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Life is never what you expect

Posted: Tuesday January 22, 2002 12:55 PM
Updated: Wednesday January 23, 2002 2:30 PM

Snowboarder Tricia Byrnes is one of the premier halfpipe riders in the world. She won early in her career, capturing the U.S. Open in 1992, and has continued to shine at big events, capturing silver at the 2000 World Championships. The 26-year-old native of Stratton Mountain, Vermont has 14 FIS World Cup wins in her career. Check out Byrnes' diary on as she trains for the 2002 Winter Games.

January 22, 2002

Life is one crazy ride. I have been in such a state of stress and drama for the past few weeks, hoping, praying, and definitely over analyzing the whole Olympic selection process. Right now, I am still not sure which way is up. It is now over, and I am so happy and excited to be chosen for the 2002 Olympic snowboarding team and also so relieved that the whole ordeal is over.

I am feeling very different then I thought I would. It has been a whole mix of emotions, excitement for myself, but also a sense of sorrow for Gretchen who also deserves to go, a little bit of anger over the unfairness of the whole process and the fact that the spot that Gretchen earned was basically given away. All this combined with the desire to get back out there and learn new tricks and get ready for the ride of my life.

That said, let me say that this has been my dream for so long, and I have worked hard to get here. Life is never what you expect even when you think you have no expectations. I am so happy to represent the U.S. and the sport of snowboarding at the biggest world-wide sporting event. I am so happy for my family because they are all so happy and so touched by the tons of calls and e-mails I have gotten from my family and friends. It has been so nice to feel the kind of love and support I am lucky enough to have and to feel like my dreams have affected so many people, and so many people I admire and love. So this is me, two days after my prayers have been answered, excited, hopeful, sentimental, tired, and thoroughly drained.

Delay, Delay, Delay. In the past week I have been recovering from all of the contest stress and have competed in the X-games. The X-games are always an interesting event because it is similar to Vegas on snow. It is a big snow circus with all sorts of crazy "x-treme" stuff going down. Snowmobile cross, motor cross big air, skier cross and then all the freestyle snowboarding events.

It is always so much fun to hang out with the non-contest riders and also to see some of our other alternative winter sports friends. The X-games are also known for the party atmosphere, there were a lot of great nighttime activities. I was lucky enough to win tickets to see Green Day in the small Double Diamond club. They were awesome, they had so much energy and they seemed like they were having tons of fun. They played with out a play list, taking requests out of the crowd, covers and everything. It was awesome. Before that show I was not a Green Day fan, but they were amazing and tons of fun.

As for snowboarding, it was some of the best riding I have seen all year. I am sure by the time that you read this you will all have seen the high flying action and will agree with that.

-- Tricia

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