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The basics

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Posted: Wednesday November 07, 2001 1:34 PM

Snowboarder Tricia Byrnes is one of the premier halfpipe riders in the world. She won early in her career, capturing the U.S. Open in 1992, and has continued to shine at big events, capturing silver at the 2000 World Championships. The 26-year-old native of Stratton Mountain, Vermont has 14 FIS World Cup wins in her career. Check out Byrnes' diary on as she trains for the 2002 Winter Games.

November 5, 2001

As a kid I always liked the idea of writing in my diary, the double top secret act of recording what amazing tasks I had achieved that day or listing who was the cutest or most popular in school. I also loved hiding it under lock and key in one of my many secret locations from my sometimes nosy brother and his gang of friends.

Throughout the years, I have continued to keep a diary or a journal of sorts and have often looked back and laughed at the most ridiculous ideas and smiled at the amazing places and people I have encountered. It is now my pleasure to share with you parts of the amazing life I am lucky to live. There will be no secret code to read my journal and hopefully there will not be the tedious "blah, blah, blahs" that have taken so much space in so many of my journals.

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Here we go...

First, the basics. My name is Tricia Byrnes and I am 26 years old. I have been snowboarding for 12 years and have been a member of the national team for four years. I love snowboarding and I feel so lucky to be able to do something that I love every day of my life.

I am hoping to become a member of the 2002 US Olympic snowboarding team and compete at the Olympics in Salt Lake. This summer I have been trying to get ready for the Olympic qualifiers and the season that lies ahead. I have spent my summer all over this country, training at Mt. Hood, a glacier in Woodward, Ore.; a gymnastic, skateboard and BMX camp in Pennsylvania; ski jumps and tramps in Park City, Utah. I have also spent a little time at home enjoying some time off snow while still working out at the local gym.

But everyday we are getting closer and closer to the season and the anticipation and the preparation are all going to have to come together. In two weeks, I will be back on snow, working on all the things I learned this summer and getting my last month of training in before the season begins. But for now I will enjoy my last weeks home, getting ready for the season, finishing board graphics and spending the last few hours for a long time with my family.

In these next few months I will write about my life as an Olympic hopeful; please feel free to e-mail me with questions and whatnot.

-- Tricia

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