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10 Questions

Andretti on Italian food, breakfast cereal and going fast

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Posted: Monday February 12, 2001 1:47 PM

  John Andretti John Andretti drives the No. 43 Cheerios Dodge for Petty Enterprises. Jonathan Ferrey/Allsport

John Andretti is the nephew of former Indy car great Mario Andretti and the godson of A.J. Foyt, and he runs a Winston Cup car for Richard Petty. This guy not only knows racing. He is racing. We sat down with him at Daytona International Speedway to see what else he knows.

1. Andretti. Italian. What's your favorite Italian food?

Gnocchi. With my grandmother's special meat sauce. It's a brown sauce. And nobody makes it like that. It's phenomenal. My wife makes it for me on special occasions. But it takes all day cause she home-makes the gnocchi and the sauce.

2. Give me an idea of how you feel after one of those meals.

Like the cat that swallowed the canary. Not only do you feel a little bit guilty 'cause you can't stop, but you feel pretty good, too.

3. What's the best thing to put on your Cheerios in the morning?


4. C'mon, that's a free plug. You have to give me more than that.

Yeah, thanks. But if you'd have said, 'What do you like on your milk in the morning?', I'd have said, 'Cheerios.' I'd have worked it in there somewhere, don't worry.

5. Anything else you like on your Cheerios and milk?

I like bananas. And Hamburger Helper and a little bit of Bisquick ... 'course you have to have some Chex. And Coca-Cola. That's the breakfast of champions. Or mine, anyway.

6. Tasty. Let's move on. What's the fastest you've ever gone in a street car, on the street?

Ohh. Sixty-five.

7. OK. What's the fastest you really ever did.

OK. Sixty-six.

8. How about the fastest you've ever been caught?

All right. Eighty-five. But I was on the brakes, so it wasn't that bad.

9. What's something someone does on the street that drives you nuts?

Being in front of me. I expect the speed limit, at least. If I see a guy coming and he wants to get by me, I let him by. Good for him. But if I come up behind someone, I'd hope they'd do the same for me. It's courtesy. Look in the mirror and be courteous.

10. Have you ever tried to teach some other driver a lesson on the street?

I brake-checked Jeff Burton going to school one day 'cause he was all over my back bumper. He was trying to make me mad -- and he did -- so I brake-checked him. Good thing he was behind me, 'cause if it was anyone else ... I really brake-checked him hard.

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