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The Sports Illustrated Olympic Daily is published in Salt Lake City and available in event venues and on newsstands for 16 straight days during the 2002 Winter Games. Here are some sights and scenes from today’s edition.

Rosi Mittermaier    ALPINE SKIING

Olympic Highlight: Two golds and one silver in 1976

  Mittermaier, a triple medalist in '76, is still Germany's golden girl. Sammy Minkoff
The German ski resort of Reit Im Winkl isn't much bigger than a snowball. It sits atop a mountain near the Austrian border, is home to 2,500 people and is known to the entire country for its stylish Hotel Rosi Mittermaier ( The heroine of the Innsbruck Games lives 45 miles away in the 1936 Olympic city of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (with husband, Christian Neureuther, himself a slalom skier on the '72, '76 and '80 German Olympic teams), but it was in Reit Im Winkl that Mittermaier skied to school from the home in which her 90-year-old father still lives, where her twin sister died at birth and where Rosi was nearly smothered when a goat jumped into her baby carriage. Winner of three world championships and 16 German titles, she became such a popular national figure that she was often mobbed. "If Rosi were a doll," one reporter wrote of the pawing Mittermaier endured from fans, "the stuffing would be coming out of her." After the Games she lent her name to a line of clothing, bought a ski company with her husband and recorded two albums of Bavarian folk songs with her younger sister, Evi. These days Rosi and Christian -- who have a daughter, Ameli, 20, and a son, Felix, 17, who skis for Germany's national Alpine C team -- are in Salt Lake City covering the Olympics for German TV. After the Games she will return to work on the foundation she started two years ago to aid children with rheumatism. "Imagine," she says, "that I, from so small a place, could have such a big life."

—Brian Cazeneuve