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Avs fans remember the heartbreakers looked at a few of the transactions that made Avlanche fans shout, "Say It Ain't So." Then we opened the mailbag and let users vent on those and other dirty deals from over the years. Here is a sampling of your reactions:

  Sandis Ozolinsh
Sandis Ozolinsh
Rick Stewart /Allsport

The dumbest trade the Avalanche ever made was getting rid of Sandis Ozolinsh.

They got nothing for him. They got Nolan Pratt. WOW. That was a gret deal. Pratt didn't even play in the Avs' Stanley Cup run this year.

In Ozolinsh they got rid of an young, fast defenseman and a rare thing in this league a defenseman that can quarterback the power play and score big goals when needed.
John Bertieri, Natrona Heights, Pa.

I think the worst trade that's ever been made was the Rob Blake deal. Now, I know the 'Lanche have a Cup, I've been saying all year that if the Avs get the Cup it'll be worth it. But watching all the guys hoist it and knowing that Deader and Miller weren't there almost brought tears to my eyes, that and seeing Ray hoist it, too.

Anyways, I think it's just something missing on this club. By watching the Avs play in the playoffs you could clearly see the loss of Deadmarsh, we didn't get in front of the net until later on in the series. And you could definitely see that the Avs bottom three defenseman weren't playing as good because Mills wasn't there. I think it was a very good trade, it was made purely for the intent of bringing Lord Stanley's Cup back to Denver, but I got the feeling something was missing. I'll have that for a while and I think my fellow Avs counterparts do as well.
Miller, Tacoma, Wash.

I think the loss of Uwe Krupp was no good for the Avs. If they still had him they would be just as deep as any team with their defensemen. Although he hasn't done much of anything with Detroit, he was an pretty good defender with the Avs.
Bill Caraway, Clarksville, Tenn.

Can't believe Adam Deadmarsh is gone from Colorado in the trade for Rob Blake. Blake is a great player that will greatly improve the team and hopefully will help get the Stanley Cup, but Adam's face was so familiar among other Avs that one would never think that he wouldn't be playing alongside Sakic and Forsberg anymore. He was the key in helping the Avs get the Cup in 1996, and although battling injuries this season, was still a force to be reckoned with. Maybe he isn't as good as in 1996, but looking at the Avs' roster and not finding his name is unusual and strange. Feels like the team lost a big part of its soul. Blake does look impressive, however. His presence would hopefully cut down on the number of shorthanded goals against the Avs during the season and the playoffs and boost up the penalty kill.
Nick, Minneapolis

I remember when the Colorado Avalanche traded away Mike Ricci to the San Jose Sharks for Shean Donovan and a draft pick, which the Avs would eventually use to pick winger Alex Tanguay. Tanguay had a pretty good rookie year, but could not fill the void left by Ricci, and Donovan left after a few dismal seasons. Since the Ricci trade, the Avs have been missing a lot of grit and toughness which they have never been able to recover.
David Heit, Englewood, Colo.

I played hockey at the Le Colisee is Quebec City. I was invloved in three Pee-Wee tournaments during my younger years. I had been a Nordiques fan, even owning a Gosselin away jersey and Quebec flag. When they moved to Colorado I was crushed and became a die hard Red Wings fan. Boo the Avs. Bring back the Nordiques to Quebec, a town filled with hockey fans.
Chris Freeman, Rochester, N.Y.

It was the Nords leaving Quebec to go to Colorado... Winning the Stanley Cup in their first year after a decade of las- place finishes is like pouring salt in an open wound. Colorado may have great fans, but who had to deal with the Big E draft hassles? Who developed all that first-round talent? And Red Wings/Avalanche just isn't Habs/Nords... And never will be.
Calvin Chow, Seattle

Well, when Colorado traded Sandis Ozolinsh for Nolan Pratt at the NHL Draft two years ago here in Calgary, that was a hard one to swallow. The only good thing was that they traded him to the East which means that they won't see much of him. That same summer, they traded Marc Denis to Columbus for a draft pick, at least they could of got someone good for him, maybe a Kevyn Adams or a few pucks and sticks.

If they don;t re-sign Joe Sakic(MVP) this year, something must be done with the management. He is the franchise player and no Avalanche fan would even want him somewhere like New York or Phoenix. Just give him the money he fully deserves like Detroit did to Yzerman
Ave Kalha, Calgary, Alberta

How about when the Nordiques left Quebec city after numerous HORRENDOUS seasons and won the cup that very year. Ever since they have been one of the top 3 teams in the NHL.
James, Victoria, British Columbia

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