philadelphia, 7:00 PM
Pittsburgh at Columbus, 7:00 PM
Washington at Carolina, 7:00 PM
Buffalo at Toronto, 7:30 PM
Phoenix at Colorado, 9:00 PM
Montreal at Edmonton, 9:00 PM
Ottawa at Vancouver, 10:00 PM
Minnesota at San Jose, 10:30 PM

Thursday September 28

Florida at Boston, 7:00 PM
Toronto at Detroit, 7:30 PM
NY Rangers at New Jersey, 7:30 PM
Colorado at Dallas, 8:30 PM
Montreal at Vancouver, 10:00 PM

Friday September 29

Atlanta at NY Rangers, 7:00 PM
Washington vs. Buffalo, at Erie, Pa. (Erie Civic Center), 7:00 PM
Florida vs. Columbus, at Cincinnati, Ohio (Cincinnati Gardens), 7:00 PM
Pittsburgh vs. Boston, at Providence, R.I. (Providence Civic Center), 7:30 PM
Nashville at Chicago, 8:30 PM
Anaheim at Minnesota, 8:00 PM
Calgary at Edmonton, 9:00 PM
Los Angeles at San Jose, 10:30 PM

Saturday September 30

Buffalo at Boston, 7:00 PM
Ottawa at Montreal, 7:00 PM
Philadelphia at Washington, 7:00 PM
Atlanta at Carolina, 7:00 PM
Columbus vs. Florida, at Louisville, Ky. (Freedom Hall), 7:00 PM
Detroit at Dallas, 8:00 PM
St. Louis at Nashville, 8:00 PM
Anaheim at Phoenix, 8:00 PM
Edmonton at Calgary, 9:00 PM
Colorado vs. Los Angeles, at Las Vegas, Nev. (MGM Grand), 10:30 PM

Sunday October 1

NY Islanders vs. NY Rangers, at Hartford, Conn. (Hartford Civic Center), 1:00 PM
St. Louis at Atlanta, 5:00 PM
Chicago at Minnesota, 6:00 PM
Montreal at Ottawa, 7:00 PM
Detroit vs. Toronto, at Hamilton, Ont. (Copps Coliseum), 7:00 PM

Monday October 2

NY Islanders at New Jersey, 7:30 PM

Tuesday October 3

Carolina at Washington, 7:00 PM

All times EDT

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