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The Sports Illustrated Olympic Daily is published in Salt Lake City and available in event venues and on newsstands for 16 straight days during the 2002 Winter Games. Here are some sights and scenes from today’s edition.

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2002

A convert to short track sets out to spread the gospel to nonbelievers
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Carol Heiss Jenkins
This American figure skater won the gold medal in 1960 and the silver medal in 1956
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Is Anni Another Anna?
Germany's Friesinger has two shots left to live up to the hype
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Krazy Koz
A rebel with a couple of causes -- personal happiness and a gold medal -- Kristina Koznick does things her way on and off the slopes
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  John Biever

Show Time
A star-studded lineup of entertainers and a daily supply of medal winners have pumped up Olympic Medals Plaza
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