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NHL Power Rankings

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Posted: Tuesday December 19, 2000 5:05 PM


By Kostya Kennedy, Sports Illustrated

Welcome to another edition of Kostya Kennedy's World-Famous Power Rankings. Never have the opposite qualities of reverence and irreverence been so seamlessly intertwined. Check in each week to see what we have to say about your team.

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RankLast weekTeam
11 St. Louis Blues
Ladies and gentlemen, Pierre Turrrrrr-geon. He's having another stellar year as the Blues' only true sniper.
22 Colorado Avalanche
Trouble afoot? Defense looks vulnerable as Foote remains shelved with fractured heel.
33 San Jose Sharks
Now the defense is scoring, too? Have we mentioned that we LOVE this team?
44 New Jersey Devils
Heard at a Body Crunchers Anonymous meeting: Hi, my name is Scott Stevens. I like to go to Philadelphia and knock Flyers centers out of the game.
55 Dallas Stars
Franchise's Achilles' heel: Can't win at old home (Minnesota, that is).
67 Detroit Red Wings
A win in Colorado, a tie in St. Louis -- yes, they can still play with the big boys.
78 Ottawa Senators
Fattening up during soft stretch of schedule, as a good team will do.
86 Toronto Maple Leafs
Best goal differential (plus-33) in the East.
99 Vancouver Canucks
Mission: Feed Lachance. He's the only every-day Canuck who hasn't scored yet.
1011 Buffalo Sabres
Dumont, the former junior-hockey scoring machine, is transferring his skills to the NHL at age 22.
1110 Edmonton Oilers
One of those change-of-scenery deals: Lowe trades disappointing center Kilger to Habs for disappointing center Zholtok.
1212 Los Angeles Kings
A longshot, but certainly possible: Lucky Luc could reach 600 goals this season.
1313 Phoenix Coyotes
What, does Lemieux think these are playoff games?
1415 Philadelphia Flyers
Gettin' nasty under Bill Barber -- and lovin' it!
1517 Washington Capitals
Really tightening up defensively -- this could be team to watch in the new year.
1614 Pittsburgh Penguins
Just waitin' on a friend.
1716 New York Rangers
Leetch and Messier struggled on recent road trip and the whole team followed their lead.
1820 Boston Bruins
Can Lord Byron be a savior?
1921 Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Three straight wins under Charron was a nice run, but coaching change won't have significant long-term impact.
2018 Nashville Predators
Where'd that solid team from the beginning of the season go?
2119 Carolina Hurricanes
Knockout of Hasek was impressive, but then they come out flat against the Bruins.
2225 Calgary Flames
Look what happens to this team when Valeri Bure finally starts showing up.
2322 Atlanta Thrashers
An rhetorical question heard around the NHL: What's a Thrasher, anyway?
2423 Tampa Bay Lightning
If not for one lousy minute against the Ducks, might have had -- gasp! -- back-to-back road wins.
2524 Florida Panthers
Wake up, young man! Luongo gets brief demotion to minors.
2626 New York Islanders
Loss of Isbister, most painful blow yet.
2727 Chicago Blackhawks
We love Bob Probert. But playing on the first line?
2830 Minnesota Wild
Goalie Fernandez continues hot play by blanking old team -- the Stars, no less.
2929 Columbus Blue Jackets
Every expansion team needs a bright spot; this one's latest is Geoff Sanderson.
3028 Montreal Canadiens
Sale seems imminent (even after the delay announced Dec. 19); if so, another management shakeup could occur.

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