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NHL Power Rankings

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Latest: Wednesday October 04, 2000 12:50 PM


By Kostya Kennedy, Sports Illustrated

Welcome to the first edition of Kostya Kennedy's world famous power rankings. Never have the opposite qualities of reverence and irreverence been so seamlessly intertwined. Check in each week to see what we have to say about your team.

Click here to send a question or comment. Power Rankings
1-- Dallas Stars
Healthier and hungrier than last season.
2-- Colorado Avalanche
Roy's last week as a mortal; he has been itching to play since August.
3-- St. Louis Blues
Insight of the week: That Pronger guy can play.
4-- New Jersey Devils
No Niedermayer, no Arnott and a Cup hangover -- they're still the best in the East.
5-- Toronto Maple Leafs
Put your hands together for the Roberts and Corson show!
6-- Detroit Red Wings
They may be old, but this is Week 1. They're not tired yet.
7-- Buffalo Sabres
This season, Dominik will lick his groin injury and return to form.
8-- Philadelphia Flyers
Ehhh-ric. Ehh-ric. Has anyone seen Eric? Where's Eric?
9-- Washington Capitals
So, after the AOL-Time Warner merger, do the Caps and Thrashers merge too?
10-- Florida Panthers
A second season of Pavel under the sun.
11-- New York Rangers
Mets, Yanks in playoffs? Jets, Giants a combined 7-2? Who cares, Mess is back!
12-- San Jose Sharks
Must get Owen Nolan signed soon to move into top 10.
13-- Edmonton Oilers
Sla-aats. Sla-aats. Has anybody seen Slats? Where's Slats?
14-- Ottawa Senators
When Yashin takes the ice, what boos may come?
15-- Boston Bruins
A thin team, but it could surprise -- at least until somebody gets hurt.
16-- Los Angeles Kings
Best news of the preseason: Rob Blake has the C on again.
17-- Pittsburgh Penguins
They open in Tokyo but their hearts are in Prague.
18-- Phoenix Coyotes
Playing in the aura of the Great One.
19-- Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Kariya suspended for leveling a dirty blow? Now that's irony.
20-- Vancouver Canucks
Argument in Northwest nightclubs: Which twin bill is better, the Sedins or Nelson?
21-- Calgary Flames
Iginla and Bure could emerge among NHL's most dynamic duos.
22-- Carolina Hurricanes
Wizard of Oz skates into Raleigh.
23-- Montreal Canadiens
Can they build off late-season playoff drive?
24-- Tampa Bay Lightning
A young and hopeful squad.
25-- Chicago Blackhawks
New, offensive-minded coach Suhonen should at least make losing entertaining.
26-- New York Islanders
"Remember our heyday? Come on, you remember our heyday, don't you?"
27-- Atlanta Thrashers
You know they wish they had Tom Glavine on the wing.
28-- Nashville Predators
Still a novelty but need to start winning soon.
29-- Columbus Blue Jackets
What's a Blue Jacket? Does it bite?
30-- Minnesota Wild
"So what if we stink? Hockey's back!"

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