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Olympic moments's Phil Jones, John Giannone and Tom Rinaldi share the victories and controversies that embodied the Olympics.  Start
  Sights and sounds from Salt Lake City.
Day 17
Olympics report
Team Canada and Team USA react, SIís Michael Farber provides analysis and CNNSI.comís Phil Jones reviews the news of the final day.  Start
  Croatia's Kostelic displays her four Olympic medals.'s Darren Eliot: Forechecking key in Canada's win.
Day 16
Olympics report
Apolo Ohno fails to win a medal in two performances on Saturday.  Start
  Russians feel their teams haven't received equal treatment.
  Sports Illustrated's Michael Farber looks at the U.S.-Canada matchup.
  Sarah Hughes' future is growing brighter by the day.
  SI's Michael Farber recaps his two weeks in Salt Lake City.
Day 15
Olympics report
Team USA and Team Canada notch semifinal wins, and menís speed skating and menís curling wrap up in exciting fashion.  Start
  Team USA and Team Canada eagerly anticipate Sunday's final.'s Darren Eliot previews the golden showdown.
  When Sarah Hughes stopped worrying, her skating soared to new heights.
  Hughes draws rave reviews from everyone but the Russians.
  U.S. hockey players Sarah Tueting and Jenny Potter show off their silver.
Day 14
Olympics report
Sarah Hughes earns figure skating gold, Russian and South Korean officials cry foul and American medalists provide reactions.  Start
  Australia's Steven Bradbury and Alisa Camplin discuss their achievements.
  Norway's Ole Einar Bjoerndalen shows off his four gold medals.
  SI's Michael Farber offers his thoughts on the men's semifinals.
  Russian Olympic officials threaten to take their athletes home early.
Day 13
Olympics report
Americans sweep the gold in skeleton, and Apolo Ohno is embroiled in more controversy.  Start
  World record holder Derek Parra reflects on his 1,500 victory.
  Gold medalist Jimmy Shea upheld a family legacy.
  Bobsledders Bakken and Flowers discuss their history-making run.
  SI's Steve Rushin goes behind the scenes in Salt Lake City.
  Darren Eliot breaks down the men's hockey quarterfinals.
  Tom Rinaldi examines the United Statesí unprecedented success.
Day 12
Olympics report
U.S. speed skater Derek Parra sets a world record, and Michelle Kwan leads the short program.  Start
  SI's Farber looks at medal-round matchups.
Day 11
Olympics report
ISU president Ottavio Cinquanta proposes changes to figure skating's judging process.  Start

  Team USA's Mike Richter and Canada's Wayne Gretzky react.
  Darren Eliot analyzes Team USA's play in men's hockey.
  SI's Michael Farber offers keys to victory for hockey hopefuls.
Day 10
Olympics report
American Chris Witty and Australian Steven Bradbury win speed skating gold.  Start

  Bradbury reacts to his 1,000m short-track win.
Day 9
Olympics report
Norway continues to dominate alpine and cross-country skiing.  Start

  Darren Eliot breaks down Team USA's debut.
  Canada's Jarome Iginla and Mario Lemieux react to Friday's loss.
Day 8
Olympics report
The American team achieves its goal of breaking its Winter Olympics medal count record of 13.  Start

  Jacques Rogge and the IOC continue to investigate Skategate.
  SI's Brian Cazeneuve examines the IOC's ruling.
  A former Olympic judge discusses figure skating's subjective nature.
  Bronze medalist Timothy Goebel reflects on his experience.
Day 7
Olympics report's John Giannone and SI's Michael Farber preview the men's hockey competition.  Start

  International Figure Skating's Lund examines men's free skate.
  Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze appear on Larry King Live.
  Bode Miller flirted with disaster in the men's combined.
  Snowboarder Chris Klug figured his Olympic dream was over.
Day 6
Olympics report
The ISU addresses the pairs figure skating scandal, and Simon Ammann wins another gold medal in ski jumping.  Start

  Jamie Sale and David Pelletier appear on Larry King Live.
  Nancy Kerrigan provides her perspective on the controversy.
  International Figure Skating's Lund: ISU can't change outcome.
  Ohno drawing comparisons to Heiden.
Day 5
Olympics report
Casey FitzRandolph gives the U.S. its first speed skating victory.  Start

  Canadian skaters react to the judging controversy.
Day 4
Olympics report
The United States earns a clean sweep of the men's halfpipe, and the controversial pairs figure skating result is examined.  Start

  Michelle Kwan still searches of that elusive gold medal.
  Ono draws comparisons to Eric Heiden.
  Germany's Hackl has to settles for silver in the luge event.
  The Shea family features a long line of Olympians.
  CNN's People in the News looks up Bonnie Blair and Eric Heiden.
Day 3
Olympics report
Kelly Clark captures the first gold for the United States in the snowboard halfpipe.  Start

  Austrians Fritz Strobl and Stephan Eberharter win downhill medals.
  Picabo Street is both recognized and decorated.
  Street has been persistent despite injuries.
Day 2
Olympics report
Speed skater Derek Parra and freestyle moguls skier Shannon Bahrke strike silver for the U.S.  Start

  Freestyle skier Jonny Moseley feels he has something to prove.
  Dianne Binger of the Salt Lake Visitor's Bureau touts the host city.
Day 1
Olympics report
The largest Opening Ceremonies crowd in Winter Olympics history witnesses a splendid and patriotic spectacle.  Start

  IOC president Jacques Rogge assesses the health of the Games.
  President Bush gives a pep talk to U.S. athletes.
  American athletes sound off on the security measures in Salt Lake.
  Weather problems get the Games off to a bumpy start.
  The IOC decides what's best for the U.S. flag from the WTC ruins.
  CNN's Rusty Dornin reports on the security measures in Salt Lake.
Olympics report
Want to live on the edge? Try sliding through a curvy ice track at 80 miles per hour face first -- on your stomach.  Start

  The Olympic torch makes its way into Salt Lake City.
  Picabo Street believes she's at her best in big events.
  Armenia's bobsled hopes rest with two Californians.
  The U.S. women's hockey team doesn't mind great expectations.
  Russia and Sweden boast strong men's hockey squads.
  Jeremy Bloom put his football career on hold to focus on skiing.
  The psyches of "extreme" athletes are examined.
  Speed skater Johann-Olav Koss uses celebrity for a good cause.
  Mormons and Utahns are attempting to modernize their image.
  CNN examines the Salt Lake City investment.
  The Salt Lake Tribune's editor offers an insider's perspective.
  The economic slowdown hasn't affected NBC's advertising sales.
  Former Olympian Bill Marolt likes skiers', snowboarders' chances.

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