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The Sports Illustrated Olympic Daily is published in Salt Lake City and available in event venues and on newsstands for 16 straight days during the 2002 Winter Games. Here are some sights and scenes from today’s edition.

Jim Craig    HOCKEY

Olympic Highlight: Gold medal goalie in 1980

  In the net for the Miracle men of 1980, Craig is now a 40-plus forward. Manny Millan

When people ask what he did after the Lake Placid Olympics, Craig knows a second question is probably not far behind. "What did I do with the flag?" Craig says. "Especially with the recent wave of patriotism in our country, everyone wants to know." Before the days of rehearsed, contrived and sometimes over-the-top flag dressing, Craig put a lump in the nation's throat when, after the USA's final victory, he stood draped in Old Glory as he scanned the stands and asked, "Where's my father?" For years Craig assumed the flag he took home that night from the dressing room and later gave to Pelle Lindbergh (the Sweden goalie who has since died) was the flag he had worn on the ice. Nearly 20 years later, however, an official with the Syracuse Crunch of the American Hockey League said that he had the real flag, then presented it to Craig and his family at the 1998 AHL All-Star Game in Syracuse. These days Craig, who was injured for much of his unspectacular four-year NHL career, serves as a market service consultant in Easton, Mass. He also plays forward in a 40-and-over no-checking league. Craig and his 1980 teammates made a visit to the White House after the Games but then went their separate ways. Last Friday night, however, the Miracle Men were reunited once again atop the south bleachers of Rice-Eccles Stadium, igniting the Olympic cauldron to kick off a new generation of Olympic dreams.

—Brian Cazeneuve