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Sneak Peek: All-Pro Football 2K8
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When EA purchased exclusive third-party video game rights for NFL teams and players, its competition was left out in the dark. At the time, 2K Sports' NFL2K series was considered by many fans the top dog over the Madden series. But without an NFL license, 2K was forced to back off football for several years. Now 2K is back with All-Pro Football 2K8 -- a game featuring former NFL greats playing on fictitious teams.

Will football fans embrace past NFL heroes and the new approach? We're not sure, but seeing John Elway back in action gives us a warm fuzzy. We were barely able digest the Broncos' new uniforms until they beat the Packers en route to back-to-back Super Bowl wins, so this blue and gray uniform is going to take some getting used to.
Photo: 2K Sports